ttc after m/c
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Slatka - August 2

Hi Everyone -- Liz, Gavinsmommy, Trina, Denise --

Well, house "stuff" is moving along. I forget if I've written here the good news?? We got the house in Annapolis (after a long struggle it seemed to me, though it was probably perfectly normal and brief). It will be our first house! We're very excited, but can hardly believe it will be ours...we had our major inspection on Monday (I haven't been on the forum as much as I would like -- it's been very crazy in a good way) and things looked good. I stood in the kitchen (which is about 6 times bigger than our little apt. kitchen and the stove is wider than our tiny foot and a half antique!) and tried to imagine myself actually living there. Wow!

And of course this is all around ovulation time. We did the best we could... who knows? You hear the stories of women getting pregnant after having sex 4 or 5 days before ovulation, because the sperm hangs around; then you hear of women doing it every hour, practically, and nothing happens. We did the everyday thing. At the very least, my ovulation seems to have moved up a few days, from CD 17 or so to CD14 or 15. This may help, especially if I have luteal phase defect. It shows I have some potential!

I've been catching up with all of you on the posts and I'm glad to see you are surviving the heat with humor!

Trina -- good luck -- when do you test? In a few days? Hang in there! We'll all be behind you!

Gavinsmommy -- I hope your daughter is having a good day (and you are too). Would you consider taking her to see someone, a counselor, a pastor? Someone maybe outside of the family circle she can trust? I hope this will all pass (and, really, it probably will), but just to make it more bearable as she is experiencing things...Thinking of you.

Take care all! Talk to you soon-


gavinsmommy - August 2

Hi Slatka,

That is wonderful news about your new home. You sound like you have been runnig in circles also. This could be a good thing maybe it will take all the stress of ttc off of all of us. Sometimesit is a good thing to shift your attention into another direction.

My daughter has been doing a lil better. I took her to the doctor the other day and he said that sometimes these things are just natural , kind of like having an imaginary friend. If things start to spin out of control then I am going to talk to our pastor.

Where are you at in your cycle ? I have lost track.

Do you know when you will be ready to move in? I am so happy for you.

Talk to all of you later, Big Hugs And Mega Sticky Baby Dust!!!


Slatka - August 2

Hi all --

Just got back from a cardboard box hunt around the neighborhood -- really smart of me to choose the hottest afternoon ever.

Gavinsmommy -- glad your daughter is doing better and you got some encouragement from the family doc. That is one way to consider this -- like if she had an imaginary friend. It must've been good to hear that this is a natural occurance with kids from someone who should know, who has experience with lots of children.

I'm just winding down with ovulation from what I can tell; I am on CD16. Since I ovulated early this month, I have to move up my estimated period due date (but I will probably forget to on the calendar -- oh, well, nothing like a surprise!!).

Our closing date is August 18 -- the house has been vacant for a month or two and the sellers are eager to close. Since I am free in the summers, it makes sense to move ASAP -- I have free time to organize, pack, move, unpack. We are waiting for the appraisal from the bank: this is the only thing that can trip up the closing date. FIngers crossed!

Take care all and keep cool! I think the weather is supposed to break on the east coast toward the weekend....



Trina76 - August 3

Hi ladies just popped in to see how everyone is doing? Prayerfully all is well, Liz, Do you have any good news to share?


liz - August 3

Hello everyone Slatka, Gavinsmommy, Trina -

I am still having internet issues. Now my phone is fixed but the DSL is down. Some kind of major problem. I am really hoping it gets fixed soon. This is why it is taking me so long to get back to every. Sorry :( I am thinking about all of you, I hope all is well.

Trina -
No new news for me. Tomorrow I go for another round of be (Estrodiol and Progesterone), I am praying everything is ok. As long as my Estrodiol is up naturally and I don't need to do a booster shot I will be having my beta test on 8/11.
How are you feeling? Anything new?

Gavinsmommy -
How is everything going with you? Af decide to give you a break yet?

Slatka -
The house is so exciting. I can hear the excitement in your posts. You know the 18th is going to be here before you know it! Its great that you are off and able to pack and all that good stuff at your leisure, it makes a huge bit of difference.

I will talk to you all soon -

Lots of baby dust!


gavinsmommy - August 3

Hi Everyone,

Liz I think af maybe gone , I am praying that this is the case. Things sound like they are going smoothly for you. I am praying that all goes great for you. How is the weather going? Ours is staying the same.

I am praying for all of you that things go great for all . I will talk to all of you later.

Mega Hugs and Baby Dust to all!!!!!


gavinsmommy - August 3

Hi Trina , Slatka,

Slatka I was really relieved when the doctor said that it might just be a phase. I am really hoping this is the situation.

Wow you are going to be exhausted when you get done doing all of the relocating!! Thats the part I don't like when moving. I am sure it will all be worth the touble in the end though. Kind of like this ttc stuff, it is a hassle and a lot of heartache but in the end it will all be worth it.

Trina it is so good to here from you. Please let us know when you test. Please try and stay strong with the results and don't beat yourself up. We are all here for you and know what you are going through.

Mega Hugs, Prayers and Extra Sticky Baby Dust!!

P.S. Remeber United We Stand Divided We Fall!!!! :)


weazie - August 3

Hi Trina, Slatka, Liz and Gavinsmommy

Just checking in with you all. We've been really busy the last 2 weeks working outside in the yard. Putting in new flower beds among a lot of other things. We had a really bad thunder and lightening storm last night. Woke up this morning to let the dog out and a really tall maple tree in the backyard must have got hit by lightening right at the bottom of the trunk knocked the tree right over. The worse put is the majority of the tree is now on our neighbours property. I went over today but they weren't home to see if it has done any damaged. We have a chain saw coming tomorrow and we now have to figure out how to get this tree out of the neighbours yard. What a fun way to spend my day off tomorrow. Oh well at least the storm has brought a little relief from the heat.

Slatka I seen you said you heading to toronto last weekend I am only 2hours west. I hope you enjoyed your weekend......also Congrats on the house you are going to be busy with your closing date. You must be so excited.

Trina you are back!! Good to hear from you, sounds like the road trip is what you needed.

Liz hopefully you get your dsl back soon. A while back I did tech support for dsl for verizon all I can say is keep on them and I hope it doesn't become an even more frustrating situation for you. Sounds like your cycle is going well....I am 4 dpo now. With being so busy I actually haven't been focusing too much on it.

Gavinsmommy with Af gone now you can start a new cycle. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you....I'm keeping my fingers crossed for all of us.

Well I better get dinner started and relax for the evening since I will be working like a lumberjack Can't wait!!

Hugs to all!!


liz - August 4

Hello Gavinsmommy, Slatka, Denise and Trina -

Denise -
Great to hear from you. Sounds like you have been very busy working outdoors. DH and I have been doing alot of that too, exept in this heat. I can't bare it. Today it was 99 with real feel temps over 110. Way too hot for PA! Tomrrow is sopossed to be less humid, thank goodness.
Yes, my cycle has been going real good, I am however very nervous about my bw tomorrow. I have been very moody and of course now I am worried my Estrodiol has dropped again. I keep thinking that maybe the stress of my crazy week is what is causing my moodiness, I do have my doubts. Although I am not tired which is usually another sure sign my hormones are out of alignment. I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens tomorrow. Please keep your fingers crossed for me, I am scared.
How is your cycle coming along? I am not sure where you are at these days.
That is a bummer about your big tree. My dh and I live in the woods, whenever we get stores we get so nervous that a tree will fall and hit the house. Over the past 2 years we have pretty much removed any that could do damage. I can relate to the cleanup, it is a real big job. I am glad to hear it didn't cause you any damage.
My dsl is still not fixed. I am actually on dial up to get on the internet. Now that my phone line is fixed atleast I can do this. They tell me my dsl will be fixed in 24 to 48 hours, I will keep on them. If I would't be so relentless I would't even have gotten this far. Apparently when they reconnected my phone line from the cable failure they did not reconnect the dsl. duh. Anyway hopefully it will be up by the weekend.

Gavinsmommy -
Great news about af. I am so happy for you. Looks like this month is going a lot better already. I am praying that the problems you had before will not be creeping back in.
Hows your little girl? Any changes?
Are you surviving the heat? I can hardly believe this weather. I think tomorrow will be better. Hopefully for you too! I am anxiously awaiting a less humid day.

I will talk to you all later -
Take care, lots of baby dust, prayers and hugs to all.


gavinsmommy - August 4

Hi everybody,

Gosh the gangs all here again. Our lil ducks have all come back.

What is up with all of our insane crazy business? Hopefully it is good thing it will keep us focused on something else.

Liz hopefully it is all the stress that you have on you right now and the heat. Lord knows it has been making me growl. I hope you are right the whats her face(AF) shh! :) has gone off to bother some puberty girl, not us.
I really didn't want to complain because like I said before we need her to get the goods.LOL
The tech support at dsl is like dealing with some computer brainiacs that talk over your head. I feel more stupid after I talk to them and like they sucked some of my brains out. LOL
Just relax , yeah right who am I kidding but please for your sake try. Let me do all of your worrying for you and when it is my turn you can do the same.

Weazie, I am so glad to here from you!! You are just as busy as the rest of us. What is going on here! I say you just find some hungry beaver and let him knock himself out!! LOL You have your work put out for you, especially in the heat. Try and take it easy, ok. You never know if there could be a lil spy on board.

My lil girl was doing ok until tonight when she said the lady was back and that she had my baby with her and the baby was sad. I just tried to go along with her like the Dr. said. Hopefully things will get a lil better for her..
Well ladies I have to go Dh looks like he is going to pass out right on the floor. Can't have that now can we!!!

Mega Hugs, Prayers and Extra Sticky Baby Dust!!!!!


Trina76 - August 4

Hi all how's everything going? I'm okay, I haven't tested yet, because I feel like a/f is coming. I mean, I keep running to the bathroom with tampon in hand, expecting a big mess, but nothing and I kinda have cramps, not bad cramps-but warning cramps....
So good to hear for everyone, we are all so different-busy with our own aspects of life or more like in life and yet so similar, all sharing the journey of trying to conceive.
The heat in MS is outrageous! My son said," moma, I want to play outside but it's too hot, can you fix it?" I gave him some crayons and told him to write a letter to God ask him to help you out, that's out of my juriousdiction.....I'm getting a headach now just thinking about the heat.....You ladies be good today........


Slatka - August 4

Hi Liz, Gavinsmommy, Trina and Denise --

So now the living room is already piled high with boxes...why do I have so many books??? I am NOT looking forward to lifting them downstairs. I hope it is not this hot come August 18 (what am I saying? Like DC will magically become 70 degrees).

Gavinsmommy -- I'm sorry you're still struggling with your little girl BUT your new approach of talking with her, going along with her like the doc said may give results over time. I just hate that she is afraid; otherwise, it's not a major issue in terms of her emotional health. I think, though, with time and talking this will dissapate or she will learn how to "control" it. And I'm glad af is finally gone!! Everything is moving forward...

Trina -- it sounds like you are certain af is here, but again, it's not over til it's over. The heat and humidity might be affecting your cramping feeling as well. Your son's comment was great! ANd I love your solution to it: very creative of you. You really know how to spark his imagination, his own creativity.

Denise -- where are you in Canada? Or are you in US? We were in Toronto for a night, then went up to Bracebridge on Lake Muskoka -- do you know that area? Near Gravenhurst? They had a huge storm the other night, probably the one you are describing. Two big trees came down on my parents-in-law's property by their cottage and they saw major damage in the town -- lots of tree limbs and leaves. They had no power as of last night. Don't go too crazy with the chain saw and moving all the wood, not in this heat. Well, by now it may be all cleared up.

Liz- I know you're suffering without DSL! Hope your estradiol testing was good today, with excellent results. You've got one week to go before testing. And you'll make it just fine. I sent you a 'book' over email for some light reading yesterday...

Take care, everyone. The weekend is almost here! Time for my husband and me to hit the movies -- we haven't seen anything this summer. We are so lame.

Talk to you soon-


Trina76 - August 4

Hi People how's it going? Me, I'm so confused-it must be the heat. (Warning long story) When I got to the office this morning, I was pulled into a meeting, to find out what we already knew;Our company is relocating to Birmingham,AL.Okay,no biggie for me, I have other options, however the company offer me an option; Complete a semester at the local community college and I could go from office supervisor, to department supervisor, which is good, that way the company would pay for my family's relocation.(Classes start on the 17th of this month-again, no biggie) So,I called my hubby at work and asked him what he thought and told him I had to register today for these classes,if I was game. He suggested I go register and we'd talk about it later on at home. I preceeded to register and do other daily errands and running around. When I got back to the office I had to take my registration papers to my boss. Today ,for some reason, he wanted to hold a conversation, me- I didnt feel so good,I don't know if it was going in and out from the heat to the a/c or what but about 45 seaconds into that conversation I thew up ---on my boss's shoes.......I mean, I said I was sorry like 100x's before my hubby came to office to drive me home but it was really embarrassing puking,sweating and slobering infront of my boss----He was standing there like YUK!!! Next thing we noticed he disappeared I'm thinking he's in the restroom scrubbing his shoes, we hear weird noises---he's in the restroom gaging too, poor thing has a weak stomach....
This was like at about 9am, I still feel like crap I'm trying to work my nerves up to pee on this stick....I'll keep you guys posted


weazie - August 4

Hi Gang

Well we got the tree down, cut up and stacked nicely. We have someone coming to pick it up that wants the wood. DH pulled his back out getting the chainsaw started before we even began so I ended up doing about 75% of the clean up and stacking as bending over was killing him. For my sake thankfully it was just a really really tall tree and not a big trunk on it. I took my time and a easy pace, lots of breaks and lots of water. I think the temp is about 93 today with the humidity, on wed before the storm it was well over a 100. I actually must be insane because I enjoy the hot weather expect for being stuck indoors somewhere without any A/C that I don't like.

Gavinsmommy that was a great idea about the beavers ;D but thinking it is too hot even for them right I was actually thinking a truck load of termites might have come in useful today.

Slatka I am in London which is Southwestern Ont. I am in the middle of Toronto and Detroit about 2 hours either way...also about 2 hours to the Buffalo border. I know where Bracebridge is, we did the trip when I was younger to Santa's Village they have. Lake Muskoka is great cottage country and so beautiful. I think the weather in the southwest where I am would be similar to the Eastern part of the States.

Ooooohhh Trina you poor thing. I hope you are feeling better and have rested today. Lets hope you being sick is a good sign with a positive result!!

Liz any word on your bloodwork? The moodiness could be a result of your crazy week and I am sure the heat could be a big factor too. Things have been going well for you this cycle I'll keep my fingers crossed that they just keep getting better for you. I am 5 days past ovulation. I ovulated on time this cycle no delay. Just have to make it thru the weekend then it will be only a week away for my RE appointment. Today I started to feel excited about it because my doctors office called to remind me about the appointment and make sure I had all the if I could
Any word on your DSL yet?

Is this weekend a long weekend for you all as well?

Well I better go, I'm to lazy after my hard work to cook so we are getting Chinese tonight.

Talk to you all soon!!


liz - August 4

Hello everyone!

Guess what I am officially "fixed"! My DSL is up and running finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can now put that nasty dial up away. :) I will not bore you all with the details but let me just say this was the worst experience I have ever had dealing with a utility company. Tonight I was in tears, but I pulled myself together and after another 2 hours (we are up to 7 now) I am officially up and running!

I also have some other good news. I had my bw done today and my estrodiol is going up! Yes, up to 408 from 274. This is awesome for me especially since I thought with my moodiness it was definatly a sign it went down. I was wrong (first time about this, usually I am dead on with my hormone levels) which makes me very happy. I think the stress I was under this week just drove me to miss bitchy! Hopefully I can put that all behind me and get through the next week of my wait with ease!

Trina -
Pee, Pee, Pee on a stick! I think it might be time sweetie! I am so sorry to hear about your "incident", you poor thing. I hope you are feeling better. We are all here for you, behind you all the way. You are in my prayers.
By the way I love your answer for your little boy! That is so adorable that he wanted you to fix it! You were really quick on your toes with your answer.

Denise -
Glad to see you got the tree cleaned up. I know all too well how much work that is!

Gavinsmommy -
Thanks for your support. I think I am going to take you up on the worrying thing. How about you worry for me this last week and I will worry for you when it is your turn?
I am glad to hear your visitor has left. I guess you are officially in the next count down to o time! :) Better get those bd moves on!

Slatka -
Sorry I have been missing you! :( I think everything is back to normal and I can get my head to stop spinning.
I think our weather may be cooling off! Yeah from 115 real feel temp to 90! We are cruising right on down, maybe we will get snow next week. lol

I am going to get all caught up on the posts I have been missing.

I hope you all have a great weeked, I will talk to you soon.


gavinsmommy - August 5

Hi everybody!!!

Liz that is awesome news. You are getting it together. I will definately take your worries this week. You can take mine when it is my turn. Its a deal. Yipphee you have your dsl back. I had know idea how much I was addicted until it went out the other night in the storm. You were the first one I thought about. Many prayers for the positive are coming your way.

Trina do what Liz said! pee on the dreaded stick. Oh my gosh I feel so bad for you, but I will be honest I had tears in my eyes reading about your boss. Dh was like what the heck are you giggling about over there and then I told him and he started rolling. You have a tendency to do that to people when they read your post. The funny thing is, that is the kind of luck I have to. I will be praying for you as you get the courage to pee on that darn stick!!!

Big Hugs and Prayers and Extra Sticky Baby Dust!!!!



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