ttc after m/c
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Trina76 - May 19

I am so confused and need some assistance.....
May 1, I miscarried (after trying to conceive for over 5 years) (and after swallowing that God awful Geritol Tonic), afterwards I had an extremly heavy period, that lasted no longer than usual. Only days after I learned that I was ovulating.... (which was very odd) naturally I had sex and have been like every other day since the 6th, On the 15th I spotted a dark brown discharge.....I am so confused, what does this mean? I guess I'll be sitting on pins and needles waiting for a period or a test date..........


liz - May 20

Hello Trina,
I am so sorry to hear about your recent loss. Thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

When I miscarried in Dec 05 I ovulated exactly 2 weeks after my D&C, AF came exactly 2 weeks after ovulation.

I wish I could be of more help to you. When do you get tested?


Trina76 - May 21

My obgyn told my if no sign of AF to make an appointment by June 5th......That seems so long away!!!! I think I'm going to sneak and test on the 22nd......Pray for me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
Boat loads of Baby Dust to ALL!!!!!!!!


liz - May 22


Wow June 5th is a long time when you are in the situation you are. Let me know how you make out on the 22nd.

Prayers and baby dust to you.


Trina76 - May 23

Okay, I tested today on the 23rd and got a Neg. I'm sort of upset, praying that I tested to early. I keep feeling like AF is coming to vist at any minute now. None of the usual PMS symptoms, just increased CM since about the 21st. I'm due for a visit from AF on the 28th If she doesn't show then I'll retest.
thanks for the support guys!!!!!!!!
Miracales & Blessings


liz - May 23

Hi Trina,

Sorry to hear about your neg. result, however it could be soon to tell. AF is due for me on the 28th as well. I was over anxious and tested yesterday and got a neg. I know in my mind it is way to early to tell, but yet I am scared that it is truly a neg. I hate not being positive, but I find myself trying to convince myself that I am not preg so that on Friday when I get my bw done if it is neg I won't be to disappointed. I know that is not a very positive attidude, I guess today has just been a rough day for me.
I have been having some cramping feelings and muscle aches, but my infertility coordinator thinks it might me side affects of the progesterone supp I have to take 2 times a day.
Are you having any symptoms besides the cm?
Thanks for letting me know how you are doing, I've been thinking about you and praying things are going ok.


Trina76 - May 26

Liz , thanks so much for all of the support you have given me!!!!!! I have had a headache on and off for the last 3 or 4 days (I'm trying to stay positive too but....) I just feel like AF is on her way to my house....Suspense is killing me...I think I'm going to go to my family doctor and have some blood work done. If not I'll be on my way to the crazy house by the 5th..My sister'n'law was having weird food cravings she took a test and it was +++.....I'm happy for her and my brother (this is there 2nd)....I feel so sad for myself and my hubby...sorry for the long venting story I am really stressed.....Enough about me, how are you ?????I hope you had a better day than yesterday. Sorry about you negative test (seems to be alot of that going around) We should learn to be more positive in the mean time we'll just be more prayerful!!!!!Smile, God loves you.....Have a blessed day!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


weazie - May 28

Hi Trina & Liz
I had to have a D&C back in January. I was hoping ttc again would happen fast for me but have had no luck so far and I am getting very frustrated.
I thought I would pass this link on to the two of you. It's called the SMEP (Sperm meets Egg Plan) The plan is designed for women for have had a miscarriage or successful pregnancy but having problems getting pregnant again. There is also a lot of information on this site that might be interst to you.
I started Friday on the plan, not sure if it will work but at least DH is excited about
Here is the link


Trina76 - May 29

Hi Weazie, thanks for the site me and DH are currently trying that now... Today is the day for my AF to visit, the day is almost over and she hasn't showed yet.....Of course I sneeked a test in but it was neg.. no symptoms that couldn't be expained away with PMS except for a late AF visit..........


liz - May 29

Hi Weazie and Trina,
Thanks for the website, It was very intersting. Sorry to hear about you loss Weazie. Your frusration is very understanable. I find myself constantly thinking why was it so easy before and now it is so hard, it just seems so unfair.
I began taking clomid last month and am extremely worried about the cm since I seem to have less up it nomally, so now I feel it is even less with the clomid.
Af come yesterday, I had already known from bw on Friday it was a BFN, It is heart wrenching as you all know, but it is now time to move forward and keep on trying.
Trina, how are you? I am sorry to hear you were having a bad day at the end of last week. I hope you are feeling better. It is so hard to see pg women when you want to conceive as badly as we do. I know it always seems to me wherever I go I see someone else who is pg. We just have to keep on trying and have faith it will all work out as we have planned.
Let me know how you both of doing.


Trina76 - May 31

Hi Guys today is the 31st AF is officially late of course I'll be testing to day !!!!!!!Pray for me..... I'll post the results later.....Good Bye and God Bless..........


liz - May 31

Good luck Trina..... I am praying for you!


weazie - May 31

I'll say a Pray Trina and hope you get that BFP.



Slatka - June 1

Hi! Sorry to just jump in here from the outside, but your stories are so similar to mine that I had to say something. I miscarried March 1 of this year after trying for quite awhile. I ovulated 2 weeks after the m/c, then had a "normal" period 2 weeks later. Since then, I've had fairly regular cycles, except for the last one, which came 4 days early. I had had a little brown spot the day before and I thought, Implantation! Yes! But, for some reason, it was just the start of an early period. Every month I think, I can't have another scene in the bathroom with me crying over the negative preg. test. Yet, it happens again and again. It's funny/sad how each month that goes by I reinterpret obvious signs of my period coming as possible pregnancy, only to be disappointed. Everyone tells me to "let go" and not get so caught up in ttc again after the miscarriage, but that's a hard battle. Well, I'm due around June 20th, so we're entering the "active" (as opposed to waiting!) phase --at least I can do something!
Just wanted to say thanks for everyone sharing here -- as we keep on trying (and crashing) it feels so lonely. Like Liz, I seem to see pregnant women everywhere and I wonder why it's just not happening for me. It's nice to know others are like me...and getting through it and -- hopefully -- being successful. Oh, and I hope that test was positive, Trina.


liz - June 1

Hi Slatka,
Thanks for dropping in and telling us your story. I find it very welcoming to hear from other people who are going through or gone through the same things. I am very sorry to hear about your loss. I too well can remember my last miscarriage on Dec 12, it was probably the hardest day of my life. At times I still find it really hard to let go. Right now is getting rougher since I would have been due on July 5 and we are fast approaching that date and still no preg for me.
When you say you are due on June 20, is that ovulation or af? I am expecting ovulation June 10, so we too are beginning our active stage.
I know how you feel about the neg test results. It is very heartwrenching to get the neg when you so despertly want a positive.
Take care, and please let us know how you are doing.


weazie - June 1

Hi Slatka

Sorry for your loss. Just when you think you are feeling better it seems to get worse. I know how you feel about the negatives month after month. Last month I got a negative but still was hopefully because of certain signs. AF started and then to top it off I found out of 4 girls I know are pregnant all in the same day. I burst into tears and lost it. I am truly happy for them all but am so frustrated and starting to wonder what is wrong with me. I can't go thru another 2ww staring at my chart waiting for it to change. As soon as I confirm ovulation which hopefully will be in the next 2 days I am done with the chart and temperatures for the rest of ths cycle. As hard as it will be to do I need a break the next two weeks and will try my best to occupy myself and stay busy.
take care and we are here for you good day or bad day.


Trina76 - June 2

Hi Girls, how are you guys today? Me, I could be much better...I got neg results, but still no AF visit..I mean I sit and I cry, I don't know what the freak is wrong !!!! I don't know which is worst, not being able to get pregnant or not being able to have a sucessful pregnancy...I know your not supposes to question God, but I so desperatly want to know ,why did you give any hope at all, then take it away? I'm so hurt, confused and angry(actually I'm down right mad) I just keep telling myself God has to have something greater in store for me (again I question) What can be greater than motherhood? Okay well I am experiancing motherhood currently we are raising DH's son from a previous relationship the baby has no idea that i am not his birth mom and she has no say so in what we do with the baby, but , oh well ...I'm going to give this until ovulation point in August then I think I'm going to pick up a couple of jobs(currently I'm a stay at home mom) to work out some excess stress and stuff take my mind off of things... Weazie, I'm with you on taking a much need break(no more charts, temps., geritol,or even checking the quality of CM)...Liz,bless you sweetie, and Slatka, I am so sorry for your lost we've all been there and I know it doesn't make it any easier, but we are here when you need us... even if, just to blow off steam(like I just did)
and I'm sure no one objects to you just jumping in thanks so much for your support and comfort it was much needed......Girls, seem like we go threw so much to get what others call mistakes and pray for miscarriages......Remamber, God has a plan and he has not forgotten about us . God has it all under control(maybe he's testing our faith)?????!!!!!!!!



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