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liz - November 5

Hi Trina,

It's Novemeber and we were thinking about you. I believe this is the month you are going to start you Clomid. How are you doing? We miss you!!!!! :)

Hope to hear from you soon.


Trina76 - November 17

Hi Liz
how are you guys doing? Wow, 17 weeks!!!!
Talk about the changes. We are waiting on my crazy cycle to start, It's late -what's new-? I refuse to take a test and be disappointed.... But on the 22nd if no cycle, I'll get my provera perscription filled....I kinda think I want to do something more aggressive than the clomid...I'm still praying on that part....Anyway you seem to be doing great. I miss you guys so much..... Chat w/ you guys soon!!!!!!



liz - November 17

Hi Trina,

It is so good to hear from you! Not a day goes by that I do not think about you.

I am doing good. Getting nervous for my Level II ultra sound on Tuesday but that is nothing unusual. I still get nervous before every appointment. It is so hard not to worry even if I have no reason to worry. The baby is doing very well, growing away and kicking away eventhough I don't feel it yet. We hear it on when we listen to the heartbeat or see on the ultra sound.

Sorry to hear you are still having trouble with your cycles. I can understand your wanting to try something more aggressive than Clomid. I am a firm beleiver in the injections but then again who would not be if they got pregnant on them. lol Are you seeing an re or your ob for the Clomid? Did you talk to them about possibly trying something more aggressive?

Trina, we miss you so much too! Your strength and drive have always been an inspiration to me and others here. You always seems to bounce back when you are dealt a hand that does not seem fair. You are wonderful. I am praying for you and hoping you are going to find some answers soon.

Talk to you soon


gavinsmommy - November 17


HI HOW ARE YOU!!!!!!! GOSH WE HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I am sorry to hear your cycles are still giving you a problem. I am so happy you have popped back on. Like Liz said you have been on our minds everyday and in our prayers. I knew you would come back standing. After all you are our lil trooper. Lila has asked constantly about you also. I don't blame you for wanting to try something more aggressive either. You have a right to go at this with both barrels. Please let us know what happens with your cycle and what they decide they want to do. I am so happy to hear from you. You will conquer this I can feel it. Pretty soon you will be able to share your stories of m/s and all the other joys of pregnancy. It was was great to hear from you again!!

Take care and please keep in touch.

Mega healthy baby dust your way!!!



Trina76 - November 22

Hi, Ladies!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so good, to hear from you guys.....I miss you all sooooooo much. Liz, it is great to hear that you guys are doing well. Helen, tell the gang I'll be posting soon and that I have been thinking about them also. Liz, I'm seeing my usual ob right now. I called him monday to tell him I spotted on tissue, he told me wait and see what happens over the holidays and he'll do a u/s on monday. I plan on talking to him about injections at the appointment. I would love to see two lines on a test but scared of disappointment so i'll wait it out...So Helen how are things with you , how are the kids, still taking the ovulex? knocked up yet? (smile)
you guys have a good night, talk to you all soon.............


gavinsmommy - November 22

Hi Trina,

Happy Thanksgiving my dear!!!!! It is so good to hear from you!!!! The kids are great!!! Getting into everything!!! :) I stopped taking the Ovulex last month. It had sent my af off the walls. I tried it for 4 months and it just messed me up. I figure I gave it long enough. I had a + on my opk yesterday so wish us much luck this month. Please let us know how everything goes at your appointment. Go at this with both barrels this time and settle for nothing less. You make me smile everytime I read your post. You are so straight forward and I love that about you. You are such a character. :) :) Take care of yourself and never lose that spirit and you will be just fine.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

mega healthy baby dust your way,




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