Surgery Tomorrow
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destinybaby - April 2

Hi Everyone,

I am having surgery tomorrow at 10:15am to remove my tubes because they are hydorsalpinx (filled with fluid). I am feeling some anxiety today, the thought of loosing both my tubes just hit me today. I know I should be ok with this because it will make my cycle of IVF better, but I am just a nervous reck. I have never had major surgery before and I am trying to stay positive and calm, but it really hard.

Any words of encouragement would be great.

Tia :(


jamielee - April 2

Hi Tia, I am so glad you posted I have been thinking of you! I know its hard to grasp but it will be ok! You will be a sore and sleepy tomorrow when you get home, just rest and you will be better in no time! Just imagine being on that vacation with your husband next month! Good Luck and please keep in touch! You will be ok
remember IVF is your only option of conceiving right now and you are making the right choice!!


destinybaby - April 2

Hi Jamie,

Thank you for your encouragement. I know this this is the right choice, and my only possible option to have a baby. I am just scared about going under the knife.

I have been reading your posts and I am really excited for you and your numbers looks great :D. Believe me, you having been through this gives me HOPE. Thank you.

This forum has been a blessing to me and I just want to say Thanks to everyone who is apart of this.

I will try think of the out come (my baby) and not the actual process.



lili246 - April 2

Well I know it is hard to stay calm, but just stay positive and I bet that everything will be just fine. I will be praying for you. So what will they do to you, why do you have you tubes with fluid? I don't know much of this and if you give me some infor that would be great, so they will cut you open?
Have faith that it will be s success and if this will help you try ti concieve that is the best way to go. Good Luck I will be praying for you :)

With god all things are possible!!!!

Love Lili

Best wishes!!


destinybaby - April 3

Hi Lili,

Thank you for your words of encouragement. They will do the surgery similar to the way they do a lap a tiny cut under the belly button and one on either side of my lower abdomen so 3 cuts. This is the way do a laparatomy, salpingetomy etc.... so yes they will cut me. I did sign a consent for that says if they need to do a bikiny cut to remove the tubes they will.

Your tubes can become hydrosalpinx for a few reasons, mine was probably the cause of PID i had in 1992. overtime your tubes get blockage from the damage. and it did not make it any better from the two m/c i had one in 1996 and another a year ago. The funny thing about hydros are they can develop within a year or so. basically when your tubes are blocked and you O your tubes secrets natural fluids and a normal tube would carry those fluids out, but if they are blocked they then bulid up over time and then become harmful to any embryo causing m/c because the fluid is also toxic and sometimes can leak back into the uterus

so that's the reason for me having to remove them. My IVF success rate becomes higher. IVF will be my only option. My RE did say everything else looked healthy my lining was 11mm the last time I had a pelvic sono and my fsh level was excellent, and DH sample came back great. So I believe these tubes are my only issue to get pregnant. I am just scared of the surgery. I know I will be ok, but I cannot help being a bit nervous.

Yes with God All things are possible :D




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