surgery today
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destinybaby - April 3

Hi Ladies,

Had my surgery today (removed my tubes). It went well, in some pain, a bit groggy. its been a long day. Thank God they did not do a bikiny cut it was all done through LAP. So after the next 2 AF I will start IVF.

Did anyone do an abdominal surgery and had to wait to urinate. The nurse said I should urinate by 8pm tonight and if not call my doc. Did anyone else experience this and did it take long to urinate?

Thanks for all your support.



Princess24 - April 4

Hey Tia,

I haven't heard from you in awhie. I am so gald that your surgery went well and I hope that your recovery will be speedy and that you have lil pain. I hope that you were able to urinate.

So soon you will start IVF? I really hope all will go well and soon you will get your bfp :)

All is well here we are still trying, but no success yet:( My af is kind of weird I have been just spotting lightly for the past 2 days. Sometimes that can be good because it goes by quick and sometimes bad cause it can last for awhile. I just have to take it one day at a time as you know.

Well I am gald that everything went well and that things will work out. I hope to talk to you soon.

Take Care,

P.S. Hey do you know if Liz had her baby yet? I haven't heard from her, she could just be getting ready I was just wondering.


cindim - April 4

i'm really interested in hearing how all this goes for you. i plan to have that surgery begining of next yr to also be able to do IVF. hope you feel better and much luck w/ivf..


lili246 - April 4

hey I am happy that everything went well. So are you feeling better today?

Take care



jamielee - April 4

Hi Tia, I had the same issues with going pee but they didn't say anything to me I just went when I was ready!!
Please keep in touch! I will be looking for you in June!!


destinybaby - April 4


Kim: I did urinate, :D, thanks, its been going ok, drugs are good ;). Yes I start IVF soon I am excited. hope you get that BFP soon. I think Liz is due any day now.

Lili, I am feeling much better today. my DH stayed home today to take of me, sweet of him.

Jamie: Doing much better today, peed. did you feel the gas in your stomach, my RE said its because they they did put some gas in. other than that i am doing ok. looking forward to June :D. How are you doing?

Cindim: good luck with your surgery next year. are you removing both tubes also? I feel better today thanks. I will keep you posted, I am excited about getting pregnant by this summer. You will be fine, get a great RE/surgeon.


cindim - April 4

great to hear destinybaby that all is okay today! yea it appears that because both my tubes being swollen w/fuid and they were unable to clear few yrs ago w/lapros my dr. suggest removing them both. it still feels weird knowing that part of my body will be gone but i'm willing to go through it to start my family. right now i have one partial open so i guess mentally i feel there is still some hope but realistically after 5yrs i guess i know it wont happen without surgery and only option is going to be ivf :-( .. i guess im scared that what if i go through this and the ivf does not wrk either?? husband and i already mentally prepared for adoption as well..but i would like to go through hving myown ya know!! well i hope you feel much better as days pass and can't wait to hear or see the words 'IM PREGNANT' wish you all the best. plz plz keep me posted.. what state are you in? and did your insurance cover surgery?ivf? i think mine will cover 50% of ivf..


destinybaby - April 5

Hi Cindi

I know how you may feel. I felt the same way about my tubes being removed, loosing any part of your body is hard, but what got me through this process is knowing that if i had these tubes i would NOT get pregnant. That is their only purpose. Anyway, when the time comes you will be fine.

I am in NYC and so is my RE. my insurance only covers one cycle of IVF, i am thankful. My DH and I have been saving just in case ... What state are you in? 50% is better than nothing, IVF is not so bad, besides this is our only way to have a baby. You will be fine fine, you are not alone.



cindim - April 5

hey tia,
i'm in sa tx and ya the financial part of ivf isnt' that bad! it use to seem so unrealistic to me $10k but i just got married in feb and husband & i spent lil over $45k out of our own pocket ya know so at this point anything is possible. i just wish there was a 98% gaurentee that ivf will work for me or that my egg and his lil guys will'WORK' out ...... kills me at that aspect. i'm so ready for this, my brother just had his lil baby girl tuesday mrning 8pnds 11oz her name is nevaeh rayne :-) . we already have names picked too for girl and boy! guess my clock as been ticking for while, i just turned 32 in march. well if i decide to move fwrd with this earlier than jan 2008 i will def keep u posted and if i hve any ?s hope your still around. sometimes with my situation i felt like i was the only one in this world doomed with this problem. hve great day cin


destinybaby - April 5

Hey Cin,

I have been to san tx, I loved it, went to the river walk and more. I had a great time there.

I think you will be fine once you are ready. Do you know which RE you will use. I actually did a search in Top Doctors and i interviewed 3 RE's from the list and then picked the one I felt the most comfortable with and the one who had more experience dealing with hydos. He is great I got lucky.

I was like you thinking that I was the only one that had this issue since none of my friends had this problem and I had never heard of it. I am so happy to have found this forum. So much support and my feeling of loneliness was gone. Actually, there is a very nice girl on the 2ww board name Jamielee who had what we have and she did the surgery like I just did and now she is VERY PREGNANT! :D so there is hope for us. You will find that all the women on this board/forum is really supportive.

what a beautiful name your niece have. enjoy being an aunt, your day will come very soon.

I will be here for you when you are ready to take that journey. i will keep you posted ;)

I have my post op appointment next wed.




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