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admin - March 14

We'd like to know if there are any topic specific boards you'd like to see added here? Any suggestions for us? We'd love to hear from you!


tiggerpounce418 - April 6

I also would like to suggest a page with a glossary of what different abbreviations mean. It's hard, especially when you are new here, to decifer what is being posted.


baby4us - May 6

Yes.. abbreviations would be great.. I am still new on this community.. which is wonderful by the way.. but sometimes I have to scratch my head figuring out what people are talking about.

Definately an IUI and a seperate IVF board would be very helpful. I am just starting down that road to IUI.. so really don't know what to expect.. and many people are asking IVF questions... and I don't want to confuse myself yet at this stage.

I wonder if it is also possible to have a Canadian section or something.. I believe that Cdns vs US may have different experiences, etc.. just a thought?


hopeful2820 - May 6

I also think having a board for ttc after msc. is a great idea. And also maybe a board for pregnancy loss. I am new to this message board. But, if there isn't a board for pcos that would also be a great idea.



4everhopeful - May 11

Dear Nancy, here are some suggestions:

1. Regional boards so people going thru the ups and downs of infertility and treatment can make new friends in their own area, perhaps even be able to chat to people having treatment at the same clinic.

2. A board for ladies going thru the 'dreaded' 2 week wait so they can share experiences, symptoms, the highs and lows, and be there to offer on-line support to each other.

3. A "cycling board" so everyone can share and compare experiences of goin thru treatment at the same time. Would be nice to be able to chat to others about injections, egg collection etc. and the highs and the lows of being on the IVF or IUI rollercoaster!

4. A board for ladies using clomiphene, to try to conceive.

5. A board for ladies trying IUI, to chat about successes, failures, how many tries before moving on to IVF, drugs used, the IUI process, which will help ladies who haven't done it before etc. A good place to make friends with people going thru the same thing.

6. Similarly a board for ladies going thru IVF and ICSI treatments. Either combined or separate.

7. A board to discuss male factors in infertility. Could be of great help for people to compare sperm counts, % of normal forms, morphology, motility etc. and could offer stories of hope where male fertility is considered severe and a pregnancy is achieved. Also what have others done to improve quality of sperm and increased numbers? Compare vitamins taken, steps taken, advice offered etc.

8. An endometriosis board. A PCOS board. A Fibroids board. An 'Unexplained IF' board. A Premature Menopause board etc. so that ladies can be there to offer each other advice, support, compare symptoms, treatment and offer stories of hope to each other.

9. A board for ladies using donor eggs and/or sperm. A very difficult decision to have to make is when to 'give up' on your partner and move on to donor sperm, and it would be great to be able to chat to those who have done this and been successful. Also to have to come to the realization that our own eggs are no good and a donor egg is the only option. How have ladies who have done this come to terms with the fact that they will never bear their own children etc. Does it matter when there's a longed for baby in your arms? What are the positives, the highs, the lows, the disappointments and the successes?

10. An 'Alternative therapy'/ Complementary Medicine board for ladies/ couples trying acupuncture, reflexology, shiatsu, Chinese herbs, organic food, hypnotherapy, etc. This would be really interesting to see if alterative therapies can make a difference to the outcome we all long for.

11. A board for ladies who have one child but who haven't been able to conceive again, and who long to have another.

12. A board for people using a surrogate as a means to have a family. A board to share the joys, the difficulties etc. How couples come to terms with the fact that a surrogate may be the only solution and hope to have a biological child. Could really help to share and compare experiences of dealing with the issue of surrogacy.

13. A Relationships board, so people can discuss how infertility has affected their relationship with their partner, good or bad. Again would be good to be able to support and offer advice to each other.

Hope my rambing suggestions have been of some use :)
With my warmest regards,
Nat :)


shaz - May 11

Hi Nancy,

I dont know if this has been suggested or if it is even possible but a chat room would be fantastic. It would give us an opportunity to chat real time with each other.



sblanton2 - May 29

Great idea Shaz...sometimes when people send me a message when I am on I do not realize it until much later. A way to IM would be great.
Also I agree with you all about the IVF boards and the abbreviations.



christina - June 8

YES - a chat would be fabulous!!! real time I would like that a lot -

also I agree with seperation of IUI & IVF boards...

Also Secondary Infertility....



admin - October 21

Hi ladies, I appreciate all the great suggestions in this thread. SharedJourney has changed hands in recent months. The new behind the scenes team hopes to improve the site and forum on a regular basis moving forward.

Please feel free to post your comments about the site and forum in this thread. It will help guide our changes.

Once again, thanks for the insight!


Mahogany Heart - November 11

I know with every new thing comes a change but I'm not happy with the new board and I'm not the only one. Its is too crowd. The fonts are to small. You don't know which thread a member of your special support group has posted. I like the tool box (other links box) you know the one over to the side but only if it could have its own page like move to the Home page only. That will give us more room like it use to be.


justme - November 12

I think a lot of us like the old boards better. Can something be done to improve this??????


shansy - November 14

I like the old boards a bit better when it says the name of the person who last posted on each topic- can that be brought back?


Mahogany Heart - November 23

Is it possible to get a refresh button.


Debbie - November 23

Hey MH, what happened to the ovulex III board? I can't access it :(


cassandra - December 4

I just want to say "Thanks " for changing who last posted! It helps me get my reading and replying done much quicker. I can also see if anyone has responded to my last posts. Good idea! cassandra


Les23 - December 8

I suggest a spell check button so we can check our spelling before posting


sabrina - January 5

yes a chat room would be great, because i can't seem to move around in here, i have replies and i can't even find them. what about yahoo chat make our own room up there or something'




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