Succes on Ovulex
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Stilltrying - October 13

Ok.. I know that there are tons of Ovulex post on here. I came across the ad for this mirracle med after three years ttc. I have done all the diets and meds the RE recommended and still nothing. Close but no finish line. I am wondering how many of you have got a BFP after taking ovulex and how long it has taken you.



NANCY - October 13


I was on Ovulex and my husband was on Amberoz for 2 months.

My cousins Charity was on Ovulex and her husband was on Amberoz I belive it was 2 months maybe three.

Good luck to you and your hubby

Much Baby Dust your way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lili246 - October 13

I was on ovulex for almost two months when I got the BFP.
Good Luck!



SBOOTH96 - November 20

Hi Nancy,

I started talking to your cousin, Charity today and she told me that you were here.. I was asking her how many people she knew became pregnant after using ovulex and she told me there was quite a few... I was wondering if the Ovulex would be enough or if i should buy the amberoz for my husband too... ? I was never officially diagnosed with any fertility issues and my period is usually pretty regular... Do you think I had a good chance with it? I'm also taking folic acid, vitamin c, I cut out alcohol as well as most caffeine and I'm drinking green tea as well as trying to eat good stuff, (lots of fruits and veggies!) I'm very anxious about having a child and I just want to make sure im doing the right things.. any suggestions? thanks!


greg - November 22

hi ladies ? me and my wife just want to share this story with you. we been trying to get pregnet for 4 years and we tryed everything im 32 my wife just turned 30 in oct. the doctors had her on clomed for 5 months and still nothing he took her off clomed and she started spotting blood it contuined for 5 months we went back to the docs several times he couldent figure her out why she was spotting he tryed deppo shots to stop that didnt work and a few other things still nothing so his answer to us was that my wife would have to do a full histrectomy so a few days have passed i was serching the web i came across felityblend my wife started taking those its all natural no drug 1 week lator she stoped bleeding she countinued takeing them for a month got her period back on track so she took them for 3 months and still no pregnet until i looked on the net and came across ovulex so i ordered 6 month supply my wife didnt get threw the first bottle until one day she went out to check the mail she said to me that her lower adomal area was pulling so we knew that she was ovulating so we got busy 1 week lator we found out that she was pregnet and now well be expecting our baby girl on dec 15-06 between felityblend and ovulex i say one did it but my heart says ovulex good luck ladies if you have any questions fell free to drop me a email [email protected] becuse i could type for ever about this mircle thanks again ovulex...


Chrystal - January 17

That is a wonderful story Greg! I really enjoy reading Ovulex success stories! It keeps me very optimistic! I will be purchasing my Ovulex in a couple of weeks and I cannot tell you how excited I am. I've already begun taking PreNatals to get my vitamins in order.
Wish me much luck and Baby Dust as I wish the same to you! And Good Luck with your precious little girl!



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