still spotting
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wannabemom - August 31

Hi Girls..Hope everyone is doing well. I had my 8 week ultrasound yesterday and everything seems to be going ok. I am still spotting and had to go back on the progesterone w/olive oil injections. I can't sleep at night worried that something more is going on. I know I should be happy and I am, I just feel really scared, not being out of the woodwork yet. They tell me everything looks good, but how can they say that when I am still spotting going into 8 weeks.??? Has anyone else been there and does it ever end?


jamielee - August 31

Hi wannabemom, I went through the same thing, and it lasted until about 13 or 14 weeks. I was spotting about 3 times a week towards the end but it was always there. I am now 27 weeks and still inspect the toilet paper whenever I pee!! I also had a very heavy bleed with clots at ten weeks! and yet the babies were still bouncing all around with healthy heart beats! All I can say is the worry will always be there and chances are that if the doctors say everything looks good than it usually is because they have to tell you whats going on!!
Also my spotting from 12 to 14 weeks was from a bladder infection I went on antibiotics and then I never spotted again. Try to stay calm I know its REALLY hard but if they see anything that looks like you will miscarry they wouldn't tell you that everything looks good. I also had alot of sleepless nights and tons of tears but here I am 27 weeks later!
Good luck girl!!


lili246 - September 5

Last year when I was pregnant I had some spotting but mine was not as spotting that much. Only I would notice when I would wipe some pinkish in the toilet tissue. I did got worry and the doctor said that everything was ok she would be concern if I would he having some cramps but nothing like that. And beside that those 2 times I went to the doctor appointment I couldn't hear the baby's heartbeat and she told me that it was too early to hear it maybe the baby was too small she said, which that spotting was a big conern for me I knew there was something wrong. Until I had a u/s and saw no heartbeat, thats when the stupid pardon but yeah doctor said that maybe the spotting was some sign of something going wrong. So yeah I had a missed m/c and had a d&c done. :( at 8 weeks..
So if you saw those heartbeats there then you should be ok and so that lil one. I will pray for you and hope that there is nothing wrong.
Please keep us posted. Are you still spotting?

God Bless

Love Lili


Louise00 - September 9

Hi wannabemom,
I'll be 8wks pg on Wed and I've had spotting since 6wks. Very light spotting mind you but sometimes I think that's it gone & then it comes back. I was EXTREMELY CONCERNED about it & was sure I was losing the baby. My OBGYN did a scan on Tuesday (just shy of 7wks) and I saw the heart beat. She says that lots of women have spotting and that every woman's pregnancy is different. She also said she has one patient who is 36wks, has spotted her entire pregnancy & has a very healthy baby on board. I have another scan at 9wks & hopefully all is still going well.

I think if they say everything looks good then you should try not to worry. I will be worried until I hit 12-13wks so I know my chances of m/c are less.

I'm trying to ignore scary stories from hear on in and be positive & trust my OBGYN.

All the best for you & little one



lili246 - September 10

You are doing the correct thing. Have faith and be positive as long as you see the heartbeat there is nothing to be concern of. I know alot of girls have some spotting or their periods during pregnancy so everything should be alright.

Best wishes



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