Spotting with early pregnancy
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Nancy Cat - May 9

Hi, I've already had 3 m/c so I know the difference between a miscarriage and spotting, but I've just started spotting after 5 days of using these progesterone suppositories.

Has anyone had anything like this happen to them?

I'm just wondering (trying to be hopeful) if the light brown spotting is what might have been already there and is now coming out b/c it's mixing with the melting wax of the suppository. Does that sound possible?

My appt at the doc is Wednesday, so I was looking for some reassurance before then.

I'm just worried. If it is going to end in a m/c, there's nothing the doctor can do.


jolynn - May 9

hi nancy cat wow when i read your post its everything im going through right now im 7 weeks and this is my first pregnancy (been trying 12 years) i to have been spotting since last week wednsday and my doctor did a ultra sound on may 5 th but found nothin he thinks i may have a tubal but i have no heavy bleeding or any cramps that come with a tubal so yes im scared as hell but i believe in god and pray that everything turns out i went today for a hcg i wont know till later today what the results are but from everything i read u can bleed and have a normal heathy pregnancy so i will keep u in my thoughts and wish the very best for u keep in touch and let me know how things are going


shaz - May 9


I had brown spotting at about eight weeks with my first pregnancy. It lasted a few days and then was gone. My daughter is now 5 years old.....How many weeks along are you, give your doctor a call. He may be able to do an u/s or HCG. It would put your mind at ease.....

Joylnn - I hope everything works out ok. My thoughts are with you both..



Kristin - May 29

NANCY-CAT - I've had two days of brown discharge mixed in with the waxy leftovers of the progesterone gel. My doctor told me as long as it doesn't turn bright pink and I don't have cramping, I should be okay. I'm having my hcg levels retested on Wed. just to make sure.




sblanton2 - May 29

I had spotting on and off during my first pregnancy, rest assured my daughter is a healthy, beautiful, fiesty 14 year old. My grandmother had regular (light) periods during her pregnancies. Just habg in there and keep believing.

Think +++,



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