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tara_d - October 24

Hello everyone. My name is Tara and I am new here to this group. I am 29 yrs old and have 4 children. I married into my first 2 and we have 2 year old b/g twins concieved by 2 rounds of IUI after 4 years of trying.

My delima now is my husband has been on and off wanting another one. Well now I am on the train to one more but depression is setting in.

I have Ouvlex left over from one of the other times we were going to try this again. Well here we are and now for the first time I am pumped up on trying once more. I would love one more and that is the key. Not that i would be ungrateful if it was more then one it would be difficult but I would be eternaly greatful.

I have PCOS and the chances of getting pregnant on my own are completly slim to none. If i go back to the fertility docotr then there will be more then one.

Am i being to picky? Am I asking for too much? Someone please help. Someone please give me a glimmer of hope that Ovulex will work or anyother suggestion. I am desperate!!!



Ange - October 24

Welcome Tara,

Please come to the ovulex XII board all woman in there are using ovulex or have tried it you will get the support and information you need. I myself can not use ovulex but I hear it is very successful for others. Lili and monique both just had bfp just recently and they used it.

I am using holistic medicine which is chinese herbal teas.

Babydust to you!


Charity - November 1

Hi Tara,

If you have the desire and love for another child - then I don't think you are asking for too much!

Ovulex and Amberoz worked for my husand and I. We are in our mid 30's and had been trying for 2 years. We decided to try Ovulex (for me) and Amberoz (for him) for 2 months before we went to see a fertility doctor. We got a BFP our 2nd month and I am now 13 weeks pregnant. My husband's cousin also had success with Ovulex and Amberoz. Our family can't say enough positive things about the treatment! There were mild side effects, such as gas and mild depression but only for the first few weeks. Once our bodies adjusted to the meds - everything was fine.

Good luck in whatever you decide to do!




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