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NANCY - July 14

Hello ladies how is everyone doing?

Heather I was wondering how did every thing go?
Were you able to hear a heartbeat on the better machine?


NANCY - July 14

Honey you have an apt next week that's great I get so excited before my apts I can't wait!!!!

When is everyone else's next apt???

Have to do some cleaning talk to everyone soon!!!!



jiggidysgirl - July 15

Hi everyone,

I had some terrible news today from my ultrasound results. She said that Baby B the smaller one has something called a Cystic Hygroma and also an open space it its abdomen. She is sending me to a Perinatologist and a genetic counselor to have them review everything. I did some research on the internet and it does not look good.

I am so devistated right now. I do have one healthy baby and I am blessed for that. I am hoping this is something that does not turn out to be too bad. I called for an appointment but they call my ob and then get the information and set up an appointment.

Have any of you heard of either of these things on the boards?

Sorry I just can't write much tonight. I am too upset but I was hoping someone might know some information. I have only known this news for a couple of hours so it needs to soak in a bit.



NANCY - July 15

Heather i am so sorry that you got terrible news. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your 2 babies. I am here for you if you need me. If there is anything that I can do for you please let me know.

Many many thoughts and prayers for Baby B!!



gavinsmommy - July 16

Hi Heather,

I am not on this thread yet but hope to be soon. Sweetie try to keep yourself together for the sake of your babies. I know you are devastated, but please try to be strong . The babies are counting on you. I found this on the internet, I don't know if you have seen it already so I will put it on here.Favorable outcome in a fetus with an early-onset extensive cystic .... . Put your faith and children in Gods hands. Good luck and God Bless you and your babies.


Amanda Ivey - July 17

I am so sorry about the news of one of your little angels, I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I agree with Nancy and Gvnsmommy please try to relax and put all of your faith in the lord.


jiggidysgirl - July 17

Thank you for all the prayers. That is all I can do right now. It was a hard weekend but I am trying my best to relax so that I do not affect the babies. Hopefully that doctors office will call back today, if not I will try them to get an appointment as soon as possible so that I can have good facts to my case.

Gavinsmom I did not see an article attached. Did you find one? Did they do something for the favorable outcome. I will do a search on just that.

I pray everyone else is doing well and uneventful except for the fun events we wait for.

Take Care,


NANCY - July 17

Amanda how are you feeling? You must be getting excited you have 31 more days to go!!!!! When does the hubby come home? You must be excited over that too!!

Monica how are you I haven't heard from you in a while. I hope that everything is ok. Is the baby moving much for you. Everyonce in a while I feel it not often enough.

Honey how are you feeling I read in the other board your not feeling to great. I hope you feel better.

Heather again I want you to know that I am thinking of you. Keep us posted.


Amanda Ivey - July 17

I am doing great, a little bit too anxious to get this baby out and meet him. 4 more weeks...I don't know how,but it feels like a year wait. I am excited about his daddy coming home he won't be here until the 15th unless baby comes early. I already have my hospital bag packed, not in the car yet though. I had a dream last night that my water broke, and no one would take me to the e.r.
R u past the m/s yet? Do you know the sex? Did you have any u/s done yet?


gavinsmommy - July 18

Hi Heather,

I am sorry to be getting back to you so late. I typed in Cystic Hygroma on my PC and it took me to a bunch of different articles. I tried to copy and paste it for you, but that is all that would come up each time. Try typing in Favorable Outcome In a Fetus with an early onset of Cystic Hygroma. I sure hope this helps. You and your babies are in my thoughts and prayers. Please stay strong. GOD BLESS YOU AND THE LIL ONES!!!!


jiggidysgirl - July 18

Thank you gavinsommmy, I appreciate your help. I did read some of those and they were hopeful. I appreciate you doing that search.

I got an appointment for tomorrow at the doctors office. They will do an ultrasound and let me know what they think. I am keeping my fingers crossed and I will ask them some questions from those articles.

Amanda, how exciting your husband gets to come home. What a blessing. Hopefully they let him stay home for a while.

Nancy, what new symptoms are you having now. Are you feeling contant kicking? I love to hear the new feelings everyone is having.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers,


Honey - July 18


I'm going to pray for you with all my heart. Keep your head up and keep faith and you will be fine.

My aunt had the same problem I'm not really sure if the baby had the same medical problems but the second baby did pass away. She never showed any sorrow, she was just very happy for the one she had and I see the same attitude from you. She never speaks of the baby but I'm sure she never forgot. The Lord takes things away from us sometimes to test our greatfulness and I'm very positive that you are very much greatfull for your children. Make sure that you try everything you can to keep both your babies. Some times doctors can tell you there is nothing they can do and then you do research and there is someone out there that can really bless you with the kind of blessing you needed.

Keep us updated on your little bundles of joy!


God bless everyone.


gavinsmommy - July 18

Hi Heather,
Once again you are very welcome. I am more than happy to try and comfort you. Please let us know what they say today. Listen to what Honey said also as far as trying what you can to help your lil one. I feel as long as you have hope your baby will be fine. You hear so many of these stories were Doctors said there was no hope and the person or family never gave up. Thats when the miracle happens. My father always told me were there is life there is hope. Take care and much Blessings and Prayers.


gavinsmommy - July 18


How are you today? I hope you are feeling better today. I have added you and your lil one to my list of people to pray for. Take care and Blessings.


gavinsmommy - July 18

Hi Heather,

I am sorry I thought your thread said today you had an appointment.


jiggidysgirl - July 18

We are back from our appointment. The news is not good. The cyst has surrounded the entire body of the baby and the doctor does not think it will make it more than 3 more weeks and it certainly would not make it to the 3rd trimester. The natural death of baby b should not affect baby a. Baby A looks terrific but we will go back in 3 weeks to have everything checked out.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Now just pray that baby B becomes a beautiful angel and Baby A stays as healthy as possible. We saw ten fingers, ten toes today so it is looking good.

This support group means so much in good times and bad. My anxiety is pretty high tonight I still need time to take this in and get on with the pregnancy of a healthy baby.




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