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jiggidysgirl - July 7

Hi Ladies,

Happy belated 4th of July!

Sorry it has been a while since I have written. We took our trip to California. It was a lot of fun and it sounds like we had thunder storms in Oregon so I am glad I was farther south. The drive was long and difficult since we hit almost all the rest stops, especially on the way back. But it was worth it. The Boardwalk in Santa Cruz was a lot of fun and the kids had a blast. I could not ride much but I enjoyed the beach and seeing the kids have fun.

I just had my next ultrasound today and both babies are looking good. She is still having trouble seeing one and she can't tell if a line behind its head is a cyst or the umbilical cord so she is sending me to the hospital next week for a different ultrasound there that is more powerful than the ones in their offices. I am praying it is just the cord. It was so cute today, one of them was waiving its hand and the other was sucking its thumb. Such a difference in two weeks.

Nancy, is this the first week you have felt movement? That is exciting. I am so waiting for that.

I am surprised at the docs waiting so long for ultrasounds too. That seems like a long time. I mean, we would not have known they were twins if we had not had one. But a friend of mine said she had a doctor that did not have the machine at the offices so they waited for their first one too. I guess it depends.

Well, I am tired and have to get back to work tomorrow.

Oh, has anyone found anything good for stretch marks? I was using Palmer's Cocoa Butter but I used it the day I got so sick and now the smell is making me feel bad each time.

Take care everyone,


hopeluck - July 7

Hello monica

Thankyou so much for your reply, it's quite clear to me now.
I just ordered the geritol tonic online. I stay in tokyo and couldnot find it here in the drug stores, and the shopping sites like amazon etc. dont do international shipping for drugs. But at last I luckily found a shopping site here which sells american products. :) will receive it by 2 weeks.. i will let you know how it goes..
Happy pregnancy and all the best to u all!!


NANCY - July 7

Heather I felt it a week ago I was getting my nails done with my girl friend and we were taking and in the middle of saying something I stopped and said I think I felt the baby just turn. Maybe felt it 2-3 more time since then.

Monica I just have a question. I know that my tummy got a little thicker but I am still about the same weight up and down a pound every day. If you don't mind me asking how is your weight gain?


Monica - July 7

Hi Nancy,

I have gained exactly 5 lbs since Day 1. Some days, it sometimes seems as if I am getting a little smaller......than bigger; but when I went for my appointment 2 weeks ago, the nurse said that I had gained 5 lbs total.
Also, I too feel the baby move. I feel it moving from one side of my stomach to another, and at times I will feel a little kick.....It is awesome!!!!

Please don't worry about not gaining any weight at this time, because with my last pregnancy......I did not gain ANY weight until I was about 23 weeks along; and my son came out very healthy.

Take Care!


NANCY - July 7

I go for an apt on Monday so we will see.

TGIF!!!!!!!! I haven't felt a kick yet I loved that I can't wait to feel that again

Talk to you later


babybop - July 8

I read your postings for encouragement. I am so glad that you all have accomplished your pregnancies. I love reading all of the little postings about being sick and feeling movement and hearing's a positive reinforcement of why I am trying in the first place.

So, in closing.....your postings provide hope to those of us who are still trying. I feel like I am sharing your pregnancies with you until I have my own baby.....

Corny, I know.......but definitely true!
hugs and kisses to you and your jellybeans!



Amanda Ivey - July 9

First off.......AAAWWWWWW that's so sweet, I don't think that's corny at all. I hope you recieve you're little awaiting angel and join really soon. :)

I missed you guys, I am glad to see that you all are progressing wonderfully and in the bliss that the 2nd trimester provides. I am so happy to hear that you are feeling your little ones move around around. You guys should be finding out in about a month here if you don't decide to wait what you are are having, right? Oh yeah Heather I've heard that olive oil works too, but that's just hear say I am not sure I haven't tried it... I can never even remember to put my cocoa butter on, but I really haven't got that big at all and I am due in another 3-6 weeks hoping for 3 and I haven't got one yet soooo hopefully it stays that way.

Thanks for thinking of me you guys I am doing fine, my s.i.l is coming to stay with me on the 19th of this month to help me out and my sister should be here on the 15th and hubby is sure he'll be back for the birth....if I go early ofcourse I'll have to do redcross. Other than that me and jr. are fine he's starting to kick REALLY hard now and pretty much I am just waiting to hold him in my arms and feed and playwith him and all that nice stuff... oh yeah did I mention fit back into my reg tops and lose a couple of pounds and have a margarita ( well unless I decide to breast feed) prob will....but anyhooooo I am rambling on and on so I will go now and check up on you mommies later. love ya's


Monica - July 10

Hi Amanda,

It is so good to hear from you! Wow, the time is really ticking for you, and I know that you must be very excited!!! Congratulations!
I remember when you and Peaches first found out that you were both pregnant; and now you are both getting ready to deliver......How exciting!

By the way, has anyone heard from Peaches lately? are you????!!!!! We miss you!!

Soon2bmommy: How are you? You have been a little quiet lately, so I wanted to check to see how you were.....Please let me know.

Nancy: My stomach is getting a little rounder & firmer day by day. It is really starting to take on a pregnant shape now....
Also, I went and purchased a pre-natal heart monitor over the weekend from Babies "R" Us, and it is sooo neat. With that particular monitor; I won't be able to hear my baby's heartbeat until I am 20 weeks along, but I AM able to hear the baby moving around & kicking very clearly. It is so awesome to hear!!! My husband was in shock when he heard it......
The monitor was only $24.99, so it is very affordable.

Have a Great Day Ladies!
Monica :)


NANCY - July 11

Hello ladies!!

Amanda I am so happy for you that things are going well and that the hubby will be home for the birth. Did you start nesting. I remember before I had Paige I just kept telling DH that everything had to be so organized. I went and bought every organizational gadget that there was.

Honey and Soon2bmommy how are you guys feeling??

Heather how are you and the 2 little ones doing?

Monica I still feel at that weird stage I hate getting dressed in the morning. My clothes are to tight maternity is to big and I am pregnant in the same season as I was with Paige so I don't want to go out and buy clothes. I have that little belly though. Even though I am in that weird stage I wouldn't trade it for the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to the DR. today. Very fast pee in a cup, my weight(which I haven't gained any weight yet) blood pressure and the baby's heart beat. WOW what a sound. 148 - 151 bpm it was great. I go on Aug 1st for my ultrasound and Aug 2nd for the next dr apt.

When does everyone else have there next apt??

Ladies and babies have a wonderful night


jiggidysgirl - July 11

Good morning all,

Sounds like things are moving along well for all of us. I feel like we are so blessed.

I am a little more than a week away from the 12 week mark, I am very excited about that.

I am excited to be at the stage where I can feel them move as you are. I love hearing what to look forward to in the near future. Nancy, when did you start hearing the heart beat? That is exciting.

I have an ultrasound this Thursday at the hospital. It is suppose to be better than the one in the doctors office. This will check if the second baby has a cyst or if it is just he umbilical cord behind its back. I am a little nervous but also excited to see the babies a little better.

It has been very emotional with the step children, especially my 5 year old. She is having trouble with me not having the energy I had before. My husband has been working more evenings and so I am the main one home in the evening with the kids after work. We have the children full time. Last night the 5 year old said she wants to live with her other mom now because I don't play with her anymore (which is an exageration but I don't play with her as much). It is easier for my husband being gone since he is the biological parent. I am ready to not feel so tired all the time. It is taking such a toll.

I love my step children but it will be nice to have biological children so I don't hear about their other mother. My husband hates when I say that because he doesn't want me to treat them differently but I think it is a natural emotion. (I have a lot of those these days).

How are all of you keeping your energy up?



NANCY - July 11

Heather I beleive that I was about 8 week they did a vaginal ultrasound. I think that you will always love your step children but there will just be a different kind of bond that you and the twins will have because you carried them and because you were trying so hard to concieve them. I don't think that you will treat them differently it's just a different kind of bond that you will have with them.

I felt the baby move again tonight !!!!!!!

I am still so tired I have no energy at all.

Have a great night ladies and babies!!!!!!!!!!!


Honey - July 12

Hello ladies! How are all of you feeling today? I'm feeling a little better then I did this past weekend. I went on a long trip to Mississippi for a family reunion and Boy was that hard. I couldn't lay down to go to sleep because I was in a car for about 15hrs.

Any who! LOL I'm about 9 weeks pregnant. Can I hear the baby's heart beat now or do I have to wait a little longer?


jiggidysgirl - July 12

Hey Honey,

At my last visit at 10 weeks they said they could not hear the heartbeats yet but I also have a uterus that is tilted back. So, maybe it would be different for you.

When is your first visit?



Honey - July 13


My first visit with my Doctor is in two weeks on the 26th. I went to the doctor yesterday and the nurse tried but no luck. I can't wait till I can heart that little heart! LOL



jiggidysgirl - July 13

I am with you there. I can't wait as well. I am 11 weeks and they did not try last week when I went in. I love seeing what the other ladies are doing a few weeks ahead of us. It gets me excited about what is to come.

Let us know when you hear your beats moving.

How is everyone else? I head to my ultrasound in a half an hour. I am excited and nervous to find out what that line was on the previous ultrasound. Will keep you updated.



NANCY - July 14

Hello ladies how is everyone doing?

Heather I was wondering how did every thing go?
Were you able to hear a heartbeat on the better machine?



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