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Honey - June 28

I had to get my blood taken. Awwwwwww!!!!!! LOL

She took about 5 tubes!! LOL

I don't remember them taking that much blood with my first child! :)

But everything is well. I can't wait till I can see what gender the baby is. I hope its a girl.

So whats up with everyone. Any news?



jiggidysgirl - June 28

Hey Honey,

They took that much blood from me too. I was shocked.

Did you get an ultrasound?

How soon is it you can find out the sex of the child?

I am doing fine. Nothing new here. Getting ready to head to California on Friday. I am giong shopping with a girlfriend tonight to get some in between clothes since all my shorts feel tight in the waist.

Is anyone else doing anything exciting for the 4th?



Monica - June 28

Hello Everyone,

To Heather (Jiggidysgirl) and Honey: My first doctor's visit was exactly like yours as well where they took a lot of blood from me, my family's history, and they gave me a complete pelvic exam.
My doctor told me that I would be having another ultrasound at 18 weeks, and that is when we will find out the baby's gender. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!

Soon2bmommy: I might have to take a little trip up to Illinois to meet with you because I have free flying priveledges & the remainder of the summer off. YAAAYYY!!!
I would at least like to come to your babyshower if I am not too far along myself......LOL.
I am so very happy for you, and I am especially glad about the fact that you spoke God's Word; and it worked for you. That still really encourages me!!!!

Nancy, how are you these days? How is the little one? Growing rapidly?.........

God Bless!


soon2bmommy - June 28

Monica I would love it if you could come visit!!!! My girlfriend is moving to ATL in August so I may get a chance to visit with you around then. My due date is March 3rd!


soon2bmommy - June 28

I followed your advice - ordered the book - started praying the prayers and believing of course. I stopped taking the prenatal and decided to just try the geritol tonic. So on the first day of my last af i started taking the tonic daily.

I was 4 days past due for af and had a metal taste in my mouth and felt very sleepy. In My "Conception Kit" I had 1 hpt left the one with the lines and sure enough 2 pink lines quickly showed up. In shock I went out and purchased the digital hpt that says "Pregnant" - "Not Pregnant" and within 30 seconds PREGNANT popped up - I screamed this time and called my mom.


soon2bmommy - June 28

I went to the doctor this past monday and they confirmed it along with take 5 tubes of blood. :D


soon2bmommy - June 28

I'm signing off for now - I will catch up with you tomorrow - lots of luv


NANCY - June 30

Good Morning Ladies!!!!!

TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to a nice 4 day weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not doing much just hanging out RELAXING I hope that those plans don't change!!!

Last night I had these sharp pains in my lower ab. I read that it was a sort of growing pain it cam and went for about 5-10 min. Not to be worried but at the next apt to just let the DR. know.

How is everyone else doing???

Heather have a save trip!!!!

Kisses to your bundle of joys!!!


Monica - June 30

HAPPY FRIDAY to everyone as well!!! Have a great 4th of July weekend!!

Nancy: I too had those same sharp pains in my abdomen recently & I was told by my doctor that it was very normal during this stage of our pregnancies. It is called "round ligament pain", and it is caused by our ligaments & bones literally stretching to accomodate our little no need to worry. It is very normal.

Everyone: I will be offline for the next 5 days or everyone take care ;).

Have a Terrific Weekend!
Monica :)


NANCY - July 2

Thanks Monica reading that you had that too and the Dr. said is was normal makes me feel better. I don't remember having that with Paige.

How is everyone feeling?

I just wanted to send a quick note to see how everyone is and to tell them to have a great 4th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Honey - July 3


I didn't get my ultrasound yet they told me around 18 to 20 weeks. I haven't heard the baby's heart beat yet though. When are we supposed to hear that?

That will just make my day! LOL :)

Let me know of any changes or updates everyone!

God Bless!



NANCY - July 3

I went to this site called and did a Gender Prediction Quiz it was cute it told me that I was 75% chance that I am having a girl.


hopeluck - July 5


I am new to this forum and was reading over all the encouraging stories all the afternoon :>

As for me i am 31 ttc for 1 year 6 month now, without any success. I am thinking of trying Geritol tonic after reading some of the success stories here and elsewhere, But I have some questions for monica and soon2bmommy as both of u used the product.

> Could u please let me know the exact name in the geritol tonic bottle . Is it just "Geritol tonic" or is it "Geritol with FERREX 18 Tonic" (i came across this name in another forum). Or is it both of them r same?

> U mentioned that u were taking the tonic from the day of period till ovulation. Is there any reason behind it(more effective etc..), or can it be taken any time.

> I was looking at the constituents and found that the tonic doesnot contain folic acid, although the pills contain a certain percentage of folic acid. I am a bit confused here , bcoz in that case the pill should be better isn't it? but i found most people recommending the tonic.. why is it so?

Sorry for asking soo many questions.. but i really appreciate your response. thankyou so much.


Monica - July 6

Hi Everyone.....I'm Back!!!!

Hopeluck: How are you?
O.K., to answer your questions.......The Geritol that I took was the Geritol with Ferrex 18 Tonic. I purchased it from CVS pharmacy. I took it from the end of my AF to the onset of ovulation. I did that because during the 2 weeks before ovulation, your eggs are maturing all over again.....and I wanted to make sure that the egg that was being released from my ovary was in top notch health. I had my husband to take it because I felt that it would help with the mobility & the quality of his sperm.
Yes; the prenatal vitamin is definitely better in preparing for the baby because it contains the folic acid & all of the other necessary vitamins.....but I wasn't taking the Geritol for the baby's sake; but for fertility's sake. For example, I never took Ovulex for my future baby's sake......but for my fertility instead so that I could get pregnant in the first place. Now, I am longer taking Geritol or anything else except for my prenatal vitamins...because that conception miracle has been accomplished.
So in short, the pre-natal vitamin is definitely more beneficial for the baby.......but the Geritol was just strictly for the purpose of assisting me with conception.
I hope that I didn't confuse you any more. If you have any more questions at all, PLEASE don't hesitate to ask. That is what we are all here for.

Soon2bmommy: How are you & the baby doing?

Nancy: Well we are almost 15 weeks along & I am getting VERY excited!!!! We are moving right along.....

Amanda: How are you feeling these days? My thoughts are with you.

God Bless!


NANCY - July 7

Hello everyone and how are we all feeling?

Heather how are you and the babies feeling?

Honey How are you feelong? They didn't give you an early ultrasound? I thought that the first ultrasound was to measure to see if your estimated due date is on target.

soon2bemoomy how are you feeling? Do you have an ultra sound scheduled?

Amanda just thinking of you and wondering how you were doing?

Monica how are you feeling? I can't beleive that we are going to be 15 weeks!!! A couple of times I felt the baby turn. Weird feeling and I always tell my Dh I think the baby just turned!!!! You feeling anything yet??

Well ladies it's late and I must turn in have a great night and kisses to your bundles of joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



jiggidysgirl - July 7

Hi Ladies,

Happy belated 4th of July!

Sorry it has been a while since I have written. We took our trip to California. It was a lot of fun and it sounds like we had thunder storms in Oregon so I am glad I was farther south. The drive was long and difficult since we hit almost all the rest stops, especially on the way back. But it was worth it. The Boardwalk in Santa Cruz was a lot of fun and the kids had a blast. I could not ride much but I enjoyed the beach and seeing the kids have fun.

I just had my next ultrasound today and both babies are looking good. She is still having trouble seeing one and she can't tell if a line behind its head is a cyst or the umbilical cord so she is sending me to the hospital next week for a different ultrasound there that is more powerful than the ones in their offices. I am praying it is just the cord. It was so cute today, one of them was waiving its hand and the other was sucking its thumb. Such a difference in two weeks.

Nancy, is this the first week you have felt movement? That is exciting. I am so waiting for that.

I am surprised at the docs waiting so long for ultrasounds too. That seems like a long time. I mean, we would not have known they were twins if we had not had one. But a friend of mine said she had a doctor that did not have the machine at the offices so they waited for their first one too. I guess it depends.

Well, I am tired and have to get back to work tomorrow.

Oh, has anyone found anything good for stretch marks? I was using Palmer's Cocoa Butter but I used it the day I got so sick and now the smell is making me feel bad each time.

Take care everyone,



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