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jiggidysgirl - June 23

Did any of you ever feel like nothing sounded good to eat earlier in your process, during your morning sickness phase?

I feel like that but I am sure I should still be eating something.

Any suggestions?

Hope everyone is ok today and moving right along. When are everyone elses next appointments?



Honey - June 23

Hey guys This is my first time posting to this topic but I want everyone to know that I'm a new addition to the BFP group. I've been posting to the Ovulex VIII board and just got my BFP yesterday.

God bless to all.


Amanda Ivey - June 23

Welcome to BFP Group!!!! Congratulations on your bfp and the beginning of motherhood!!!! Is this your first?
I bet you and DH are so excited!

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Amanda Ivey - June 23


I felt that way early on in my pregnancy. I just ate whatever and whenever I could and took my prenatals along with OJ. Did you try OJ yet? or does it make you sick to think of it?
I had an appt today and saw my little boy yawning away and putting his hands over his eyes. I got a pic, but my scanner isn't working right now so I can't post it yet. My nex one is in two weeks well every two weeks until 36 and then every week until 40. I am kinda ready for him to be ot and this to be over with now, I am getting impatient and it is getting hot. Oh well 5 more weeks until full term and 8 more until my due date, I guess I can hold on.



Amanda Ivey - June 23

Peaches, Where are you? You are due around the same time as me and i would like to know if you are okay. Are you all set up and ready for your little girl and have you got a name picked out yet and are you as tired of being pregnant as I am now? I couldn't do anything but eat on my anniversary, we went on a little horse carriage ride....gosh did that hurt.


NANCY - June 25

Honey and soontobemommy WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME I am glad to see that our group is growing(both here and in our bellies) Honey you said that your due date is Feb. 10 that's nice maybe you'll have a VD baby. My brother is born on the 14th. Soontobemommy when is your due date?

Looks like Heather and the both of you are are about a week and a half - 2 weeks apart I think.

Heather when is your due date? I was thinking even though you are about 5 weeks behind Monica and myself I think twins come earlier 2-4 weeks so you might deliver right after us. That'll be nice we can call them the 4 musketeers!!!! Or you can deliver with honey and soontobemommy and you can call them the 4 musketeers!!!! Everything sounded good to me until it was infront of me. I lucked out I never actually got sick but my Aunt Martha loved to watch the shades of green I would turn.

Monica how are you feeling? I know is gets better but I am still so tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How is your little bump!!! My next apt is July 10 it seems like it is so far away.

I went and bought myself and DH a new bedroom set and Paige a new bedroom set. I have to get her room ready so the baby can have the nursery!!! I am trying to get is all done by AUG. mid to end. I don't want her to feel like the baby came and I threw her out of her room I figure that way it'll give her about 4 months to get use to before the baby comes.

Has anyone thought about how they are going to decorate their nursery. I went to buy buy baby yesterday and the bedding sets that they have for cribs a so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope your all feeling well and let me know what your ideas for your bundle of joys rooms are going to be!!!



Monica - June 26

OH MY GOSH!!!! Congratulations Honey & Soon2bmommy!!!! I am sooooooo happy for you both!! I have been out of town for the past few days, and so much has happened since I have been gone.....

Heather, congratulations on your twins!! That is surprising.......WOW!!!
To answer your question about the food aversions. I had them alot during my first trimester, and I am still having those same aversions now. I CAN tell however, that my morning sickness has eased up alot & I am not as tired as I once was.

Nancy, I haven't decided yet as to how I am planning to decorate the nursery. I am waiting until I find out the sex of the baby and then I will have a better idea of what I will do.
Also, my little bump is growing, growing, growing.......I had another ultrasound on last week & my little Angelpop was sucking on its little hand. It was sooooo cute. I am so excited!

Take Care Ladies!


Monica - June 26

Also Heather: I actually live in the Stone Mountain area. It is about 20 minutes east of Atlanta, and it is very nice. Wow, what a small world........

Take Care!


Honey - June 26

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and congrats to you to. LOL I'm lucky to not have morning sickness on the regular. I had it over the weekend for two nights in a row but not last night. :)


I would suggest cold friuts like strawberries, apples, pears, and grapes along with wheat bread and crackers.

Amanda Ivey,

This isn't my first but it is DH first and he can wait. We do have a little problem though. HE WANTS A BOY AND I WANT A GIRL! LOL We go back and forth about it. :)


I'm thinking I might have a VD baby to. Everyone said that when they found out my due date. LOL

Thanks again everyone for your congrats. I'll keep you posted.



soon2bmommy - June 26

Hello All:

Oh My God and I exciting to be "1 of you" now. I must say Monica has been a constant friend in my journey but all of you have kept me encouraged and for this I am eternally grateful.

I didn't get the sore boobies I heard everyone talking about but I got the "metal mouth" and so tired and sleepy all the time. But I'm happy to have them.

Thank you all for your many prayers and for the congrats.


jiggidysgirl - June 26

Good Morning,

How is everyone? This is such a great group. I was disappointed at first when I went to the pregnancy after infertility section because it does not seem very active. I am so happy to find this posting. It feels so great to go through this process with others who went through the initial process.

Well, no more sickness (cross my fingers) so far and I have not felt too bad this weekend. I was tired friday and rested a lot. We are getting really high temps here in the 100's which his very odd for Oregon so I tried to stay in the air conditioning as well.

My due date is Feb 1st because they took both babies sizes and averaged the dates but as Nancy said the regular length of pregnancy for twins is 3 weeks early so I probably will be part of the 4 Musketeers.

Nancy, how long are they having you wait between ultrasounds, July 10th does sound like a long time. It seems like it has been a while but maybe not.

Monica, it is a small world. I have an Aunt and Uncle and cousins that still live there. My grandmother lived in Stone Mountain for a long time and worked in a local sewing shop. I don't visit much anymore, it is a long plane ride and I have more relatives that live in Kentucky and Alabama so I usually end up there instead. I love the food and love to get down there for that if nothing else.

Soon2bmommy, I was the same as you. I have not gotten a lot of the breast soreness but I do have the bad metal taste. It makes me drink more water for sure. I was always worried I was not really pregnant or having a miscarriage because my symptoms were so weak. Now look, two.

Honey and Soon2bmommy, when are your first appointments?

Take Care,


Monica - June 26

Soon2bmommy: I still can't believe it!!!! Welcome, welcome, welcome to our board!!
So I want all of the details........What did you do differently this month, versus what you did during the previous months? When did you decide to test? Were you a little late for your AF or something? Girl, you are like a sister to me, so I want all of the details. If you want, feel free to e-mail me..

Honey: Congratulations to you again. God is SOOOOO Good!!!!

Monica :D


NANCY - June 27

Heather you are so right it is nice to have all of you to talk to. I know that I look forward to hear from you guys you are all great!!!!

I go to the DR every 4 weeks! I know it feels like forever. My next ultra sound if not until Aug.

For me I guess the sleepiness has gotten a little better not much my 18th month old daughter can everyonce in a while stay up later than her mommy. Right now I feel like I am in between stages my clothes are to tight and maternity is to big and I don't want to spend money on clothes that will only fit for a couple of weeks!!

I hope that you all have a great night!!!!!!!!!


Honey - June 27


My first appointment is today. I go at 3:00pm.

Wish me luck!

God bless!


NANCY - June 28

Honey how was your apt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Honey - June 28

I had to get my blood taken. Awwwwwww!!!!!! LOL

She took about 5 tubes!! LOL

I don't remember them taking that much blood with my first child! :)

But everything is well. I can't wait till I can see what gender the baby is. I hope its a girl.

So whats up with everyone. Any news?




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