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Stacey85 - June 18

Wow Charity Rowan is beautiful bet you are gonna miss her when you go bk to work.

Stacey xx


NANCY - June 25

Hello Ladies!!!

MH he is so cute!!!

Lili how are you feeling? 14 weeks WOW I am so happy for you. I can't beleive how fast it went. How are you feeling? How did your apt go?

I can't believe my little angel is going to be 6 months and to think I thought I messed up that cycle and was going to have to try again next month. Things are good with us. I went back to work. It's crazy 2 kids and working but I'm getting the hang of it. Paige just loves her sister Madison. So things are good there too!!

I hope everyone is doing well.

Talk to you soon


lili246 - June 25

Hey welcome back it is nice to hear from you. :)
So how long did you stayed home with the kids? wow time did flew by your lil one is now 6 months that did go by for sure.

Well everyhting is going well for me I am waiting to have my 1st u/s hope it is soon. I can't wait to see my lil one :)

I am having some nauseas still and tiredness so here I am hanging in here and hope that I can get some energy back soon :)

What mess up cycle are you talking about? Are you going to try for the 3rd one anytime in the near future?

Take care

Love Lili


NANCY - June 25

I remember waiting for that u/s. I'm so excited for you!!!! I used to get nauseas too. I found those preggy pops they helped sometimes.

The month that I got pregnant with Madison I thought I miscalculated when I ovulated and missed it. So we kind of just had fun that month. I was waiting for my period so that I could start counting again and LUCKY me I was pregnant!!

Paige and Madison are 2yrs apart I am thinking if I do it again I want to wait until they are 3 yrs apart! So I have time!!!!!



lili246 - June 26

So who takes care of your lil girls? I know it is hard to come back to work. How long did you stayed home with them before coming back to work?

hey something like mine happended. After my m/c I had af 6 weeks after the d&c and then in january I got af on the 16, then af didn;t come until march 20 so I though that my cycle was mess up and I was not going to get pregnant that month. the day after af was gone I notice that I was on my fertile days that fast. It was weired so we bd on my peak days and look it was suprising because I didn't think I was going to get pregnant since my cycle was going nuts. it was a suprising gift but welcome. :)

I am having some nauseas and vomiting which I didn't have with my son it is all different hope that it goes away soon.

Have a great day :)



summer - July 4

[quote author=Mahogany Heart link=board=4;threadid=2297;start=780#36490 date=1181301338]

Thank you. How far long are you?

Hey MH

I am coming to 32weeks now and man do i feel tired. i cant believe very soon i will be having a baby!!! My first one and i cant wait.

How is Chance?


Yukon Queen - July 10

congrats to our new mummies to be!

Its a wonderfull news indeed!

Remain blessed!


AmandaIvey - December 5

Aww what a beautiful baby boy!!!! Congratulations sorry that was so late, so how is everyone else. I'm gonna have to take tomorrow to catch up to speed, I JUST GOT MY INTERNET TODAY!! I moved from florida to Louisiana to Washington within a year soo I"ve been very very busy. So where is everyone oh congrats to all the other new mommies I'll have to read tom and find out exactly who you are so I can tell ya! Well missed chatting with you all hope to hear back from you sooner or later rather than never ;D


NANCY - April 18

How is every one doing with their litlle babies???




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