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Charity - March 12

Just wanted to recommend Gavison to anyone with pregnancy heartburn. I started taking it before bed on Friday and I have not thrown up at night one time. I still have horrible heartburn but at least I am not waking up vomitting!!


Mahogany Heart - March 17

Where is everyone?

I have a question:

Do anyone plan on getting pregnant again?


Charity - March 17


We plan on getting pregnant again and very soon. I am 34 and my husband 35 - so we don't have much time and we both want a good size family. It took us 2 years to get pregnant this time and we just don't feel we have that kind of time again.

Our plan is to wait 6-9 months and then start trying again. We are going to try naturally for 3 months, then try Ovulex again for 3 months and then I may have to have the surgery to move my uterus again. I had to have that last year because my uterus and cervix were in the wrong position. The doctor said after I had a baby, the uterus might revert back to the old position - which would mean another surgery. Anyway, if 3 months after surgery - still no baby, then we are going to go ahead and start applying to adopt a baby. We aren't going to stop trying to have one naturally but we want to be sure Rowan has a little brother or sister that isn't too many years apart.

We want to have 3-4 kids total and we want to have at least 3 of them by the time I am 40. We are ok with adoption and if it turns out that this is the only one we can have naturally or if we only end up with 2 - then that would be ok too.

What are your plans?


Mahogany Heart - March 17

Wow Charity,

I only want one more and I pray its a Girl. DH has a boy and I have a Son plus Chance that is two boys for me so I need a Girl. I really thought Chance was a Girl but he is a Boy. I plan on trying after my Doctor clear me after my 6 weeks check up.

DH's sister said to me "You are going to try again. I'm the one going to have the girl wait for me. You don't have to try again."

I told her I have tried other people girls and it is not working for me. I want my own Girl.


babybop - March 17

Mahogany Heart: Yes, Just ten more weeks or so! And although it is a blessing, I am ready to meet this little alien in my belly!! LOL!

Lilli246: Yes, you're right! I agree that it has to be an ideal situation for me to return. Being so far from family, I have no choice and I really don't want to do daycare so early.

Charity: OMG! I didn't think it would be a problem, since I consider myself a career woman, etc. BUT it has been the main source of most of my recent anxiety! I just can't see it! My husband is absolutely dead set against it and its his child too, so does he have a say so?

Ladies: How is everything going?

Let me dust!


Charity - March 18

Hi Mahogany Heart - You are going to try six weeks after Chance is born? Good for you! I don't think I will be ready to be pregnant again so soon - if I were blessed enough to actually have that happen. My pregnancy has been easy compared to a lot of women but I have found it hard to be pregnant. I know a lot of women love being pregnant but I don't love it. I love the fact that I will have a baby at the end but I don't love how hard it is to be pregnant. I hope you do have a girl! I really wanted a boy and am hoping our next one is a boy.

Hi Monique - what does your husband want you to do? What role does he want to play?


Charity - March 19

Good news! I just had my third trimester ultrasound and Rowan is FINALLY is the right position!!! I am so relieved!

We get the official ultrasound results at our OB appointment tomorrow but the ultrasound doctor did tell us that Rowan is in position and already 5 lbs!


lili246 - March 19

wow I am so happy for you that Rowan is in the right position, good Job and hope that she stays as is. She is also alrady 5 pounds that sounds great :)

I have a questions for you Charity?
When I was pregnant with my unborn lil angel the doctor told that my uterus was not in the correct position and did say that it usually goes back in the correct position right before birth. So know I am thinking that if I still have it wrong or in the correct position after I had the m/c.
Do you think that this can be the cause of my very late period. It's been two months from my last af and nothing since then. I went to the doctor and had a negative pregnancy test. So I know that I am not pregnant. I did one this weekend and a negative as well so don't know what may be cousing this delay. I have been having some spotting 3 weeks ago and though that af was almost here and nothing. The spotting was only noticeable when i wiped and that is all. I had that happen again this sunday and still no af. So don't know what is the cause.
I don't have insurance so I don't want to go and see a doctor because I know that is comes costly.
Do you have any advice, or what do you think about the uterus?

wow you are going to try getting pregnant again that fast. wow I know it will be hard but good luck if that is what you want to do. :)
I hope that everything goes well with you and the baby!

Have a great monday!

Love Lili


Charity - March 19

Hi Lili,

My periods were ok – they were very regular actually. However, we weren’t getting pregnant. So the doctor did a vaginal ultrasound and found that my uterus was tilted severely back and that my cervix was in the wrong spot. This caused the sperm to not be able to get through the cervix and to reach the right spot. They also found I had a fibroid tumor in my uterus but that still didn’t effect my periods.

The doctor recommended surgery. They did an Uplift procedure to tilt my uterus forward and then shifted my cervix to the right spot. They also were able to remove all of the fibroid, with minimal scar tissue. The doctor told me that the weight of a baby would cause the surgery do undo itself, which would not effect giving birth. However, it would effect being able to get pregnant again. She said the uterus and cervix would probably revert back to the old position and make it extremely difficult, if not impossible to get pregnant again. She warned us that I might have to have the same surgery again after I gave birth.

We still weren’t able to get pregnant right away and got impatient. So six months after the surgery, I started the Ovulex and my husband the Amberoz.

I am not sure what might cause you to not have periods. When is the last time you had a pap smear? When I was in college and didn’t have insurance, I used to go to Planned Parenthood. They can do pap smears there and might be able to do blood work to check your hormone levels. I don’t know how much it costs now (I’ve been out of school for 12 years) but it used to be very inexpensive. At least you would be able to rule out a Pap smear issue or any hormone issue.


lili246 - March 19

well what is weaired with me that after my m/c. I ad af on december 16 and then on january 16 which was great because I thought that I was going to be regular for a change but my last af was on january 16 and no af since then. I have been very irregular since ever.
SO don't know what may be the cause.

I went to a regular doctor for a blood test and she said everything looked ok no thyroid problems.

But I do have a doctor where she only does pap smears and I get it for free because I do have a card that i think it's that planned parenthood I think?
well and I know that she only does pap smears and it's on saturdays only. But I don't know and will ask if she has her own clinic or would recommmend someone.

I just got worry about what you say about your uterus because I remember that is something that the doctor told me at my first doctors appointment. I sure hope I don't have to go that far like a surgery because I know that might be costly. I will call and make some arragements if af is not here within 2 weeks.

I think that it might be my hormones because I have been taking my temps every morning and I haven't got any high temps so that might be it.
When I saw my regular doctor she said that usually after a m/c on most women get this where the hormones go crazy and it usually take about 3 to 6 months for them to get back to normal.

Thanks for you info. and advice.

Love Lili


babybop - March 24

Hi ladies! I just came back from my doc's appointment. We are finally up to appointments every two weeks. Thats huge because its an indicator that the end is near and life is about to begin! I've only gained a total of 19 lbs so far, but she said its because of my petite frame that I will not be much bigger.

How are all of you? Mahogany, I swear it's like we blinked and suddenly we're almost done. I love it!

Charity: I do get those cramps and symptoms from time to time. I was having braxton hicks contractions during the past two weeks but I was told to drink alot more water and take it much easier than I have been.
About my situation with work and daycare, husband wants me to ultimately take over the managerial portion of his limousine company. You know, bookkeeping, dispatching, marketing, billing, vehicle maintence records, etc. I would love to if I knew for certain that we could survive without my current salary. He's a great provider but he knows that with me working from home three great things will happen: I can raise our daughter, I can boost his business to its potential, and we'll be able to travel and enjoy life much more. I've never worked for him before so I don't know how well this will work.

I am going to new england for my babyshower next week. I am so excited about it, as is both sides of the family! I am just a little overwhelmed......we sent out a lot of invites, but over 100 people have rsvp'd. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!



Charity - March 25

Monique – Wow! 100 people at your baby shower – I don’t even know 100 to invite! I hope you have a wonderful time! We had a baby shower for my sister yesterday; she is 10 days ahead of me with her pregnancy. The shower was great. We did several games but the biggest hit was the crafts. I bought blank onesie’s in sizes from newborn to 18 months and puff paint. Everyone had a chance to paint whatever they wanted on the onesie. I didn’t think people would get so into it but they loved it! Some people painted cute little pictures but other people really went all out trying to think of cute sayings.

My best friend is throwing me a baby shower is the middle of next month. She is so creative that the party ought to be a lot of fun!

Sounds like working with your husband might be nice! Is it something you could try and if it doesn’t work out – then go back to the corporate world? I have never worked for my husband but we used to work with each other in the same department, which is how we met. It was nice. I got a job at another company after we got married, not because I didn’t want to work with him but because I found a better opportunity. Anyway, I have missed working with him. It was nice to be able to share that and commute together, have lunch together, etc. We always joke that if we ever came into a lot of money that we would start our own business together. Maybe this is a chance for you to really start a new life – new baby, new career path, new relationship with your husband?

We had some disappointment today. We had our 2nd attempt at our 4-D ultrasound. The last time they couldn’t do it because the baby was breech still. I had such high hopes this morning because Monday she was in the right position. After giving up caffeine during my pregnancy, I even had 3 shots of expresso on the way to the ultrasound to be sure she was awake. Well, we got there and not only was she turned around; she slept through the entire thing. They couldn’t get any pictures. I was so disappointed but the place was nice enough to refund most of our money. The baby is still head-down, so we are ok as far as delivery. She just wouldn’t turn around to face us. We were dying to see her face and get some good pictures for her scrapbook. Oh well, maybe our next baby will be better at the ultrasound thing!!

Enjoy your baby shower!



Charity - March 30

Hi Monique,

How did the baby shower go? Or is it this weekend?

I think the baby has dropped! My stomach is smaller then it was last week and it is getting harder to walk because of the pressure in my pelvis.

I feel ok other then that – oh and that my feet and ankles are swollen to 3 times their normal size! I had to buy new shoes the other night and had to go up 2 sizes and to a wide. The very next day it was all I could do to squeeze my feet into the new shoes, they were already too small. The doctor noticed the swelling at my last appointment and didn’t seem concerned, so I guess it is all still ok. I will just be glad when they finally stop swelling!


Mahogany Heart - March 31

Hope everyone is doing fine. As for me still in a lot of pain but Im coping.


Mahogany Heart - March 31

I'm sorry. Yes I think I'm going to try 6 weeks after Chance is born. That is my plans but sometimes I do change my mind every other day. I feel like that now but with all the pain I'm going through it makes me think twice.


NANCY - April 1

Hello Ladies and Babies!!

I hope that all is well with everyone!! It's amazing I feel like it was only yesterday that I found out that I was pregnant and here I have my miracle and she is 3 months. I remember during the middle of my pregnancy you were all getting pregnant and now you are all getting ready for the blessed event. I wish you all a wonderful and as painless delivery as possible.

MH I remember after having Paige it took me so long to get pregnant with her that if I had as they call it IRISH TWINS then that would be wonderful. Good luck!

Monique how was your shower??

Charity So are you getting excited about your shower. You'll have to send pictures so I can see.

Doing good here. Getting use to being a mother of 2. I do find my self tired and try not to take that out on my 2 year old Paige. My new thing when she doesn't listen is telling her she has until the count of 3 and if she doesn't do what she is suppose to she has a time out in Mommy's bed(I don't want to time her out in her bed I just got her sleeping through the night 4-6 nights a week). The cute thing I wanted to share with you guys is that when I put her in my bed I tell her that when she is done crying and when she is ready to do the thing I told her she had to do to call me and let me know. When she is done crying she calls me and tells me "Mommy I am done crying" I go in and ask her if she is ready to change her diaper or what ever it is that got her the time out and she says yes and we go change the diaper. I am so amazed at how well it's working. At first I was yelling and then after that I felt horrible(I think it's a little bit of post partum). You know kids though what works today will be different next week.

I was going through Paige's things of when she was first born and then later I was nursing Madison and I felt so upset for her. When my daughter Paige was born so many people sent her things even if it was just a card that said welcome to the world. There were people that I thought for sure would send her a card or even a token gift to say welcome to the world and didn't. The more that I thought of it the more upset I got I just cried and cried. I couldn't control it. The feelings overwelmed me. I mean even down to my husbands parents didn't get her anything for being born. I just ran through the list and the more I thought of it I was hurt and discusted. I was finally able to calm down and think to my self I am being a little crazy. My mother called and she immediately knew there was something wrong and called my DH. I finally told him do you think I am being crazy. He said that he can understand me feeling hurt. I was much better when we talked about it later and did tell him that maybe it's still a little bit of post partum. Do you guys think that I am being crazy??
Thanks for listening




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