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Charity - March 5

How is everyone?


lili246 - March 5

How are you feeling? Are you both doing alright? What did you find out from the doctor from your concern you were having a few weeks ago.

Hope that everything is well! :)

Love Lili


Charity - March 5

Hi Lili,

The doctor wouldn’t see me until my next appointment – which is tomorrow morning. They just told me to stay hydrated. I go for my next checkup in the morning, so hopefully I will find out more then. I feel ok but I am still having tummy troubles.

We went for our 4-D ultrasound Saturday at a private ultrasound clinic but they weren’t able to complete the ultrasound. The baby was still in a bad position and stayed asleep – so they couldn’t get any pictures. They let us reschedule a 2nd appointment for this Wednesday. I was disappointed but my husband was even more upset. I hadn’t realized how much he was looking forward to seeing our daughter’s face. I hope it goes much better the 2nd time.

How are you doing?


Charity - March 6

We had our OB appointment this morning and everything is fine. I am on a 2 week schedule for doctor’s visits for 1 more month and then go to a once a week schedule. Rowan’s heartbeat was 160 and my size was right on schedule and everything is good.

We will have our next 3rd trimester ultrasound the day before my next doctor’s appointment in 2 weeks (I will be at 33 weeks). They will be just confirming body organs are ok and checking the position. I don’t think they will start trying to move the baby, if still needed, until my appointment at 35 weeks. That will be the biggie appointment when they decide if we are going to try to start moving the baby into a better position.

On my tummy problems – we are going on 10 days now. But they didn’t seem concerned, which is good. She said there is some kind of virus going around and to go ahead and take Imodium and stay hydrated. She said while I am taking the Imodium to skip the dairy products because that would just aggravate it.

We did decide to go ahead and reschedule our 4-D ultrasound for my 33rd week. We are both too swamped at work to be able to take off a few hours tomorrow. Plus, if she was in the wrong position Saturday, she probably hasn’t moved yet. So another 2 weeks might give her time to move to the right position.

So all is well.


lili246 - March 6

I am glad that everything is going well with you and the baby. Keep up he good work.

I am now ttc again but with cycle is driving me nuts right now. I am in cd 50 today and no sign of af I took a ptegnancy test yesturday and it came back negative. I am not sure if I really Ovulated because my temps are very low and don't know what to think. I am so irregular and this had happen before but not that often. I am going crazy right now and if I am not pregnant I want af to come because I just bought a fertility monitor and I am ready to use it. I am excited for that after

Have a great day and keep posted. It seems that the other girls got lazy and don't post as much but it's commen sense they are all busy with their lil ones and I understand. But hope to hear from them soon :)

Love Lili


NANCY - March 7

Hello Ladies!!

Lili you are right got lazy and just so busy with the 2 kids. Trying to get the christening done now. Reading your post you are at cycle day 51 is that the reason you went on ovulex last time?

How is everyone feeling?

Heather how are things for you?

Honey you should have had Alexis already how are you doing??

Monica how are things with you? Did you go back to work yet? I just keep thinking how am I going to do it with 2 kids. I know I will figure it out but I can't wait to see DH and I get ready in the morning and get 2 kids out the door.

Amanda how are you?

MH how are you?

I hope everyone is doing ok. Talk to you soon and I will try to get on more often. There are times that I get on to read to make sure everyone is ok I just don't get a chance to write.



lili246 - March 7

well yeah for a reason I did and because I had read about some women getting pregnant with them. I think it did help me but after my m/c I don't know I am scare that it might happen again if I take ovulex again. I hate my cycles are so bad and make me so crazy.

hey how is it going with you and the baby's?

Take care

and nice hearing from you. :)



babybop - March 7

Hello all! I miss you gals! I just thought I'd wait until I had some actual news to share with you rather than my normal complaints about my husband and my job. I've literally been coasting thru these past few weeks. The only change is an increase in leukkorhea and WAY more fetal activity. She's actually starting to hurt me AND its to the point where you can see her moving under my shirt sometimes. My apetite has grown and my belly too. I'm glad, she's already small for her gestational age so I can use the extra weight.

Good question for you all: The closer I get to my maternity leave and delivery, etc, the more I am dreading returning to work. I can't fathom putting my six week old infant in daycare (no disrespect to those moms who have to or choose to, I just cannot do it myself). My husband is self employed and all, but I can't trust him to make sure the garage door is shut before leaving the house....I'm supposed to leave my infant with him for 10 hrs a day? NOT! I have almost no family here and few friends, but not close enough to ask for help from them. So my question is this: If I decide not to return to work after 6 wks, and find it lucrative to help my husband with his work, rather than go out an earn my own paycheck, am I going to be able to handle being with my child ALL the time?

Let me know, ladies.



lili246 - March 7

I for sure understand what you mean. when I had my son I told my mom if she wanted to take care of him or else I would of stayed home and do it myself. it's nothing agains daycare but I don't really like the idea of leaving my son with other strangers not kowing how they would treat him but from all that you see on t.v it is scary and I think that is a great idea to help your dh and stay home with your son. I think if you make that choose you will see your son grow and don't miss any part of it. Cause you know they grow up so fast. :)

well girl hope that I was a help with you questions, let me know what you do ok.

Take care

Love Lili


Charity - March 7

Hi Nancy – glad to hear from you! When is the christening? Does your family have any special traditions for christenings?

Hi Monique,

Glad to hear all is well! I know what you mean about leaving your 6-week old in daycare. I am dreading it too. I just haven’t been able to work out a way to do anything different. We could afford live on just my salary, if we cut some corners but we can’t afford to just live on my husband’s salary. He wants to quit his job and stay home but I would have such a hard time with that because I don’t think he would do the job that I would.

Good luck with your decision. This is my first baby, so I can’t speak from experience about how hard it would be to be with your baby all the time. But I bet if you can plan to have some time that is your own, away from your baby – even if it is just a little bit of time, that you would be fine. You might have a harder time being with your husband all the time :) !!


NANCY - March 8

Hi Charity

The Christening is on March 25th.
Paige wore my christening outfit and so will Madison. Hopefully they will do the same with their girls when they have them. That is if the outfit didn't disintegrate by then it's already almost 32 years old.

Maybe you Chris and Rowan can come up to New York again for Thanksgiving. Last year Danny and Angela came and maybe this year they could come again. That would make a really cute picture putting the 4 kids together for a picture. Just think how long that will take to take that picture with Paige at 3 yrs old, Madison at 11 months, Patrick at 10 months and Rowan at 6 months. It'll be a miracle if they are all looking at the camera at the same time!!!! At least if you came out you would just have to pack your bottles and the baby we have all the baby stuff here from single strollers to double strollers to car seats to a porta crib. Probably the easiest trip you'll ever have.

I don't know why you don't ask Auntie M to stay a bit longer after you went back to work. That way you won't have to put Rowan in daycare at 6 weeks. I am sure she would loved to take care of her. That is her favorite age. My mom teases her all the time about that. My mother loves Paige's age because they can tease each other. Let me tell you they tease each other like crazy. Auntie M just loves Madison's age. It stinks when you have to put them in daycare that young. If Auntie M watched her you would get a couple of more weeks where she is at home with her grandma/nanny than in daycare. I know it is so hard getting ready, getting out the door, bringing them to daycare and getting to work on time. Sometimes you feel like a chicken with out your head. Then you rush out of work and fly to the daycare pick them up, talk to the daycare to find out how there day was then 15-20 minutes later you are getting back in the car and heading home. Thinking we need to cook dinner, eat, clean up, take a bath do the night time routine, pack up for daycare the next day and thank GOD I can go to sleep and wake up and start the cycle over again. It's crazy!!!!! I know I have been home with Madison for almost 9 weeks and I feel the anxiety when I think about going back to work. I go back May 7 and at that time she will be 18 weeks. Well maybe that is an idea I hope I helped.

So how are all the other ladies doing??

I wonder how Honey and Heather are doing.

I hope all is well with you



Charity - March 8

Hi Nancy,

That is so sweet about the christening gowns. We don’t have one in our families, so I am having one made from my wedding dress. We are definitely going to try to make it to NY this winter. We might be able to make it the week after Christmas. That would be a fun picture with all the babies!

I know Martha means well about staying but it would never work. Please don’t mention it to her because I don’t want to hurt her feelings but she and Chris in one house for more then a few days is rough. I spend the entire time referring between them. They like to push each other’s buttons. I just don’t want to spend my brief maternity leave having to referee and I don’t want to miss out on time with Rowan after I go back to work because they are fighting. I know it will be rough working, taking care of a baby and the house but having Martha there would be just one more thing I would have to take care of. It isn’t that she is a lot of work as a house guest – she is great as far as that goes but the past few years it has been hard when she visits. The first few days are great but then she gets so emotional about Tom and then gets depressed and then starts pushing Chris’ buttons and then Chris gets frustrated and then mad and then they both start fighting and then I feel like I am caught in the middle, trying to make sure she is having as enjoyable a visit as I can under the circumstances and trying to soothe Chris and …it is just draining. I just want to have a special, quiet time with Rowan and get used to being a mom and then ease into work as best I can. In addition, because she doesn’t drive – we would be concerned about what would happen in case of an emergency. It will just be much easier to have Rowan in day care.

However, if Martha were able to stay longer with Dani – I am sure Dani and Chris could take turns driving her to visit the baby on the weekend or we could take the baby to Dani’s to visit. We want Martha to be able to spend time with the baby – I just can’t handle the stress of Martha and Chris.


Charity - March 9

I am almost 32 weeks pregnant. Last 2 nights I have woken up unable to breathe, a burning pain in my chest and choking on vomit. I am not nauseous and after I wake up this way – I continue to vomit every 20-30 minutes for several hours. I am still not nauseas but vomiting. This is lasting 3-4 hours each night. This is the first time I have vomited in my pregnancy and it ends by morning.

I have tried fighting the vomit, that didn’t work. I tried sleeping propped up – that didn’t work. I tried sleeping sitting up, that didn’t work. I am waiting on a call back from my doctor but thought I would check and see if anyone else had this. Needless to say, I am exhausted and I have kept my DH up most of the night both nights.

My stomach cramps some but I am sure it is just from the vomiting. I can still feel the baby move, so everything is good there. The only thing different this morning is that I have little or no appetite. I made myself eat a banana and a little bread but I don’t want to think about food. And normally, I am hungry for breakfast – I don’t eat a lot but I will eat something every few hours in the morning. I start with cereal, then an hour or 2 later a banana and then an hour or 2 later some yogurt. This morning, nothing sounds good.

Has anyone else had this? How did you stop it? I have called my doctor and am still waiting for a callback. I just want it to stop!


Charity - March 9

I got a call back and I guess I was concerned for nothing. They said it is probably just acid reflux. The recommendations they made I am already doing except for one. They told me to not eat 2-3 hours before bed and I don’t. They said don’t drink carbonated beverages before bed and I haven’t drank them at all while pregnant, for the baby’s sake. They said don’t eat spicy food and I don’t. The only other thing was to take Gaviscon before bed. I have been taking Maalox or Mylanta and I average about 20 Tums a day. But I haven’t tried Gaviscon. So I will give that a try tonight. She said if it happens again tonight to just call them tomorrow and someone will be on call.

Whew! What a relief – I was getting very concerned. I thought this wasn’t normal but apparently it does happen to a lot of women.


Mahogany Heart - March 10

Hello Ladies,

How is everyone? Chance and I are doing well.


I glad to read that Rowan is fine and you are doing well. I pray your stomach stop hurting.


I know you have a good times with your girls.


How is the baby?


How are you?


You don't have too long to go right?


How is your baby doing?

If I missed anyone I'm sorry.


Charity - March 12

Just wanted to recommend Gavison to anyone with pregnancy heartburn. I started taking it before bed on Friday and I have not thrown up at night one time. I still have horrible heartburn but at least I am not waking up vomitting!!



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