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butterflywishes1 - February 12

Hi Ladies ~ i am so glad to hear all the good news on this board!! It is very uplifting!!!

Question: For those of you who took Ovulex and received your BFP: When did you stop taking it? Before your BFP or after you BFP?

The reason I ask is because this is my first cycle on Ovulex and I am now 11 dpo. I've been having low back pain, O type pain, thick white creamy cm (starting 6dpo), and I feel tired alot. So, in case these are BFP symptoms, I am wondering if I should stop the Ovulex? Af is due on Wednesday.

Thanks for your help!

Congrats to all the new mommies and the mommies-to-be!!!!

Love ~ Butterfly


Charity - February 12

Hi Butterfly,

I used Ovulex and I stopped taking after I got my BFP.


NANCY - February 14

Hello Ladies and Babies (both in and out of the womb)

Amanda He is so handsome!!! How are you doing??

Heather I am so happy for you congrats. I can't wait to see how cute he is. How are you feeling? How is little Justin doing? Is he keeping you up at night?

Steph Congrats I am so happy for you. I remember in the ovulex forum how crazy your cycle got. You did it girl. Now enjoy every craving you get!!!! And watch that cute little belly grow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monica how are you doing? It is so hard to get back on here now I miss chatting with everyone. How is everyone?

WOW Honey you are going to go any day now! I hope that you have a painless and speedy delivery!!! GOOD LUCK!!

Well me and the girls are doing fine!! DH too!! I can't beleive that it's been over 6 weeks already. I look at Paige and can't believe how big she is. Just over 6 weeks ago she was my little baby and now She is my BIG Girl. Madison is doing good she is on zantac for acid reflux but other than that she is doing great. Paige is still wonderful to her little sissy. She does have her melt downs but she is wonderful to Madison. I tell them I love my 2 girls and hug them she says the same thing back and hugs me and Madison.

The thing that I do feel bad about is that she wants to help feed her and I am breast feeding. She tells me that she wants to feed her. She gone as far as unzipping her jammies and I have to explain to her that only mommy has milk. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't want her to feel left out.

Talk to you soon



Amanda Ivey - February 14

congratulations Stef!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I hope you have a wonderfu l 9 months and keep us updated!!!!

I'm fine Nancy how are the girls doing?
Where is Monica?

I've been on a little vacation and now I am trying to break my wonderful son into sitting by himself for more than 2 mins at a time so that he can learn to crawl and other things and this is what I've been getting so I'm about to give up.
He's so cute when he's angry. but the noise. Notice he looks as if he's about to get some @$*



NANCY - February 14

OK this might give you guys a laugh. My daughter Paige took her baby bottle held it rocked back and forth and said pump pump pump. She asks me when I pump "Mom you pumpin'" So now she pumps too! I thought is was so cute I had to share.

Amanda he's so cute!!!



Mahogany Heart - February 15

Just stopping in to say hello. Pray everyone is doing well.


Charity - February 15

Hi all,

All is fine here except for the waddle! I feel ok, just getting more tired and it doesn’t help that now I have trouble sleeping. I have trouble falling asleep and then am not sleeping more then an hour at a time. But I am functional during the day, so I guess it can’t be too bad.

Irritated at my DH though. He has really been trying harder the past 3 weeks to be more help, though he has been out-of-state for 2 of those weeks and only home on the weekends. But when home, he is trying to fill my car with gas and he makes a point to help me in with the groceries. Sometimes he goes to the grocery store with me because it wears me out so much to deal with the crowds and pushing the cart. He is also promising to help more soon with getting the house ready for the baby.

However – he is now planning to take a business trip that he doesn’t have to take, sometime during the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy. He is planning to go to Canada for several days. I am furious but am I over-reacting? Apparently, he has known about this since October and just let it slip the beginning of the week. I have asked him repeatedly if he had trips planned and he always said no (the trip these last 2 weeks was a sudden trip because they fired someone). I have reminded him that babies do not always wait 40 weeks and that I might go into labor ANYTIME the last month. If he is in Canada, there is no way he is going to be able to make it home if I happened to go into labor.

Am I overreacting by not wanting him to leave the country 4 weeks before I am due? Especially, when he doesn’t have to go on this trip. He just likes Canada and it happens to be some meeting on a project he was working on. He says now he didn’t tell me on purpose because he knew I would be upset – I guess he was going to wait until the day of his flight to tell me. Am I asking too much to want him at home in case I go into labor? Anyone else had this happen?



lili246 - February 16

wow your lil boy is so big? When is his birthday? Isn't it in October? I wish I could get pregnant this month so that I can have my baby around that time. Wish me Luck!:)

I know how you feel and I dont blame you because at this time you expect your dh to be next to you all the time just in case you need from him. I am sure that times will go fast and if he goes on that trip it won't be that long. But in the other hand I would be mad because he should think of you and the baby! I know that when we get pregnant we become more sinsible. Hang in there girl, everything will be alright!

Good Luck!

Love Lili


NANCY - February 16

Hello Ladies and Babies in and out of the womb!!

I hope you are all feeling great!!! How are your apts going?

I remember being so uncomfortable at the end wanting her out but let me tell you I miss her being in my belly and moving around so enjoy it!!

I've posted some picture of the girls.






vidia1103 - February 16

Hello everyone. well I finally made it here and now I am worried. I just took a + hpt the other day and now today I am having a little back pain almost like a kidney infection and some light pink spotting not much though. Is this normal? Should I go ahead and get in to the doctor? I am not due to see him until next week?


lili246 - February 16

wow girl you have two precious little girls. they are so cute! :)
take good care of them!

Hey I suggest you go to the doctor ASAP just to make sure it might be normal but I had that on my last pregnancy which ended up bad.
Have them check you just to make sure everything is alright!
Best Wishes!

Love Lili


Charity - February 19

Vidia – I had some spotting when I was about 7 weeks pregnant and was so scared. Turns out it was a small hemorrhage. My doctor says it happens to a lot of women when the baby implants and that by 12 weeks, it has usually healed. They did an ultrasound at 7 weeks, which is how they found the hemorrhage. Then they did another about 13 weeks to confirm it was healing, which is did. Everything turned out fine. But you will feel so much better if they will do an ultrasound for you now – then you can hear the baby’s heartbeat and know that it is ok!!

Nancy – they are adorable! I hope ours is half as cute!

My next appointment is tomorrow but I did get a call on my labwork this morning. I failed my glucose test but not by much. I was just above the normal range. They aren’t going to make me do the horrible test right now, they are going to have me wait four weeks and take the test again. Then if I still fail, I have to have the bad test. The hemoglobin test came back fine, I am not anemic.

I feel fine – just getting bigger every day. I still don’t feel the baby every hour like I have read a lot of mothers do. But I feel her every day, at least twice a day – so I know everything is ok. She is probably breech again and I am just not feeling the movements in the right places.


Charity - February 19

Well, after venting about my DH last week, I have to also tell the good. He is about to schedule several more trips that he doesn’t really have to go on and he is likely to miss many of our Lamaze classes. I am hoping he doesn’t miss the birth of our baby…but he was really good this weekend.

He came home from his trip and has been working all weekend to help me finish things in our home to prepare for the baby. We bought a new home last year and didn’t have the cash until recently to do a lot of maintenance things to the house. I have been doing most of the work that I know how to do but I have gotten to the point where I just can’t do much anymore. My DH worked on the house all weekend and says he will do more next weekend. This is making me feel so much better because it has been driving me nuts that I wouldn’t be able to have everything ready before the baby arrives.

So even if it is just his guilt over being gone so much – I will take it. Normally I would just do the stuff myself but here in the 7th month, it is getting harder and harder to do stuff. Bending over to reach stuff is fun and lifting things is getting harder. It is going to be such a big help to have him do some of this work.

So I had to share with everyone that he is trying much harder right now to do things. He told me that I should look at it as this is his chance to catch up with me on all the things I have done to our home and taken care of that he didn’t help with.

I do appreciate his help and will just have to deal with his being gone. I will probably have my mom attend the Lamaze classes with me that he misses and I was already planning to have her in the delivery room with my husband and I. So if he isn’t there when the baby comes, at least I will have a backup. It will just be his loss, if he misses the birth. They can’t have it without me – right!!!


Charity - February 20

Just got back from the doctor and everything is fine! Now we start going every two weeks for checkups. We asked her about Rowan’s position and she said they would probably give it to 36 weeks. If she hadn’t moved into the right position by then, they would probably try to move her. If by 38 weeks, she still wasn’t in the right position and was still breech, that they would probably go ahead and schedule a C-section. So they will be monitoring it at the end and we will see what happens. If I have to have a C-section, at least I will definitely get to plan when she arrives – which would be nice.

But everything is fine!!

Charity and Rowan


lili246 - February 20

Good Luck and best wishes for you and your lil Rowan!:)

Hope that you have her naturally but as long as everything is ok a c-section will be just fine!

Love Lili


Mahogany Heart - February 21

Hello Ladies Pray everyone is doing well.



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