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lili246 - January 12

Everything will be alright have faith girl. I think that is what they inserted me the prostoglan (sp?) when I was induce with my boy but for me it worked very fast after 3 or 4 hours it came out byitself and that was when my water broke and it did help me open my cervix, the nurse was impressed and I have very lucky to have my boy 4 hours later. My induce was a verye ay thing and I wish I could have it done next time I get pregnant. :)
I wish you the best of Luck! I will be praying for you and I couldn't remember about what had happen to your lil angel. But he is in good hands.
Isn't it bad having your lil angel with Justin? I am just curious?
Let us know how it goes and be strong for Justin! He needs you the most!

wow I can't beleive that you are already looking for a daycare, wow times does go by so fast. And yeah you have to be prepared for all that. SO are you planning to go work right after you have your lil one?
Good Luck on finding the best daycare center!

Be patient girl you are almost at the end and soon you'll have your lil one in your arms. :)

Have a geat weekend!

Love Lili


Charity - January 15

Hi ladies,

Just some recommendations I thought I would share. I finally broke down and bought one of the Snoogle (I think that is the brand) pregnancy pillows and I cannot say enough nice things about it. It is wonderful!

I also bought one of the maternity back braces because I have had a lot of back pain. I am still seeing my chiropractor but there is only so much that can be done right now. Anyway, I don’t know if I would recommend it or not. If I wear it when I am working around the house, it does seem to help. But it doesn’t do anything when I wear it to work, since I have to sit at a desk 8 hours a day. It was about $35, so I don’t know that it is worth it for the little I wear it now. But if you were on your feet 8 hours a day, I can see how it might help more.

Early in my pregnancy, I bought one of the maternity brands of belly butter to prevent stretch marks – don’t waste your money. It didn’t stop a thing. I am now just using straight Vitamin E oil but it is too soon to tell if it is going to slow down.

Hi Lili,

I do have to go back to work after the baby. I will be off 6 weeks for sure and I am trying to find a way to stretch it to 8 weeks. I am sure I am going to be a cry-baby when it is time to go back to work!

Hope everyone has a great week!



lili246 - January 17

Doesn't that sucks having to go back to work right away. I had to do the same after I had my baby. I stayed with him for 6 weeks and then went back to work. I wished I could stay with him the whole time but since I had my mom home she is the one taking care of him and I didn't worry about the day care. So I am very lucky to have my mom next to me helping me with my lil boy.
Well wish you the best!! Good Luck!

Does anyone know anything about Heather? I wonder is she had her baby already?

Love Lili


NANCY - January 19

Hi Ladies and Babies(in and out of the womb)

I just wanted to stop in to see how everyone is feeling? How is everyone's apointments going? And just to say hello.

Heather I hope all went well. I've been thinking of you and Baby Justin.

Honey are you ready for your little one. Not much more to go.

We are doing good here. Tired but good. I do kinda miss her moving inside of me. Although I can breathe!!!!

Talk to you soon.
Nancy and Madison


babybop - January 23

Hello ladies & babies!!!

Nancy, your new baby is absolutely adorable.
Monica, how's little jo jo?

charity, heather, lilli, are you all? It's been pretty uneventful for us so far, thank God for small favors!



lili246 - January 23

How are you feeling? How is your pregnancy coming along. Wow you are already 22 weeks that went by so fast and I would of been around the same if I were still pregnant. Well I am all ready to TTC again I already had my two normal periods and I am all ready to try again this coming month. I just finished my af #2 so I should be O anytime at the begining of Feb. I sure need all of your lucky baby dust and hope that I get lucky and get pregnant this coming month. :)

I have faith!

Good Luck to all of you!!

Love Lili

P.s. I wonder if Heather had her baby already! We haven't heard anything from her. Hope that she get's in touch with us soon! :)


Charity - January 23

Hi everyone!

All is uneventful here. My next OB appointment is next Thursday and we are hoping to get the ‘ok’ to schedule another ultrasound for gender confirmation. I feel fine but big and awkward. The baby goes some days and is very active and other days – I might go 24 hours and feel nothing. The doctor says this is just because of the position the baby is in and nothing to worry about. I guess she is moving in and out of breech. When she is breech, I can feel her but when she is not, then I can’t. It is comforting to feel her move and I am doing much better on the days that I can’t feel her. It made me feel better, after we had the scare a few weeks ago, to know that she is fine but just in the wrong position. I just remind myself of that when I don’t feel her move and sure enough, the next day I can feel her.

We have started looking at cribs but haven’t done anything on the nursery yet. However, this delay has allowed us some time to try to get other projects done around the house. So maybe by March we will know the gender and can start on the nursery!!

Lili – good luck!



lili246 - January 23

Thanks Charity,
I sure hope so aswell!

I hope that you get that ultrasound done soon so that you can know what you are having. I wish you the best!

Love Lili


NANCY - January 26

Hello ladies and babies

We have been real quite lately. How is everyone feeling? How are your apts going? What is going on in your pregnancies?

Heather thinking of you hope all is well.

Nancy and Madison


babybop - January 26

Hello Mommies!!!

I hope all is well with our babies, babies to be, and babies on their way!

Lili: You're my hero! I admire your optimism, strength, and courage. I am feeling wonderful....almost too good, it makes me suspicious about the third trimester and what's lurking around the corner. It has gone by fast, I'll be starting my 6th month in less than a week....can you believe that? I can't...especially since I found out at 4 wks and 2 days! It was very slow going at first...she kicks all day now. I can't wait for you to get that next's just around the corner!

Charity: Your baby will be a perfect angel, boy or girl! My pregnancy has been pretty uneventful thus far, too! I'm almost concerned. It took so much to get here, and now we're coasting...I just can't relax. I'm glad you've made good use of the time between now and your next ultrasound. I've had four. I can't get enough. As long as I pay for them, they will do it as often as I'd like.

Nancy: Sweetie, how's that gorgeous Madison doing? Big Sis? You and Hubby? I hope your getting some much needed rest. Your ticker puts you WAY past

Alright y'all (like they say down here in GA).



lili246 - January 26

I need to have faith and keep on going. After all that happen to me that gives me the strenght to keep on going and have the faith. I am so excited and I have so much hope that I will get that BFP soon.
Please send me all that lucky baby dust you have.
I am happy that your pregnancy is going well. Take good care and wow I can't believe that you are almost 6 month now that went by so fast.
Take good care of yourself and of the baby!

Keep posted I will let you know what happens, hope that I get lucky this Feb. month and get the bfp! :)

Love Lili


Amanda Ivey - January 29

Hello ladies and babies!

WOW I can't beleive that we are all coming to the end. It started with Amanda and now we are all coming to the end of our pregnancy journey and the beginning of The Motherhood Journey. It's amazing. I thank all of you for listening I couldn't have met a greater bunch of women. I hope that we all stay in touch.

awwwww (cry)

How's your two little hotties?
I've been on vacation for a while, hubby came home and we went to VA to let the baby visit granny and papa II ( they spoiled him rotten)
Monica how are you and your little angel doing?
I hear he's sleeping good, so that means your either sleeping good now or using it as you time, I know how that goes because I used my sleep time as me time 75% of the I am done so I have gotten better with going to sleep early

Any babies been born since I've been gone?

Quick photo of Ronnie i had done while i was in VA I tweeked it but I like the black and white photo
Closing eyes>>>>>>>>>>please don't come out too big...pleeeez don't come out to big...if it does I'm sorry anyone know how to resize photos? Puhleez let me know how. t.i.a



Amanda Ivey - January 29

and original

For those who like color
(he caught a cold....granny took him out without a cap :/ arrrghhh)

.com/albums/i200/ronsmommy/scan0007.jpg[/IMG] >


Charity - January 29

Amanda – your baby is beautiful! I like the black and white better too!



babybop - February 1

He's beautiful Amanda!

Hey ladies, I have a question for you ever feel like you're trapped raising your children alone...even though your married and your husband provides for you? I feel like I have to do everything around the house and I am so scared now that I have a baby coming because I really don't wanna do this by myself. All I've ever wanted to be was a wife and a mother (and a lawyer, and a nurse, and a midwife, etc). I am having a hard time enjoying my pregnancy knowing that I am probably going to be doing everything by myself. I am scared. In fact, I am terrified. He moved me 1017 miles from my parents (my choice, but still) and now I am all alone all the time....and on top of that, when he is around, he doesn't do anything (accept work) and the stuff that he does try to do, he half ass does it AND I END UP DOING IT ANYWAY!!! I am so upset right now, I could scream. I love my daughter, she's a blessing to me....but am I getting cold feet or having a change of heart about being ready? I think I am ready but not ready to do it alone. There are women out there that set out to do it alone......but that wasn't my plan and I just can't deal with the fact that I will be raising my daughter AND my husband.......



Charity - February 1


I know exactly how you feel! Some days it is overwhelming. I love my husband and he is a good man and a good husband but I end up doing more then my share of the work in almost everything. It not only terrifies me that I will have most of the responsibility of the baby, plus everything I do now – the house, bills, money, insurance, taxes, etc. but I am now scared how he will ever manage with the baby if something ever happened to me.

I have told him over and over that even though I used to do almost everything, even though I shouldn’t have had to, that I just can’t do it anymore. My husband really thinks he is “helping” but he really doesn’t have a clue what it takes to run a family or a household. He rarely takes the initiative to do things and if he does, it will probably be a half-ass attempt. Then he expects lots of praise and thanks because he “helped”. Or he gets angry if I ask him to do something and tell him I need it done by a certain day or time. He says I am “using up his time” and making all these plans for him that he just doesn’t have a say in. So I either save a lot of it up for one big fight or just do it my self. If I try to get someone else to help me, it hurts his pride.

I wish I had some good advice. I usually try to remember that in his mind, he means well and really thinks he is helping. I remind myself that it could be much worse. I also dream a lot about the day I have enough money to just hire someone behind his back to help me with all the things he won’t or doesn’t. I knew when we decided to have a family that the responsibility would be more mine. I knew he would be there for the fun stuff or if something really bad happened but I knew almost everything else would fall to me.

I know it doesn’t help much but it makes me feel better knowing that I am not alone. I thought I was just expecting too much.




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