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Monica - January 7

Hi Nancy,

Your little girls are soooooo cute!!! They are absolutely precious!......and look at Paige's hair...BEAUTIFUL!!

Congratulations to you Nancy!
By the way; how much did Madison weigh at birth? I don't think that you have mentioned that yet......

They are absolutely adorable.....

Heather: I know that you must be getting very excited now! The time is drawing near & your attitude through this entire thing has been amazing. Your strength has REALLY inspired me; and you will definitely be blessed for your endurance, your strength, and for your positive attitude........

Babybop: You are so funny & I can definitely relate to what you were speaking about in regards to talking on the phone.....I think that I have been that way for the last few years or so; Pregnant or Not...

Also, Good luck with your 4D ultrasound on Monday. That is awesome!!! Are you going to find out the gender of the baby?....How exciting.......
By the way, did you get a chance to go to church on New Year's Eve? It was soooo awesome!!!

As for Baby Joseph & I....we are doing fine. He is sleeping a little bit better at night now, so I am definitely happy about that. It also appears that he has gained more weight now. He is probably at about 8 lbs now.

Well ladies & babies, I will talk to you later....

Monica & Joseph :)


Tiffany F - January 8


Oh my goodness, your girls are so beautiful and like Monice said your oldest daughter has the prettiest curly hair you are truly blessed with two beautiful angels...Take Care...Tiffany~~~


lili246 - January 8

I would suggest a induce, you can now have your baby induce at 36 weeks I think. I hope you get that instead od the c-section they said that it hurts very bad but hope that everything turns out great with you.
I will be praying for you so much girl

She is adorable! :) Your two girls are very pretty you are so lucky girl! Have fun with then both and hope that your oldest girl feels better better I know the flu is going around. My son has been sick since christmas eve till now with a running nose.

Take Care

Love Lili


Charity - January 8

Heather - I am so excited for you! Whichever way the doctor decides, I am sure you are going to do great. Do you have everything ready? You must be so excited and so nervous.

Nancy – I showed my mom pictures of Madison and Paige and she thinks they are adorable. She is hoping my baby has their coloring but she is hoping the baby has Chris’ blue eyes.

Lili – is it time to start trying yet? Are you going to try Ovulex again? I know you had concerns about it earlier but it was a miracle for me.

Monica – I am so glad to hear you and Joseph are doing so well. Just curious, did you stock up on diapers before he was born? Everyone has recommended that to me, so I have started buying a package of diapers each time I buy groceries. However, I have no idea how many packages of newborn diapers to buy and I hate to be stuck with too many. How many diapers is he going through at this point? Is he still in the newborn size? Any particular brand you recommend? Who knew buying diapers could be so complicated!! All the brands, all the sizes…


Honey - January 8


You girls are so beautiful. I understand when your DH said they can never date! LOL

How are the other ladies today?

For the ones that are right around the corner with the due dates like me, hang in there and lets pray for each other. I told DH that I'm not doing this for a very long time! LOL I'm soooooo tired and I don't sleep at all at night. I just wish that I can stay at home and sleep all day. But work gives me a pay check and the pay check gives me money and I NEED money! :) I'll probably see if my doctor can take me off work in the next couple weeks.

Take care !



lili246 - January 8

Well I am in my lutaul phase 6 right now and I shoul dbe getting my second af sometime next week, so hopefully after then I can start trying again and hopefully I have good luck this time. I am all ready to start trying again, I know that god has something good reserve for me and I have faith that it will happen soon with a healthy pregnancy. :)

Thank you for caring!

How is everything with you and the baby?

Love Lili


lili246 - January 8

I think that I will only take my prenatal vitamins, green tea and my temps. every morning! :)
I will try with this only and see what happens maybe I will think of ovulex later on if nothing happens natural.


Charity - January 9

You have probably already seen it but the latest consumer report is out on car seats and ONLY 2 passed.



Honey - January 9


I saw that also and it's sad. I wonder what type of tests they put them through because you should get only the best to transport your angels in. It';s like you can't trust anything these days! :(


How's it goin so far? I would love to be in your shoes and stay at home with my lovely kids. I guess my time will come. My son always asks me when Alexis is going to come out and I just tell him that she will come out when she is ready. LOL I have 6 weeks left and I'm hoping for a quick 6 weeks to get it over with. :)

Till next time.......God Bless everyone!



jiggidysgirl - January 10

Morning Ladies,

Nancy, how is your beautiful girl.

So, this Friday I am going to the specialist to get an amnio done and a re size check. As long as the lungs are fine I am getting checked into the hospital on Sunday night at 8 p.m. and they will start inducing me.

I am so excited. I might have Justin and be able to put Jordan to rest. It will be joyful and sad but I am ready... I think.



lili246 - January 10

I am so excited for you! Very soon you'll have your lil one with you in your arms, how wonderful everything will be ok, whatever they do everything will turn our ok and your lil one will be just fine have faith and the best of luck girl. I bet that Justin is ready to come out since he is growing as fast. The same thing happen to me when I had my baby boy he was growing so fast that they had to induce me and everything went well and fast. I wish I can have another induce when I get pregnant next time. Give me all that special baby dust that your lil one has.
I am in my DPO-8 and should expect af sometime next week and then I can start trying again, I am so excited about that I am going to do all my best to get pregnant fast I have alot of hopes and faith! :)

Let us know what happens and the best of luck once again, I will be praying for you girl! ;)

p.s. By the way who is Jordan? Did I miss something?

Take good care of you an your lil one!

Love always,


NANCY - January 11

Hello ladies and babies!

WOW I can't beleive that we are all coming to the end. It started with Amanda and now we are all coming to the end of our pregnancy journey and the beginning of The Motherhood Journey. It's amazing. I thank all of you for listening I couldn't have met a greater bunch of women. I hope that we all stay in touch.

Heather I am so happy for you. I hope that you have a shorter induction than mine. Do you know what they are going to give you. I bet you are so excited. I hope that moving onto your new journey will help you put Baby Jordan to rest. He'll always be there watching over you and Baby Justin.

I hope that everyone else is well. How are everyone's apts going.

Charity I saw the picture of you. You looked very good!!!

Well we here are doing good. I don't know what I would have done with out my Mom and Auntie M. They have been such a help. It is so crazy between feedings and taking care of Big Sister Paige. They came over the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and just helped me get some things in order. I received so many cute outfits when she arrived they help me put that in order. I had DH home for a week to help out but then you are on your own. Thank goodness for them. They stopped by Monday and helped with some things in the house and Tuesday and took Big Sister Paige out. They took me to the store on Wednesday and Paige had her 2 Year Big Girl Check-up. Let me tell you if anyone offers to help out take the help. You won't regret it.

I am so greatful that Paige absolutly adores her sissy!! Everything is I hold her and I kissy her and a huggy too!!! She is so cute with her. I am so LUCKY!!!!

Well I did good it is 11 days after delivery and I am under my start weight. I am 6lbs lighter than when I started!!! Now just to work off the belly. I sit here and think about how I gained 11lbs and she was 7 lbs 9 3/4 oz. That is almost everything I gained. I was in shock when they added the 9 3/4 oz. I thought maybe 7 1 - 7 2.

Madison is doing really well. I think she has her days and nights confused. I have to work on that. I will have to try and wake her up during the day how I have no idea but will try. I look at her in amazement. I keep telling my Dh, Mom and Auntie M look at her can you beleive that she was inside of me. I am still in shock that she is here.

Now we are waiting for baby # 2 to come in our family. Baby Patrick. My cousin is going for a C-Section on 1/31/07. Madison and him will be a month apart. I can't imagine what they(my cousins) are going through. He is going to have some surguries his intestines. tummy and I think the liver are on the outside of his body. So please keep them in your prayers. Then May will be Charity's turn. Yeah!!!!

Well I will check in again soon!!

Nancy and Madison


jiggidysgirl - January 11

Morning ladies,

Lili, Baby Jordan is the twin that I lost at 4 months along. I have carried him with Justin through the birth. They still see his placenta and are sure they will have a little body but are not sure how much of one.

Nancy, they are planning on checking me into the hospital at 8 p.m. and then inserting a prostoglan (sp?) by my cervix to ripen the cervix. Then at 1-2 a.m. they will do another one. That is as far as I know. What did they do when they enduced you? How far along were you already before they started?

I can't wait to see more pics!!!! Good luck on sleep. Justin never stops moving in my belly. I hope that does not mean he is the same out.

Take Care,


Honey - January 12

Hello ladies,

All this exciting news of child birth makes me smile! :)


We can't wait to see your little boy, & his twin will always be with you guys. Have you made any memory books? I know you had quite a few ultrasounds done before the passing right? God Bless


I hope my son has the same reaction to Alexis as your daughter did to Madison. He has the worst fall outs that I've ever seen when I tell him I can't run around with him because I have Alexis in my tummy and I'm exausted. So I hope he doesn't do that when she is born and I tell him that I'm a little tired sometimes. I don't know we will see I just have to figure out how I will divide my time to meet both of their needs. DH will help I know but it's different with mommy.

I'm now 34 weeks and counting. I wish I could be 39 weeks!LOL That would make me feel a whole lot better. :) I know I'm a complainer but I can help it! :)

Stay strong everyone whether you have your baby to hold or your waiting for the little stinker to come out!



Charity - January 12

I am so excited for all of you! Thank you for sharing the details!

We toured our first daycare this morning and it was so weird to realize that in just a few months – we will need a daycare! How did this happen?! We liked the daycare but are going to checkout a few more just to be sure. This one is at a church and is Christian based. What was also neat is that they teach the babies sign-language. I had heard about that but hadn’t really expected it. How neat to be able to communicate with the baby with sign language, even before they can speak!


lili246 - January 12

Everything will be alright have faith girl. I think that is what they inserted me the prostoglan (sp?) when I was induce with my boy but for me it worked very fast after 3 or 4 hours it came out byitself and that was when my water broke and it did help me open my cervix, the nurse was impressed and I have very lucky to have my boy 4 hours later. My induce was a verye ay thing and I wish I could have it done next time I get pregnant. :)
I wish you the best of Luck! I will be praying for you and I couldn't remember about what had happen to your lil angel. But he is in good hands.
Isn't it bad having your lil angel with Justin? I am just curious?
Let us know how it goes and be strong for Justin! He needs you the most!

wow I can't beleive that you are already looking for a daycare, wow times does go by so fast. And yeah you have to be prepared for all that. SO are you planning to go work right after you have your lil one?
Good Luck on finding the best daycare center!

Be patient girl you are almost at the end and soon you'll have your lil one in your arms. :)

Have a geat weekend!

Love Lili



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