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Charity - January 2

Whew! Just got back from seeing my OB and it isn’t as bad as the MD that did the ultrasound made it sound. According to his official report he sent the OB, he did complete the ultrasound with the exception of the gender. She (the OB) was able to show us the 4 chambers in the heart, the brain, the abdomen that was closed with everything intact, etc. The ultrasound MD did not mention anything about the gender in his official report – so I am not sure how confident he was in the 80% that it was a girl. But more importantly, everything was ok in the ultrasound. Our OB is also going to let us schedule another ultrasound next month for genital evaluation. So I feel much better now. If we get to schedule it next month, then it will probably be 6-7 weeks out that we actually get it, which would put us at 28-29 weeks. That should be plenty of time for the baby to move out of breech and to grow a penis or vagina! We will just hold off on the nursery or shopping for anything girl/boy specific for another 2 months.

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year!


lili246 - January 2

I am so happy that everything went well at the doctor. I am happy that your baby is doing well. Keep it up and God bless you.

Have anyone heard of Nancy, I wonder if she had her baby already, let us know if any of you know anything!

Happy New year! How is everyone else doing!

Love Lili


Charity - January 4

Nancy has a post on the main bulletin page -

Check it out!


Charity - January 4

Has anyone done any safety research on car seats or strollers?


babybop - January 4

Hello all! Happy New Year. I have been so busy lately that I haven't been able to post.

Amanda: I noticed your area code is 706....I live in GA too! Alpharetta, and I think Monica lives in Stone Mountain. What a small world.

Ladies: I am a little more than 19 weeks and it has gone by sooooo fast. I found out we were pregnant when I was 4wks2days and it seemed like it took forever to get to week 12! After that, it zoomed by. I had the AFP test last Saturday (and I gained another three pounds thank God!! TOO underweight!) and I just got the results.....NEGATIVE, another thing to be thankful for.
Last week I went online to Babies'R'Us and registered for my baby shower and boy was that fun! Is it improper babyshower etiquette to put expensive items on your registry?
She's moving around vigorously and I can feel it on the outside now husband first felt it on Monday. His face was was like watching a child open Christmas presents!! :o

How are you all doing? How are your lil jellybeans? Has anyone heard from Heather? I wonder how her and baby Justin are doing!! ???

How are your pregnancies moving along? I noticed recently that I have an aversion to iced tea (which is bad since I live in the south!!) and chicken soup. I think the smell is horrid for some reason. AND Now that I am further along, I hate talking on the telephone. I tell people to email me because I talk all day at work...I'm a real estate agent, that's what we do!!! They get offended but I told them that it's because I am too tired and I hope they understand. My mothers (mom and mother in law) call me DAILY, two to three times for NOTHING! It drives me insane! I know they're excited but for heaven's sake. AND it's like they time me getting home and race eachother on who can get thru first. :-\

Oy Ve!! LOL!

Have any of you noticed where changes in your body/mind since you've been pregnant? Please share. I know I am neurotic, but hopefully I'm not the only one.

Love you all.......

health, wealth, and happiness to you all in the New Year!


Honey - January 4


I feel you about not wanting to talk on the phone. I cut my friends off for about two weeks because I was just too tired to do any chatting. I felt bad because I didn't really know why I wanted no contact from anyone but now I know why and I still feel that way time after time. My mother call a little much also but my mother in law doesn't really bother me much. She called today about my baby shower but that was about it! LOL

Hang in there, time flys now but justwait till you are in the third trimester.............It feels like the kid will never come out! :)



Charity - January 4

I have been that way about the phone even before I was pregnant! Anytime it rings at work, it is usually bad news or an angry user (I work in IT). So I cringe when the phone rings. I prefer email because I can respond when I want to, not when they want me to.


Honey - January 5

Hello Lovely Ladies! :)

How are all of you today?



babybop - January 6

Oh good Honey and Charity....I'm not a weirdo then! I just hate talking about NOTHING and although its a blessing to be pregnant and it's interesting to go through this....I don't really feel like giving play by play updates everyday unless its something big. Like Monday we are having our 20wk ultrasound and we're having the 4D one with music, etc. THAT is a big deal.

Other than that, I just can't be so bothered. I feel guilty but they're moms, they understand, right?


Healthy Baby dust to you all~*~*~*~*~*~*~*



NANCY - January 6

Hello all I hope all is well with Mommies and Babies!! I hope that I posted the pictures correctly of my newest little angel




trying to adjust. She has her days and nights confused and Paige has a bad cold and cough. DH and I were up with both of them Wed. night. It's funny I told my mother you go from getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom to getting up to feed the baby. Peeing was definatly SHORTER!!!! I was up with her the night before from 1:30am to 5:30am

When I get a little more adjusted I will check in.

Talk to you soon!!

Nancy and Madison


NANCY - January 6

Heather How are you doing just thinking of you?



Amanda Ivey - January 7

awwwww Nancy both of your little girls are so pretty...your DH better get a shotgun hahahah!


NANCY - January 7

Thanks Amanda

According to him they aren't going to date!!!



jiggidysgirl - January 7

Hey Nancy and ladies,

Your baby is so cute!!! I love the how the pacifiers match the outfits, very nice!!!

I am getting very excited it is really close.

I have been having debates with the docs though. Justin is weighing really big, he weighed seven pounds three ounces the day after Christmas and I still had a ways to go. The specialist suggested to my ob clinic to either do an amnio and induce at thirty seven weeks or to have a c section at thirty nine weeks. It will be difficult to take care of myself after a c section but I am sure I can make it. I was hoping they would induce but they are all under debate as to who agrees with what method. So, I am still in the waiting stages.

I love seeing your baby. It helps me know that little Justin will soon be here and Baby Jordan can be laid to rest.

Take care and keep sending pics!!! I wish we could all meet somewhere in the middle with our babies and have a reunion something and all meet. I just could not have gotten through this year with out all of you. (ok, now I am tearing up).

Best Baby Wishes!


NANCY - January 7

Heather I am glad to hear that all is well with you.

The matiching pacifier thing was an accident. I went back to look at the pictures to see myself. Total accident.

Talk to you soon.
Nancy and Madison


Monica - January 7

Hi Nancy,

Your little girls are soooooo cute!!! They are absolutely precious!......and look at Paige's hair...BEAUTIFUL!!

Congratulations to you Nancy!
By the way; how much did Madison weigh at birth? I don't think that you have mentioned that yet......

They are absolutely adorable.....

Heather: I know that you must be getting very excited now! The time is drawing near & your attitude through this entire thing has been amazing. Your strength has REALLY inspired me; and you will definitely be blessed for your endurance, your strength, and for your positive attitude........

Babybop: You are so funny & I can definitely relate to what you were speaking about in regards to talking on the phone.....I think that I have been that way for the last few years or so; Pregnant or Not...

Also, Good luck with your 4D ultrasound on Monday. That is awesome!!! Are you going to find out the gender of the baby?....How exciting.......
By the way, did you get a chance to go to church on New Year's Eve? It was soooo awesome!!!

As for Baby Joseph & I....we are doing fine. He is sleeping a little bit better at night now, so I am definitely happy about that. It also appears that he has gained more weight now. He is probably at about 8 lbs now.

Well ladies & babies, I will talk to you later....

Monica & Joseph :)



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