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Honey - December 27


I'm doing fine. It gets harder and harder for me to get up for work but I'm hangin in there. ;)



Charity - December 27

Hi all,

I had my 20 week ultrasound last Friday and it was an extremely disappointing experience. I was so looking forward to finding out it was a boy or a girl and to just know everything was ok. First, the MD that does the ultrasounds at my OB’s office rescheduled me twice to fit his vacation schedule. Then he couldn’t complete the ultrasound. He said the baby was double-breech (backwards and upside down). He was only able to confirm the baby had a kidney and a bladder. We did see a heartbeat but he wouldn’t let us hear it this time.

He “thinks” it is probably a girl but only because he couldn’t see a sign of a penis near the bladder.

Anyway – I know being breech is minor and that the baby is more then likely to move many times before the birth. I have read all the research and everyone is telling me that. I am not worried about that anymore.

I have another week before my OB appointment. What worries me is that I feel like he wasn’t telling me everything – that he didn’t want to the bad guy. He was so very non-committal about the entire thing. At the time, I didn’t know anything about breech – so I asked him if breech babies usually move. He told me that sometimes they do but sometimes they don’t. I asked him if we would be able to get another ultrasound in a few weeks or months to make sure of the sex of the baby or to see that the other organs were developing ok or that there wasn’t some huge whole in the baby’s chest. He told me maybe but maybe not – that sometimes the 20 week ultrasound is the last one. He didn’t have me move to any other positions to try to get a better ultrasound. He wasn’t able to complete the ultrasound because he couldn’t see anything but the back.

Probably nuts but it just makes me feel like he saw something and knew there was no point in moving me around or in continuing the ultrasound until I saw my OB. I can feel the baby move several times a day, so I know the baby is still alive. I also still feel like it is a boy. But I feel like something is not right. My DH is just so optimistic that everything must be ok and I am so tired of everyone telling me that it is all in my head. It just doesn’t feel right.

Needless to say – I am looking forward to seeing the OB next week. Maybe she will tell me everything is fine and that we can reschedule another ultrasound. I am sure just having her review the few pictures he did take and telling me everything is ok will make me feel better. I also hate still not being sure of the sex. I had been looking forward to planning the nursery and starting to buy things for the baby but there is no way I can do that with the “probably a girl because I don’t see a penis” logic.

So – the baby is still there and I feel physically fine. Not as tired as I have been. Everything is probably fine and the ultrasound doctor just has poor bedside manners. My next appointment is next Tuesday and I hope to have some good news at that time.



lili246 - December 27

Nice to hear that you are doing ok and the baby to. So you are still working, are you working all the way until it's almost time to give birth? wow you are getting very close and soon you'll be holding your baby. I wish I can do that soon, please send me that lucky baby dust your baby has. :)

Kisten to your body and your mind. If you think that there is something wrong, please ask your doctor to do more test because you want to make sure that your baby is ok. What is a breech?
Everything sounds very wiered but hope that it's only your imagination. I remember when I had my ultrasound because we couldn't hear the baby's heartbeat with the doppler the nurse doing the ultrasound didn't want to let me know anything, she was acting wiered and didn't let me hear the heartbeat, she did say to go and talk to my doctor, which everything was so weired and thats when I got the bad news fro my OB.
But I am sure that your baby is doing ok, if he/she is moving all the time, just make sure that your baby moves and count how many kicks he/she does per day and keep track. If you see anything adnormal in you or the baby not moving please rush to the hospital or something just to make sure.
I don't mean to scare you that is the least I want to do. But I want to make sure that you and the baby are doing ok. I care about you because you remember me when I was pregnant because I was only a few weeks before you and I am cheering so that everything goes well with you and the baby. Please take good care and think positive everything will be ok. I will be praying for you.

Love you all,



Charity - December 27

Thank you Lili. I guess it is like when I had the miscarriage scare and it turned out the baby was ok but I was hemorrhaging. My husband says I am too negative but I just had to know what was going on. It didn’t feel right and I just wanted all of the facts. Everything is probably fine here but I just feel like I don’t have all the information I need. At least it isn’t too long until next Tuesday.

At first I was upset about the breech because the doctor didn’t really explain it to me. I knew the baby would be delivered ok but I was thinking horrible thoughts about c-sections. Once I calmed down, I did a little research and my family and my husband’s family (thank you Nancy) did some research and it is nothing to worry about at this point. The baby will move and if it doesn’t then a c-section isn’t the worst thing in the world.

But the more I thought about the ultrasound and the way the doctor had acted – the more I felt something wasn’t right. It probably doesn’t help that I had a bad dream or two about all the things the doctor couldn’t or didn’t see on the ultrasound. I know we will love the baby regardless and maybe some things are best unknown. I just need the doctor to tell me what they do know and to tell me that we can reschedule another ultrasound. I really want to know too if it is a boy or a girl.


lili246 - December 27

I Know how you are feeling about not knowing everything you should know about the ultrasound. But be positive and you'll see that everything will be ok. Sometimes us mothers worry more than we should but it's just something normal and there's nothing we can do about it. Be positive and stay positive.

When I was pregnant before my m/c my sister one day told me that she had a dream that a lil baby had died then days after my mom told me the same thing and then I was watching a movie where the girl was pregnant and she was in danger of a m/c so for me all of that were symptoms that something wrong was going to happen to my baby. I never had no bad dreams but my sister and mom did. So sometimes your dreams can come true wheather you want them or not. But hopefully everything will be ok. God knows and he will protect you and your baby you'll see. If you get a c-section at the time of delivering the baby who cares as long as the baby and you are ok. Don't worry much about that they say it's painful but what matters is you and the baby once it's born.

I really wish you the best and have faith that everything will be alright.
I will be praying for you and your baby!

Love Lili


NANCY - December 27

Hello all yes I am still here!!!

Chaity is there any way that you can call you DR's office and see if you can get in any earlier. Let them know how uneasy you feel maybe they will let you come in earlier.

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday!!! I know Amanda and Monica did with their new bundles of joy!!!!

I went to the Dr this morning. I lost 2lbs so I gained a total of 11 lbs this pregnancy. My blood pressure was great 100/62 and I had a chioce of a baby birthday!!! Thursday, Saturday or Monday. I chose to go on Monday January 1st. If I don't go into labor before hand then that is when my angel will be here. I will go to the hospital at 8:00 am. Everyone thinks I am crazy for waiting until Monday but I figured maybe I can make it a special weekend with Paige beofre going in. Try to find something to do with her. I know that Saturday we planned on looking for fireplaces so maybe we will make it a day with her too. She got so many gifts for Christmas so we can set up some of her stuff too!!

I will talk to everyone soon

Nancy and Tyler/Madison


Charity - December 27

Nancy – Congratulations! How exciting to FINALLY have the day arrive!

I called the OB to see if she can see me sooner and was told no – I can’t see her until my next appointment.


lili246 - December 27

I can't believe that they can give you an appoint. earlier! Is there any place where you can go for an ultrasound and pay just a few dollars. Here in california very close to where I live there is a place where they do ultrasound with a few minute video of the ultrasound and they only charge $28.00 that is not bad at all and I wish that you had something like that where you are. You should search in the internet? Let us know what happens. We are thinking of you and praying so that everything is ok.

I am happy for you but if I were you I would of chosen thursday the sooner the better but it's up to you. Hey I had to be induce also with my son and it wasn't that bad at all everything went by so fast but o yeah the pain got bad as the minutes pass. I did also went to the hospital early in the morning at 7a.m. and by 5:36p.m. thats when my baby boy was born, all the nurses couldn't believe it becaus thet thought that my baby was going to be born till the next day but no everything was fast. Just one tip that my aunt gave me and something that I did and recommened to my best friend as well and they have had success is that when they give you the pain medicine the IV and when you feel those bad cramps push , push on every cramp so that you can be oushing the baby down. The nurses may tell that you are pushing and may tell you that it won't help you delivering your baby faster but believe me because of previous experience that it does help you to push the baby down and that wasy you'll have your baby sooner, it does help and hope it helps you aswell. I really recommend it it's worth it and helps alot.
I wish you the best and very soon you'll be posting in pictures of you lil angel. Good Luck and i will be praying for you and the baby so that everything goes well.

Love Lili


Honey - December 28

Hello Ladies!

I've been reading some of the concerns and I have something to say to CHARITY!

If you feel at any time that your baby is not doing well then go to the emergency. It might help to call the doctor's office to let them know you feel you should go and sometimes they will recomend that you go any way. If you feel that your baby isn't moving often enough they will probably do an ultrasound while you're there to make sure everything is fine. Trust me I have had my share of emergency visits and my doctor's office always told me to go. They might not be able to get you in the office because they could be booked. I'm not sure if there is a pregnancy epidemic where you live but it is here in Michigan. :) everywhere you turn there is someone preggo! LOL But back to being serious, only you can say if you feel weird because they aren't you and they don't feel what you feel. All they can do at the emergency is check that everything is fine and let you know if there is a problem or not. And don't feel afraid if you have to go more than once because I've had my share of visits to the hospital and Ain't no shame in my game! LOL The last ultrasound I had was when I was 26 weeks because I was having contractions. They told me that I was having them but I wasn't dialating my cervix so there was not cause for alarm. They still did my ultrasound after telling me that just to make sure the baby was fine and they found out that she was still BREECHED!. My baby was breeched when I got my 20 week ultrasound to and now at 32 weeks they are very positive that she is head down like she should be because of where they find the heart beat when they hook me up to the monitor in the hospital. So there is hope. I also was having fears of a c-section but I no longer have to have one (knock on wood) LOL.The last trip to the emergency was on Christmas eve. This was because I was having contractions 4 min apart. They stopped them thank God but I can bet you $20 bucks that won't be the last time they see me !!!! :) Just make sure you don't let some ultrasound Tech tell you that verything is fine and something is actually wrong. If there was something wrong he would not have told you that everything was fine. They can't do that. Now if you ever go and they are completely silent and don't tell you wheather your baby is okay or not that you can have fear. I don't know why he said he couldn't see because the baby was facing backwards because I believe that my daughter was facing back to and the woman that did mine found everything she was supposed to look at just fine. I think he just maybe didn't know what he was doing.

I have faith that you and your baby are perfectly fine. The man told you your were fine so I would let my doctor know that at the appointment. Oh and another thing. If something was wrong I think they would have told you to come in earlier then tuesday!

God Bless Charity and everyone!




NANCY - December 28

Hello Ladies and babies!!

Well DH really wants to have baby before the New Year!! I told him if that is what he wants for him to call my DR's office and get things switched for Saturday instead of Monday. So he did. He spoke to the receptionist there who talked to the Dr and he said to meet him Saturday morning at the hospital. So think of me Saturday as I bring my precious baby into the world.

Of course I was having pains down my leg today when we were going shopping and walking around. He was really nervous. He kept saying let's just go home. I told him that we didn't have time for that. There were things that had to get done before I had the baby. I went to Target last night with my mom and auntie M I thought of Monica. I kept thinking wouldn't that be funny if I followed in her foot steps.

Have a great evening!!! Talk to you soon
Nancy and Tyler/Madison


Amanda Ivey - December 29

Hi all I hope everyone enjoyed their christmas!
How is everyone doing?
Monica how are you and your little sexy doing?
Charity, You should just relax, I am sure that your baby is doing great. To me it sounds like that doctor may have been behind in some things and just rushed through it, I used to have that happen a lot, so whenever I had unanswered questions I would just keep getting appts until they were answered. I would be up there atleast 3 times in a week ( they all knew my name/ cheers) :D Don't be afraid of being a pest it's their job and if they don't like it maybe they should find another career :D I hope you feel better and remember that the baby is fine and going to be okay. Oh yeah what everyone tells you is right, most babies are still breech at 5 months. Sometimes bad feelings can be wrong, because lord knows I had a lot...thank goodness for the heart doppler from babies r us!
Nancy, I am so excited for you and so happy that you moved your duedate up. I love inductions that way you get no surprise and me personally I feel more in control of what's going on. So I guess we should hear from you about the birth Monday or Tuesday....Call me if you get bor(706) 799 7241 (cell)while waiting to take the baby home. I am always up! :D
How are you and your little boy doing, do you have a camera ( me want pictures now) :)
You're right around the corner are you already starting to get some stuff ready, so you won't have to shove it all in at one time? Are you still deciding on a name?

Wells luv ya gals, I'm gonna go do laundry!

Mandy :)


Honey - December 29

Hi Mandy,

Yes we have been getting some things little by little. We have a crib, basinett, a huge pack of pampers, wipes, bed set w/blanket,sheets & bumper, crib mobile (loony toons) :), a wipe warmer and a boppy. I'm sure there is more but thats all I can think of right now. We should be putting the crib up next week. Today we are supposed to go to the store and do our baby registry and I hope I don't pass out from walking too much. LOL

Oh and we have a name, ALEXIS RENAE! I love that name and I can wait till Lil' Lexi is born. Lord knows I can't stand not sleeping at night! LOL :)

Nancy I can't wait to see you son/daughter! :)

Everyone take care!



Charity - December 29

Nancy – how wonderful! I am with your DH; I don’t think I could wait either. My DH told me this morning that you had changed your mind and we are just so excited. We will be thinking of you and praying for you and the new baby Saturday.

Honey – I love the baby’s name!

Thank all of you for the support. I am sure all is fine. If not or if the doctor doesn’t address our concerns next week, I have finally maybe found another doctor in the same area and for the same hospital. My insurance company updated their listings for 2007 and there is a new doctor on the list. So at least we have a backup plan. Plus, after Lili’s suggestion, I found 2 private spas in the area that do keepsake ultrasounds. I know they can’t make a medical diagnosis but I am sure they would spend more time on my ultrasound and it would reassure me just to see an ultrasound where the baby has hands, feet, a stomach that isn’t gaping open, a face, etc. Plus they do gender confirmations. All we have on the ultrasound now is that my baby has a butt, kidneys and a bladder. I think it would ease my mind and it isn’t as expensive as I thought it would be.

I told my DH that this is definitely his baby because it is already showing its ass!

We do have names for either a boy or a girl. If it is indeed a girl, her name will be Rowan Elizabeth. My husband picked Rowan when I was about 2 months pregnant and at first, I wasn’t thrilled. But the more I thought about it, the more it grew on me. If it is a boy, then his name will be Dominic Alexander.

Hope everyone has a safe New Year’s Eve. And that we have Nancy’s new baby to welcome over the weekend!!


lili246 - December 29

Well my lil baby is only 2 years yeah and he is still my lil baby. Well he is feeling better he got sick in christmas eve and had the flu with a bad cough that the doctor said he had bronquitis. He is taking medicine right now and is feeling much better thank god.
How is your lil one doing?
I do have lots of pictures but I don't know how to post them in the forum, but if you want I can e-mail them to you I can do that for sure..:)

I will be praying for you tomorrow girl. You ar ein my thoughts and you'll see that everything will be ok. Hopefully by tomorrow you'll have your lil one with you, so what time do you have to be at the hospital?
I wish you the best!

I also love the baby's names they are pretty. wow you are getting so close as well. Hang in there! :)

I know that those private spas are not medicals and won't tell you if there is something wrong but like you say atleast they can tell you if he.she has a hearthbeat and is alive. When my doctor confirm that my baby was not alive I went to one of those to get a second opinion and the girl there she did see somthing strange and did confirm me that she couldn't see a heartbeat and recommended me to go to my doctor but my doctor had told me already I just went their to have a second opinion and because I couldn't believe that my baby was dead. So yeah it helps if you go and just make sure that your baby is moving and si still alive that is what it matters right! I do hope that everyhting is ok and if you don't feel bad go to the ER immediatley. I am praying for you and your baby so that everything turns out to be just fine. I know that us mothers worry alot about our children and it is something that we can't avoid it's all natural and I know how you feel. Be positive and have faith that everything will be alright.

Girls, Have a great New Years Eve! I hope that this new year 2007 is the best for all of us and that all our dreams come true. I thank you all for being here for me when I most need you all. You have been with me in the good and bad times. I am very thankful that I found this fourm and found you all friends. You all are the best and I hope that we never stop keeping in touch. Thank you all for everything and Best wishes for this new Year 2007!

Love you all Lili


Mahogany Heart - January 2

[size=4][glow=BLUE,2,300][move]HAPPY NEW YEAR!!![/move][/glow][/size]

NEW YEAR!!![/move][/glow][/size]

NEW YEAR!!![/move][/glow][/size]

NEW YEAR!!![/move][/glow][/size]

NEW YEAR!!![/move][/glow][/size]

NEW YEAR!!![/move][/glow][/size]


Charity - January 2

Whew! Just got back from seeing my OB and it isn’t as bad as the MD that did the ultrasound made it sound. According to his official report he sent the OB, he did complete the ultrasound with the exception of the gender. She (the OB) was able to show us the 4 chambers in the heart, the brain, the abdomen that was closed with everything intact, etc. The ultrasound MD did not mention anything about the gender in his official report – so I am not sure how confident he was in the 80% that it was a girl. But more importantly, everything was ok in the ultrasound. Our OB is also going to let us schedule another ultrasound next month for genital evaluation. So I feel much better now. If we get to schedule it next month, then it will probably be 6-7 weeks out that we actually get it, which would put us at 28-29 weeks. That should be plenty of time for the baby to move out of breech and to grow a penis or vagina! We will just hold off on the nursery or shopping for anything girl/boy specific for another 2 months.

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year!



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