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Charity - December 15

Amanda - I have already had that nightmare! I know I am going to be scared to death to cut them too. I told my DH that this will be his job!!



Amanda Ivey - December 16

AWWW LOL..When he or she is fresh out the womb they'll prob be soft and you can put those little baby mits on his or her hand, but they get tired of that and then someone has to do the dirty work......HA!


Amanda Ivey - December 16

Ronnie today, making noise in his chair



Charity - December 18

Friday night, I was finally sure that what I was feeling was the baby!! And last night, my DH felt the baby kick too! He said he had been feeling a little jealous that I was feeling everything and he was glad that he could finally feel something too.

I keep telling him that anytime he wants to take a turn at being pregnant…


lili246 - December 18

Well I know what you mean because I just started clipping my baby boy's nails because I was so afraid as well and like you I get so nervous and start But I actually started cutting them and it's not that bad it just takes practice but ofcourse my son is 2 years old and that is different but I was too scare to cut them when he was

Take care

Love Lili


NANCY - December 21

How are all the ladies and babies doing today!!!?!!!

I went for my apt yesterday. I am 1 cm as the Dr. says not much going on. I did really good I only gained a total of 13 lbs through out my pregnancy. So it shouldn't be to much work to get back into shape I hope. After he asked me if I had any questions we looked at my mother and the dr said do you have any questions. It was funny. My Auntie M and Mother were amazed that I didn't gain any weight this week because the belly really looks bigger.

My mother and Auntie M came with me for my apt. They enjoyed hearing the heart beat and what the DR said. My aunt thought that it was a wonderful experience. Being that Charity and her DH are so far away she was able to experience their apt through me. She was so excited. We are counting down til Friday!!!!!! What is the sex of the baby day!!!!!!! We went shopping after the apt and can't wait to find out the sex of the baby. We kept going back and forth about what they are having.

Amanda he is so cute!!!! How are you doing?

Charity that is great that you both are able to feel the baby. Did Chris's eyes jump out of his head it was funny when he felt baby Madison/Tyler for the first time!!! We can't wait to hear from you guys on Friday!! Auntie M keeps looking at pink and blue and is so excited. We looked at these really cute dogs they were so soft and cute!!

Heather how are you and baby Justin doing? I've been thinking about you.

Honey what happen with you and your mucus plug is everything ok?

Monica how is being a new mommy!!!??!!!

MH how are you feeling?

Lili how are thing with you?

How is everyone else? Sorry if I forgot someone.

Well I am off to finish wrapping Christmas gifts. Talk to you soon!!!!!

Nancy and Baby Madison/Tyler


lili246 - December 21

I am happy that everything is going well with your pregnancy. I would take my mom to my doctor's appoint. everytime and she would always enjoy it hearing tha baby's heartbeat. I really felt comfortable her going with me, dh work during all day so he wasn't able. I hope that my next pregnancy she can still keep going with me.
I just had af#1 on friday but it was so short this time. Usually I have af for 6 to 7 days and this time it was very heavy on friday, saturday and sunday only and very light only spotting on monday and tuesday. I think this is very recent from my mc/ and hopefully it wil be normal next time. Don't you think?
Well I can't wait till I start trying again.

Hey so you are almost to the end. I am so excited you are very close. I wish you the best so that everything goes well with you during labor and hang in there you'll be so bless when you see the lil one in your arms. best wishes!!

Love Lili


NANCY - December 21

Thanks Lili for your well wishes during Labor.

When I got my period I would get it like that. I would get it heavy for the first couple of days it would lighten up and fade like it had left and would come back heavy again for a couple of more days.

It was great that they got to come with me. This was I think my Auntie M's 2nd or 3rd time she just loved it. My mother of course went more and even went when I was pregnant with Paige.



jiggidysgirl - December 21

Hello Ladies,

Hope you are all doing well.

Life is going right now I am just excited to see little Justin just as I am sure you are all excited to see your babies.

I am trying to focus on the baby and not the holidays so I can stay positive. I have an appointment with the perinatologist on Tuesday to determine if he is big enough and the lungs are developed to induce. I just had a friend have this done 4 weeks early because her baby was so big too. Everyone is saying my turkey timer looks ready so hopefully that is a good sign that he will be ready. I am feeling his hands get stuck more in my hips than my ribs these days.

Have a great holiday and thank you all for your support and caring through the year. I am so blessed to have found this site and have the support and love all of you bring daily through your words.

Many Blessings to all of you and my prayers to all of our angels that did not make it in our arms.



Monica - December 21

Hi Everyone!

Well, Christmas is fast approaching & I am VERY excited!!!! Baby Joseph has so many Santa outfits to wear & I plan on taking lots of pictures to post......

He is doing very well these days. The first few days were somewhat rough because he didn't sleep well at night because my breast milk took a few days to come in & apparently he was hungry.......however now he is sleeping very well at night & just wakes up to feed & to get his little diaper changed..
He has definitely brought a new joy to my life that I haven't experienced in a long time; and I thank God EVERYDAY for this awesome blessing that he has given to me & my husband ;D.

Nancy; Are you excited?!!!! It could happen anytime for you now. When I went in for my last check-up on 12/8, the doctor told me that I was also 1 cm dilated & my water broke the very next you never know....
I can't wait until I see it posted that you have had your baby!!!! Please keep us posted!

Have a Good Night Everyone,
Monica & Little Jo-Jo :D


Amanda Ivey - December 21

AWWWWWWWWW @ Monica...I am glad you are enjoying it! Now more pics! HA! just kidding tyt, I know you're tired....Give little Jo-Jo a kiss from us! :D

I thought when you weren't typing that you were somewhere pushing! HA! Very soon now you will be, no worries. I am bidding on Sometime this week within the next 4 days. :D I am glad everything is going well though.

Congrats on hubby feeling the baby! I know that made it reality for him Huh....That's awesome, soon he'll be able to just see him, w/o even touching.

How are ya today? Thanks, I'm glad to know I am not the only one who has this problem! HA! I'll get around to the nail clipping, when did you start doing his yourself? I tried filing a few weeks ago, but his nails were just too soft, I feel like it was gonna come off

Well Love ya's, I have to search the house for a mosquito now, it came in with me this afternoon and I just felt it bite me...and when I find it.................!!!!!!


lili246 - December 22

Well it will sound funny but you know what I am talking about. I just started clipping his nails when he turned 2 years old. For some reason I was so scared of cutting his you know what I mean for sure their nails are very soft that it scares you and specailly if they move. But yeah I was just suck a chicken that wouldn't dare and left it for my mom that she has all the experience,,lol.
Don't worry if your lil boy is wearing atleast baby mits. that will avoid from scratching. Don't worry everything will come at it's own time. I for sure understand what you mean. :)
Take good care of that handsome lil boy and God bless your family.

Have a great Christmas!!

Love Lili


NANCY - December 24

Hello Ladies and Babies!!

Yes I am still here!!! As my mom puts it my children are to comfortable inside of me they don't want to come out so she feels like the 1st on I will be induced!! I go back on Wednesday to talk to the DR to see what is going on.

As for the nails alway did it when they slept it made life so much easier. I was the one that had to do that DH was to scared. She is 2 and still afraid to do it. As for the one's that have girls you'll find that when you do their earrings the same thing do it when they sleep.

Well I hope that you all have a wonderful Holiday and will keep you posted about where I am in my count down to meet my precious little baby!

Good Night


Honey - December 26

How are ya?


How does it feel to be 5 months? :)


Your little boo boo is too cute! I just want to take him from the screen and kiss his little cheeks! :)


You can go from 1cm to 10cm in just days so don't get discouraged. My sister had her son on her due date. :)


How are you feeling? I'm about tired of being preggo but I know that she's not done cookin' yet so I guess I can take the pain for another 8 weeks, plus I know it will fly by.


How are you and your fam?
I can't wait till my Little Alexis is in our arms. I wonder what she will look like?

Does anyone wonder what their baby will look like?



lili246 - December 26

Thanks for thinking of me I am doing great. I can't wait for af #2 so I can start trying again it should come sometime next month. So how are you feeling?

wow you might be induce and that should turn out good. I am induce with my lil boy and had him very fast. I wish I can be induce next time I get pregnant that just sounds better for me because don't want to get surprise by waking up at night with those labot symptoms. I hope that everything goes well for you.

Have a great day!!

Love Lili


Honey - December 27


I'm doing fine. It gets harder and harder for me to get up for work but I'm hangin in there. ;)




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