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soon2bmommy - November 6

Nancy - You guys are going to drive that poor baby nuts with all the hugging, squeezing, and cheek pinching. He/he they look adorable.

Jiggy: Your baby looks very alert for 24 weeks - wow I guess he wants to know what's going on out here huh?

God bless you all - I guess Monica is pooped from her shower - I can't wait to hear the details.

love ya


gavinsmommy - November 6


He is so amazing thank you for sharing him with us!!!! My gosh he is so handsome. Is that hair on his head? If so that handsome lil bugger is going to need a hair cut as soon as he is here.

How is everything going for you and dh? I hope much better for your's and Justin's sake.

He makes you just want to squeeze him!!!!!

Thank you again he is wonderful!!!!!!


lili246 - November 7

I am feeling better the pain in my heart is still here and don't know when it will go away but I will always remember my lil one. My lil angel will always be in my heart.
Thank You very much for your support,
Nancy, Monica, Charity, soon2bmommy,Mahogany Heart, Jiggy, Amanda and all of you girls who had given me all your support it really helped me alot and hope that I get through this soon. You all mean something to mean and I really appreciate everything you had done for me.
Congrats, June_First_2006 on your pregnancy hope that everything goes well and God bless you and your lil one.
I hope to be back soon on this board with great news.

~Love you all


jiggidysgirl - November 7


You are so much in my prayers. I am still carrying my angel as you remember and I pray for all the angels. God must have a place where they are playing together. I am blessed with Justin but I can still feel the pain that you are feeling and understand what you are going through.

Justin does look pretty alert to us. It looks like he has a lot of hair. It shocked us when he turned and opened his eyes. He already looks like a little boy. I don't want him to grow up too fast.

Have any of you had a regular feeling of tightness/hardness in your belly? Not the braxton Hicks contractions that go away but where your belly keeps a tight feeling?

Things with dh are about the same although he is livijng at home and we are going to start a PAIRS class. It is a national class but I have heard it is great. It is really expensive but cheaper than a divorce. I have had friends take it and they say it is just a miricle worker. We are seeing the counselor that teaches the class while we wait for it to start on the first week in December. I am hoping after the first weekend I can talk him into staying home through the entire course, 6 months and seeing if it works. I am going to wait until then to approach the question. This class does give me some hope.

Thank you for the support. I don't know how I would have gotten through this pregnancy without all of you.

Take Care,


lili246 - November 7

I am happy that you baby is as healthy as it can be and in good condition. take good care of him and God bless him and your family.
You baby needs daddy and mommy together and he knows when there something wrong with you both. So try to be happy and get things fixed so that he is born he will have his both parents with him.

take care,



Monica - November 8

Hi Everyone....It's Me!!!
My babyshower on Sunday was awesome!! We had it at Houlihan's restaurant and everything was wonderful. The food was great, the games were fun & the fellowshipping amongst everyone was amazing! Baby Joseph got tons of clothes, a stroller & carseat, a bathtub/shower set, a babybed, pacifiers, 2 keepsake boxes, an electric breastpump, & a playpen.

At the end of the shower everyone prayed over the baby & gave my husband and I advice for when the baby arrives.....It was wonderful!! :D

Nancy: Your baby is sooo precious & Jiggidysgirl.....little Justin is adorable.
I don't have any 3D/4D I will just wait until the baby is born to send photos.

Take Care Everyone!
Monica :)


Charity - November 8

Hi Monica,

What kind of games did you play? What kind of stroller did you register for? I was looking at a magazine with strollers the other day and it was a little overwhelming to know which was the best kind for our lifestyle. Just curious what you picked.



Honey - November 8

Nancy - jiggidysgirl

The pics of the babies are so cute. I know you guys can't wait till you can hold them in your arms. That is such a blessing to be able to look in side our bellies like they are already here. If Eric and I had the money we would go get some done but they are expensive. LOL

God Bless everyone and remember that the good things and the bad things that happen in our lives are for a reason. So those of you going through a hard time it's only in gods plan,those of you that are living on cloud nine I hope you are blessed to live there forever! :)

Take care.



Monica - November 8

Honey: That is sooo right. Life is FULL of mountains & valleys. We just have to continue to be thankful when we are on the mountaintops, and continue to look to God to help us to get THROUGH (not around) the valleys.....

Charity: The car seat/stroller combination that I have is from Graco. It was not purchased from my registry was something totally separate..

Lili246: You are definitely still in my thoughts & prayers.....

Take Care!


lili246 - November 8

Take good care of yourself and of your lil babies. God bless you all and those lil angels. I am happy that all your pregnancies are comging along well with no problems like mine did.
I have the faith that God will Bless me soon with another lil baby and a healthy pregnancy. I wish you all the best for you and the lil ones.
I love you all and thank you very much for your support.
Hope to be back soon to this forum.
Without you all I would still be in the dark place but you all helped me recuperate and see the light again. I know that my lil Angel is in heaven and in good hands.

Love, Lili


Stacey85 - November 9

Hi Everyone,
I live in Scotland and have just joined the forum My DH and I are ttc bn trying for a year past September Just thought it was case of coming off contreception and tryin when the mood takes you Oops! Anyway We now realize there is more to it than that we started on Ovulex & Ambroz & taking Multivits n Minerals, I wondered If those of you that got pg with ovulex could give me some advice on your experience, how long it took etc? Congrats to you all and your Lovely babies hopefully my turn soon xxxx


Charity - November 9

Hi Stacy85,

My husband and I conceived using Ovulex and Amberoz – we had been TTC for 2 years. It only took (though it seems like forever) 2 months on Ovulex/Amberoz. We both had a few side effects the first few weeks on the medicine, such as moodiness and stomach issues. Just be sure to drink plenty of water –it seemed to help and the side effects passed very quickly. We are now 14 weeks pregnant!

Good luck and much baby dust!!!



Stacey85 - November 9

Hi Charity,
Thank you so much and congrats I'm very happy for you, you must be soooo excited!! The main side affect I have had is feelin very tiered all the time and DH has been the same will make sure get loads of water tough xxxx


jiggidysgirl - November 10


So, I am getting a divorce. It seems that my husband has feelings for a 23 year old and that is what is driving this. No amount of counseling will help that. This is such bad timing, not like any time would be good.

I am devastated but at least knowing this I can file for the divorce and get this over with and move on to focus on Justin's arrival.

He even, after telling me this had the nerve to ask if he could still be at the birth. Can you believe that?

Anyway, I was at the hospital this morning with contractions and my cervix was getting soft. I am hoping that this does not cause me to go into too much preterm labor. I need to keep him in there for a while more.

Thanks for all of your support. Just as you think the difficult times are ending.



Mahogany Heart - November 10


You are in my prayers. You are right this is such a bad timing. I can tell you this, The Lord will see you through this. You have to trust him. You should not be treated like this.

Please try and calm down for Justin if no one else. Heather, you are strong and I know God will see you through this. Whatever you do don't lose contact with us. I'm here for you and I know the other ladies are as well. You don't have to go through this alone.

Your husband is hindering his prayers. That relationship will not prosper and that is not wishing bad luck or bad things that is the truth. You can not do your wife all kinds of ways and expect to still be Bless. You better ask my ex-husband. He went through alot of things after we divorce and he had to call me and tell me he was sorry. That 23 year old haven't seen anything yet because just like he met her on you- you better believe he will do her the same way and it kills me that they think he won't do them the same way if he don't you better believe they will get it back in another way.

Hold your head up for Justin and look towards the sky which come forth your help. Just like the Lord bless you with Justin he will take care of Justin. From now on you will have alot of brighter days then dark days. I know it is hard but you continue to trust the Lord and lean on your family and the ladies here and you will be alright.

I don't post much but I had to post this.

Love and hugs


NANCY - November 10

[move]Good Morning Ladies and Babies!!![/move]

Heather I am so sorry that you have to be going through this. I wish that there was something that I could say that would make you feel better. Who took you to the hospital? What did the DR say? I hope that there is someone that you can lean on during your tough time. As much as you are hurting about you marriage remember you need to try and relax so you can think about Justin so you can keep him in your safe little belly cookin'. It makes for a difficult situation the birth of Justin were his father should be. All I know is you need to think about yourself and the little boy that you are carrying. If it makes you upset to have him there tell he can't be there. That should be up to you.
If you need to talk I am here for you.

Stacey85 I took ovulex and DH took Amberoz for 2 months and now I am 33 weeks pregnant. I wish the best of luck to you and DH!!! Much baby dust your way!!!

Lili My thoughts are with you and your little angel!! How are you feeling? When you you go back for your check up?

Amanda How is that good lookin boy doing? He is so cute!!! Are you in a routine yet? How is your hubby doing?

Soon2bemommy Thanks if this baby is anything like his/her big sister Paige the baby will be getting lots and lots of cheek kisses too!!! I love giving Paige kisses on those baby cheeks of hers. How are you feeling? How did your last apt go and when is your next one?

Babybop thank you and how are you feeling? When is your next apt?

MH I was told that the baby is about 3-4 lbs. How is your mom feeling and how are you feeling?

Helen thank you and I can't wait I told the DR on Monday that I was ready he laughed and told me I had 8 weeks to go.

Monica I am so happy to hear that your shower went so well. You'll have to update your registry so that we can see what you still need. I remember doing that too. Somethings that were bought off my registry didn't come off for some strange reason. How are you feeling? How was your last apt and when is your next? Are you up to every two weeks or every week?

Charity how are you and Chris? Do you know where you are going to register? I see you were asking about carriages. I know my shower was a surprise. How do you do it will you know about it or will they surprise you?

My apt on Monday went really well!! Dr and DH mainly talked about football but we did get to squeeze some baby info in there. I gained 4lbs so I am up 11 lbs with Paige at 32 weeks I gained 12 so I am right on target. My blood pressure is good. I am ready to give birth I am so uncomfortable and my sciatica is killing me. Besides me being ready nothing else is the baby, his/her room, the bassinet swing the clothes. Just me so maybe I should start getting ready. We just finished our bedroom and we are waiting for the area rug. Just have to put everything away(I am suppose to be doing that now) that way we can start the baby's room

So on that note I will talk to everyone soon!!

Have a good one Mommies and Babies!!!!!!



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