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soon2bmommy - October 26

Yes Honey we are due date buddies!

I went and had another sonogram yesterday and they said my boy is almost 2lbs. which they say is a lil plump - i laughed because so is his dad :o)


Monica - October 26

Soon2bmommy: That is SOOO cute! Like father, like son....Yes, I think that my babyboy is almost 4 if I am almost 32 weeks, and your 22 weeks; then your little cutie IS very healthy. That is so precious. How cute :D

So how have you been lately?

Have a Terrific Day Ladies & Babies!
Monica & Baby Joseph ;)


soon2bmommy - October 26

I've been physically okay except I still have days where it's extremely difficult to stay awake - I'm like totally fatigued.

Emotionally I'm praying my way out of wanting to choke Edgar Sr. and trying to focus more on this being one of the most happiest times of my life while waiting for my lil Edgar to come out happy and healthy.

How are you and baby Joseph? I missed the page where you said where you are registered - please send it to me asap. I can't be at the shower but I can still shower you.


lili246 - October 26

wow you are getting closer, when is it your due date. Are you still working. Well girl lucky you that your almost there and baby Joseph is almost out. Hey Joseph is a name that my DH like he was planning to put that name to our next child but I thought him into ANGEL, I love that name and if it's a boy I'll name my boy like that, not sure if it's a girl, I really love the name Monica so maybe I'll name her after
I have to wait and get my ultrasound done and see what I am having. At how many weeks can they tell the gender I forgot?

Howz everything going with you except being tired, wow I should prepared for that. I am planning to work all the way through till the special day if I can. I want to spend more time with my baby once his born and my 2 year son. Are you working now?

Well girls, take good care of yourself and the lil babies!



jiggidysgirl - October 26

Hey Nancy,

Thanks for checking on me.

I have been reading all the posts but I have gotten lost with all of the new soon to be arrivals. It is very exciting.

Things have not been going good here. The baby is doing great but my husband has decided he wants to be a teenager and party. As of last night he left so I am so scared to do this alone. This has been a difficult pregnancy through losing the baby and now this.

The baby was two pounds as of two weeks ago and he is moving tons. I am just trying to stay as relaxed as possible as things are going more crazy.



NANCY - October 26

Heather I am so sorry to hear that. I am glad that you and the baby are doing good. You are a strong women. Do you have family around you? We are here for you too. My Nanny always told me that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Just think in about 97 days/14 weeks you'll have your light. Thinking about you.



lili246 - October 26

I think you should talk to your husband about it. He shouldn't be doing that and leaving you alone. hey being pregnant is not only you it's both of you so he has to be with you no matter what.

Alright hope that everything goes well and hang in there your almost there girl.

Take Care.



jiggidysgirl - October 27

Thank you for the support. I don't have a lot of family close by but I have friends. I am supposed to start lamaze next week and I just don't know if I can do it going with one of my girlfriends. That will be painful.

Lili, I have tried to talk to him. We are even going to marriage counseling for some reason even though he is not willing to compromise. I am going to one more with him on Monday and there I am going to ask him what his goals are for it since he does not seem to want to do anything but the counseling.

I just can't believe after all we went through to get pregnant and he does this.

Please keep me in your prayers. My strength seems to be dwindling. Although knowing Justin will be here in a few months does help.



Charity - October 27

I have my next ultrasound Tuesday, October 31st and I can’t wait! DH and my mom are going with me. My mom is so funny. She asked if she could go with me because she wanted to see what they do – she never got to have one with my sister or me. I guess we just take for granted all the cool things we have access to now – like ultrasounds, knowing the baby’s sex, etc. She is probably more excited about going then me and I am pretty excited!

Nancy – I can’t imagine yet how difficult the bathroom issues must be. I hope it gets better soon! I can’t wait to hear how the ultrasound goes Saturday. I love the baby names – can I mention them to my DH or are you keeping them quiet from the family? I think Madison is the perfect sister name for Paige.

Heather – I am so sorry about what is going on. I know there is nothing anyone can say to make you feel better but please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.



lili246 - October 27

Well I know how you might be feeling even though I haven't gone through this and hope that I will never be. But I remember on my first pregnancy I would have lots of problems with DH and would be fighting almost everyday for just anything. I get so sensitive on my pregnancies that I would get so mad because he would not put any attention to me and would put all the attention on his nephew he would even invite his lil nephew to sleep at home with us and they would stay together at the living room and he would leave me all alone, this would happen almost every weekend and I couln't handle that much until I talked to him about it and I guess he did understood and got the idea and ever since that he did change. So maybe thats what you guys need a good talk. I will keep you in my prayers so everything can get back to normal and enjoy you baby once it's born. I bet he will change once he sees his newborn baby. Thats what my husband did after the baby was born he stayed with us all the time and didn't even go out with his friends. But I do know what you are going through. Be strong you are a strong girl and you can make it all the way through with your lil one. Have faith that everything will be alright.

I do know what you are saying for sure because my parents would get so excited on my first pregnancy that they would go to every doctors appointment with me and would never let me go alone, they would get so excited on my ultrasounds and it was wonderful. They even went with me to my first doctors appoint. two weeks ago.
I have a doctor's appoint. this tuesday as well to hear my baby's heartbeat, hope that we can hear it this time, if we can't for some reason I will get an ultrasound done. So hope everything goes well and that my baby is doing great.

Have a great weekend ladies and babies!



Monica - October 27


Jiggidysgirl: Please try and keep your head up. THIS TOO SHALL PASS.....As hard as it may be, just continue to pray for your husband, and in due time, things should begin to turn around.
I will definitely keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Soon2bmommy: You are SOOOO funny!! Trust me; about 2 weeks ago I felt like choking my husband ( I was so irritated), but this week I love him to death :), Go Figure.....
My babyshower is next weekend; Sunday, November 5th at 4pm. I am registered online at Babies-R-Us. Just type in my name "Monica Love", and choose the Smyrna, GA. location. You will also see my husband's name....Joseph.
I am so excited!!!

Lili246: My due date is December 24th, so I have about 8 more weeks to go...YAAAYYY!!! Yes, I am still working. I am planning to work until the very end, which would be around Friday, December 22nd...

Nancy: We are definitely due date buddies! We will definitely have to phone one another when our little bambinos arrive. You never know, we could have them on the same day....We'll see!!!

Luv you guys,
Monica ;)


lili246 - October 27

Is that you real name? If I have a girl I am planning to name her after
well I am thinking the same way as you. Work all the way till the end. And come back o work after 3 months this way I can be with my two lil precious ones and enjoy them as much as I can and get my
Well so are you planning to go back to work after you have your baby?

Well girl take lots of care and have a great weekend.

You are going to have the best christmas present ever!Lucky you. I am due till May 16. Still have a long way to go.



NANCY - October 29

My ultrasound went great yesterday!!!!!! I can't beleive the difference from a 2d scan. The baby looks just like Paige when she was born. It was so funny because when the tech was scanning the baby she went to the feet. There was one of the hand and the babies feet and I asked if the baby had the feet crossed. The tech said yes. Paige always and still does have her feet crossed. Baby so far looks like Paige and crosses the feet like Paige. If anyone has the extra money to go and get pictures of baby in the womb I suggest you do it. It was just wonderful. If anyone knows how to paste the picture in here let me know. I can't for the life of me figure it out. I was able to right click and copy the picture but I can't paste it here. Not sure how Amanda did it.

I hope all is well with everyone and that they had a great weekend!!!



Honey - October 30


Your baby names are sooo cute! I know those iron pills are tearing you up! LOL


I wonder if we will deliver in the same week! :)


I think you and your husband will be fine. My DH would get on my nerves when he would go out sometimes becasue I couldn't go. But when your pregnant there are many things you can't do so it may seem as though your other half is skipping out on you a lot but in reality he's not really going out any more than he use to. I'm not sure if this would apply but it kind of seems as though what your going through is the same as what DH and I were going through just last month. As a solution I asked him to sacrifice something that he really liked to do on the weekends or in his spear time. He chose something and he hasn't done it since. That way he can get a feeling of what you are going through so you don't feel alone in the pregnancy. Now my mother always told me that you can't tell adults what to do so I'm hoping you didn't try that route becasue it can get ugly! LOL But she also told me that you can only change yourself in a relationship and sometimes if you change how you react to certain situations then your husband will follow suit. Sometimes your reaction will bring out a reaction from your husband that you don't like when all you have to do is change the way YOU react and it will change the way he responds to you. I don't know just something to try I guess. The same things don't work for everybody but it's worth a try. Also he could just be venting. Sometimes you have to think about how the man is feeling. Even though they don't go through the physical part of pregnancy they do tend to have to take on the burden of dealing with us when we are drastically changing. I don't know I think Lili is right,you guys should have a long deep talk. Thats how DH found out how I felt about being the "home body" with him going out and having fun.

Ask him what he would like for you to do or say to make him happy. You'll never know if you don't ask and then you can either agree or disagree with him and then tell him what you would like for him to do to make you happy. Swap lists or something. I'll pray for you! :)



lili246 - October 30

Hi Girls,
Howz the lil babies doing today, well I go to the doctor tomorrow tuesday, hope that I get good news.
How was everyones weekend, had fun?

take good care..



Charity - October 30

Hey Heather - how are you hanging in there?



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