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babybop - October 21

Lili: I'm sorry sweetie. I have been so sick this week. Doctor says morning sickness usually kicks in around week 7...low and behold, I am seven weeks. I'll be eight tomorrow. I am just counting the days until I am out of the first nerves are on edge worrying about mc. I don't even want to write the whole word.

A yeast infection is when your body's natural production of yeast goes into overdrive and the moisture holds fungus. It's nasty...itchy, moist, and it has a funny color and a funny odor....mostly just uncomfortable. Not harmful and not catching (to your husband it is). They say when your pregnant, your body produces alot of yeast...I am no doctor but that is roughly how it was explained to me.

Nanyc: Thanks, I am glad too. I am a little disappointed that I couldn't hear the heart beat yet but its too soon. I get an ultrasound on 11/11/06! I can't wait!

Have a nice weekend, ladies and babies:


NANCY - October 22

Hello Ladies and Babies!!!

I hope that everyone had a nice weekend. Painted my room Sat. (Have to redo half of it I hate the color on the bottom) and today we went to a Christening for Twins!! I hope this week goes by quick I have the 3D ultrasound on Sat. Then Sunday we have to paint again!! Not much going on otherwise.

Did anyone wake up yet with a Charlie Horse in thier calf. Oh my goodness I had one well 2 (one in each calf) on Friday night and my calf is still soar!!
Have a great night!!


lili246 - October 23

I am sorry to hear that, I know how bad it might get, but luckly I haven't gotten that bad only some nauseas and thats all, but now it seems that it has gone away.
I can't wait till next week that I have my appoint. to hear my baby's heartbeat, we weren't lucky last week and couldn't hear it. Hopefully next time.
Hope you feel better.

Take care,



babybop - October 24

Lili: Thank you for the well wishes. The doctor said, although we could not hear the heart beat, rest assured I am pregnant and the yeast infection is direct indicator. She knows I am worried.

You're a lucky gal. My brother is having twins and his fiance is 16 wks and she isn't showing yet. Just in the breast area. Imagine that? I think that would drive me crazy!


soon2bmommy - October 24

Hello mommies:

Just stopping by to say hello and to catch up with what's going on with everybody. It seems all is well, which I am happy to read.

By the way, if there was a "scratch your husband's eyes out contest" I would be the winner. So yes ladies I feel you all with the frustration and irritation. :O)


babybop - October 24

soon2bmommy: Girlfriend, I won that contest last week. This weeks contest is: "Who can order the biggest plate and eat the least amount of food!" or better yet: "Who can keep their food down the longest". I just can't wait until I am where you are. This stage stinks!


Mahogany Heart - October 24

Hello Ladies,

Not sure if you all know of this but here is the perfect prenatal gift just for you. Check it out.


Honey - October 24

Hello Ladies,

How is everyone?
I had to go into the emergency on Sunday for abdomen pain. When I had been there for about 4 hours they determind that I am very CONSTIPATED! LOL They just gave me a bunch of stool sofners and called it a night. :) I'm glad everything was okay. I went into premature labor twice with my first child so I was kind of worried that it was happening again. We have a name for our little girl to!


Isn't it just wonderful?

I love it and can't wait to see her face.

you are about due right? How does it feel? Do you just want to fast forward time or are you cool with waiting?

Let me know.



Honey - October 24


We are due date buddy's. Did you know that or am I just late? LOL I think I knew that.

How are you feeling?



lili246 - October 24

How are you feeling today. Hope that you have a healthy pregnancy all the way till birth of your baby. I hope that everything is ok with you both. Take good care of yourself.



lili246 - October 24

Has anyone heard of Fiso, she was due in the middle of October, hope that everything went well.


Monica - October 25

Hi Everyone!

Mahogany Heart: I received that pre-natal heart monitor when I was 15 weeks along, and it has been great!! At 15 weeks, I could not hear the heartbeat yet....but I WAS able to hear all of the movements that my baby was making. I heard the heartbeat for the first time using that monitor at about 22 weeks, and it is wonderful!! I definitely recommend this product to all of the ladies.

This morning my baby was unusually still; so at about 5am this morning, I pulled it out and listened for the heartbeat & sure enough it was right there; so I was immediately put at ease instead of having to bother my doctor or worrying all day long....
That product is definitely a God-send to me!!

Luv To You All,
Monica ;)


Charity - October 25

Ladies - it is finally week 12 and I am starting to think I feel human. I am not as tired and I don't feel as nauseaus, plus I don't have to eat all the time. Even better - people are starting to not smell as bad. For a few weeks there, I thought the entire world had
stopped bathing!! But now the clothes are really starting to not fit. My old fat jeans are now my skinny jeans and although they were a little baggy as of last Friday - now I can barely button them this week. Oh and I am now up to 3 times a night on getting up to pee. What fun!

Hi Lili - My doctor told me that my uterus position would not effect my labor. From what I understand,
the size and weight of the baby will move everything into the proper position for the birth. So we should be fine!

Babybop - Oh my gosh - I thought it was just me. I will order a plate of food and then can barely
eat now. The first 11 weeks, I had to eat something small every few hours or I would get sick.
Now, I am almost having to force myself to eat. I will be hungry but just not enough to eat.

Honey - I love the name! I am glad the pain wasn't anything serious.

Hope everyone is doing well!


lili246 - October 25

I am happy to hear that, hope that our uterus gets back to normal and there won't be any complications on having a normal birth. And I know what you mean about your clothes. Two days ago I had to clean my closet and take all my clothes out and leave only the ones that do fit right now because I am noticing that my belly is starting to show, and pretty soon it will get bigger. I am happy because the nauseas are gone and your right that smelling is very strong. My DH uses a perfume that I would love and now everytime he uses it it smells awful. I tell him about it and make him feel bad. But o well what can I do.
And yeah I wanted to eat all the time but now it's getting back to normal well just a little not quite there but soon. Besides all that I am feeling good and can't wait till next week for my doctors appointment.

Howz everything with you, how are you feeling, is the infecction gone? Hope that you are feeling good.
take care.

Howz everyone else doing?



NANCY - October 26

Hello Ladies and Babies!!

Heather What going on? Worried about you haven't heard from you since 10/6. I hope that everything is ok. If your busy please just drop a quick note to say hi.

Honey I wish I was going to give birth soon. I have 2 more months 2 go and I can't imagine gaining a lb a week until then. I know that I didn't gain that much but I can't imagine getting any bigger. My mother is funny she tells me how big I am and Auntie M says she's not that big I showed them the belly today. I mean skin and my aunt is always saying no she not that big well she thought that my belly really popped!!! I am uncomfortable to cross my legs I sometimes sit with my legs open so that the belly can fit inbetween. I am glad to hear that you are ok. That going to the bathroom thing (or not going) is horrible. My dr also put me on stool softners. I also have to take the iron pill.

I am glad to see that everyone else is doing fine. When does everyone have dr apt and ultrasound apts? I go for my appt on Saturday. I am so excited. They give you pictures and a DVD set to music.

We came up with names. Hopefully we don't change it but you never know we have 2 months left.
GIRL - Madison Nicole
BOY - Tyler Ryan or Tyler Rian

Have a great night!!



soon2bmommy - October 26

Yes Honey we are due date buddies!

I went and had another sonogram yesterday and they said my boy is almost 2lbs. which they say is a lil plump - i laughed because so is his dad :o)



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