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lili246 - October 16

thanks for your support. I do worry because I didn't have this in my first pregnancy, but I am always thinking positive, I am getting closer to go see a doctor. Thank God.

God Bless all of us!



babybop - October 17

Lili and Charity: Thank you so much for the reassurance! I called the doc and he said to come in on Tuesday (today) but he's sure everything is fine. He also said that this would be about the time that I would be getting ready to have my next cycle and it could be my uterus cleaning itself out in preparation for the jelly bean.

My mother said as long as it isn't BRIGHT red, it should be ok and to just take it easy. She also said that she had a full blown cycle when carrying me, until she was five months. So, I guess it's just my imagination getting the best of me...I just wanted this so bad for so long and I haven't seen the baby yet so every little twitch or pull, ache or pain is going to send up a red flag.

Thanks gals! How's everything with you all today?



lili246 - October 17

I guess we think the same and people have giving us the same advice. The same thing my mom told me. And I think that we are so worry that we want the best for our babies that for just lil things we worry and it's ok we want to make sure that everything is ok with hem.
I hope I get this insurance thing settle so I can get my first doctors appointment soon. I am getting closer.
Besides that I am doing fine.

Take good care!



lili246 - October 17

I just went to the bathroom and wipe myself and saw that brown discharge again. But Thank God that I already made an appointment with my doctor and I will go in tomorrow and have my first appointment and hopefully my baby is going fine. I'll keep praying for my baby to be ok. I am glad that I finally am going to go see a doctor.

what did you find out, what is that discharge.
Keep me posted.

Take care.



babybop - October 18

Well, you are going to laugh at me when I tell you.

It is a pregnancy induced yeast infection! LOL!


lili246 - October 18

What does that mean Monique? Is it something normal.
What did the doctor do to you in order to find out what it was?
I have a doctor's appointment today hope that everything comes back normal.



lili246 - October 18

Hi Girls,
Well I just came back from the doctors and she checked me up and said that everything looks good. She said that the discharge might have been because my body was getting ready for my cycle thats when AF comes but since I am pregnant that disharge is just some extra that my body is getting rid of. So I am feeling much better except that we tried to hear the baby's heartbeat and the baby wouldn't coraporate, she check my uterus and she said that it's not in the right position it's aliitle off where it needs to be thats why we couldn't hear the baby's heartbeat. She wants me to go back in two weeks and try to hear it again, just in case that we can't hear it she will order an ultrasound just to make sure the baby is ok. So I am kinda worry but maybe my baby is too small and next time we can hear it. She told me that I am 10 weeks, so maybe next time we are lucky. So everything went well and I do like my doctor she is nice and I feel comfortable having her as my OB/GYN.
Alright girls I go back to the doctor again in October 31, a.m. and can't wait to hear my baby so I'll keep you all posted on how it goes.

So hows everyone doing. Take Care and TTYall tomorrow.



NANCY - October 19

lili and babybop I am glad to hear that everything is good for the 2 of you.

Well I went for my apt on Friday things went good. Dr told me that I was 29 weeks that he wants to see me in 3 weeks which will bring me to 32 weeks then he'll see me every 2 weeks until 36 weeks then every week. That's when the internals start. Yuk!!!! I remember with Paige the day I had the internal I was up all night couldn't sleep she was moving around like crazy. My blood pressure was much better 108/60. I gained a pound so I am up a total of 7 lbs although I feel like it's 17. I am now taking my iron pills every night. The days that I wasn't taking it I was dragging and usually everynight by now I am out cold. I told him about all my discomforts and asked him that's normal for pregnancy and he said yes. The baby's heart was around 147-152.

So how is everyone else feeling??!?? I hope everything is going good for everyone.

Time for some shut eye. Have a great night.

Sweet dreams babies


hopeluck - October 19

Hi Monica

I talked to you before about geritol, thanks for the information..I am taking it now and keeping the faith. Could you please let me know what brand prenatal you were taking? Did you take both the prenatal and the geritol together. I stay in japan, there is shipping restrictions for drugs here, so wont be able to purchase it through drugstore,CVS etc. Did find a local site having "Nature's Plus" and "GNP" prenatals, but not very sure.. What brand and shopping site did you get your prenatals from? Wish you a healthy happy pregnancy. Thankyou so much.


Monica - October 19

Hi Hopeluck: Yes, I used the geritol tonic and the pre-natal vitamins at the same time. I used the CVS store brand pre-natal vitamins however, so I didn't have to order them on-line....
Just go to any of your local drug stores and get the over the counter brand of pre-natals. There are lots of brands & choices to choose from...
I hope that this information helps....Keep the faith!

Nancy: I had my doctors appt. on yesterday & everything went well....I have been having alot of Braxton Hick's contractions lately, so the doctor checked my cervix just to make sure that I hadn't dilated any yet; and thank God...I haven't. Other than that, it was a normal visit. We are all just awaiting that big day...YAAAAYYYY!!!!

Gave a Great Day!
Monica ;)


lili246 - October 19

Hey girls,
Yes yesturday was good news at my first doctors appointment. Except that we couldn't hear the baby's hearthbeat, maybe it's too small the doctor said. So hopefully in two weeks she want me to go back and hope that we have better luck and hear it, just in case we can't the doctor will order an ultrasound just to make sure the baby is ok.

So I'll keep you all posted and hope that this two weeks go by fast.

Take Care



Charity - October 20

Lili: I am so glad you finally got to see the doctor! What a relief! About the not hearing the heartbeat – did they just use the Doppler? When I had my ultrasound (during my scare) they had to do an internal ultrasound to find the baby or the heartbeat because my uterus still isn’t in the “normal” position but they did find it. When I went back 2 weeks later for my first official OB visit – the nurse just used the Doppler and she couldn’t find mine either. I haven’t worried about it though because until we get a little further along – they might not be able to find it externally.

I guess that brings up a questions for all you ladies – is everyone but me seeing an actual doctor? I have been 3 times – twice for the spotting scare and once for the initial OB checkup. The only doctor I have seen is the MD that does the ultrasound and that is all he does. The other times I have seen the nurse practioner. Now the first time – she just checked my cervix and ordered labwork. The 2nd time – she did the initial exam and ordered more labwork. I was a little concerned but figured that a nurse could do those things just as well as a doctor. Should I be concerned I haven’t seen an actual OB yet?

Nancy: Glad to hear that all is well – congrats on only gaining 7 lbs. At almost 3 months, I have gained 2 lbs which I read it supposed to be ok. I read 1-2 lbs per month for the first 3 months is acceptable, which would be 3-6 lbs and I am at 2 lbs. How did you manage to gain so little? How much did you gain with Paige?


NANCY - October 20

Monica I've had those to he said that it was normal to have about now. I can't beleive how far long we are. It feels like yesterday we figured out that we were due on the same day. How are you feeling? I am soooo uncomforable. Don't sleep right. You know all that good stuff. You getting excited that your shower is coming!!!!

Lili I am so glad to hear that everything is ok. You go back in 2 weeks. I hope that you get to do your ultrasound it is so nice to see and hear the heart beat and to see what your little baby looks like!!!

Charity I have no idea how I did it!!!!!! I get 2 15 minute breaks at work and I walk around my building 2 times. Maybe that helped. The nurse did tell me that I will be gaining more now because the baby will gain more now. I gained a total of 19 lbs with Paige and the last 2 weeks I lost a lb a week. So 17 lbs. I get to see both a nurse who takes my blood pressure and weight and cks my urine. The Dr then comes in looks everything over and does the heart beat and asks how my month was. My symtoms concerns. If that is something that is bothering you ask about it. Tell them that you know women who see a dr at every visit and you were wondering why thier practice you are only seeing a nurse.

I can't wait until 10/28/06 my DH made an apt for us to go and get a 3D 4D ultrasound. I am so excited. It is costing about 150-175 dollars. We figured Paige has a picture of herself after the DRs inseminated my egg with DH's sperm (her egg was 3 days old and that is a picture that is priceless) So we figured that we would do something special with this one since I was able to concieve with Ovulex!!!! on our own. Charity I think that I am going to surprise my mother with the pictures afterwards to don't tell Auntie M.

I hope you alll have a great day!!!!



Honey - October 20

I can't believe how far along Nancy and Monica are.

Thats a blessing! LOL I can't wait till I'm there. :)

I feel my baby moving quite a bit now-a-days. I love it. I know when she gets bigger it will probably start to hurt sometimes when she moves but thats okay.

How are all the new mommies today?

I hope everyone is fine and that we get a ton of new comers before the year is through.

God Bless!



lili246 - October 20

Yeah I know ultrasounds asre better because you get to see the lil baby, but I just hope that my baby is doing ok. Can't wait till 2 weeks from now.

yes she just used the doppler, and maybe she will use it again next time, she will do an ultrasound just in case we can't hear it in 2 weeks. She said that most womens' don't have their uterus in normal position and that is something normal. but I kinda worry because this is the first time it has happen to me. What about if it's not in normal position on the day of the delivery, do you think that may cause a c-section or can the baby be delivered vaginal, do you know anything about this. May sound kinda wiered questions but I just want to make sure everything is in good shape. let me know.

Take care and God Bless you all!



babybop - October 21

Lili: I'm sorry sweetie. I have been so sick this week. Doctor says morning sickness usually kicks in around week 7...low and behold, I am seven weeks. I'll be eight tomorrow. I am just counting the days until I am out of the first nerves are on edge worrying about mc. I don't even want to write the whole word.

A yeast infection is when your body's natural production of yeast goes into overdrive and the moisture holds fungus. It's nasty...itchy, moist, and it has a funny color and a funny odor....mostly just uncomfortable. Not harmful and not catching (to your husband it is). They say when your pregnant, your body produces alot of yeast...I am no doctor but that is roughly how it was explained to me.

Nanyc: Thanks, I am glad too. I am a little disappointed that I couldn't hear the heart beat yet but its too soon. I get an ultrasound on 11/11/06! I can't wait!

Have a nice weekend, ladies and babies:



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