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Monica - October 2

OH MY GOSH!!! Babybop, is that you?!!! the one that lives in Alpharetta and goes to my church?!!! If so...........PRAISE GOD for His awesome miracle in your life!! WOW!!!!! I am so happy for you!!
When did you find out & HOW did you find out? Did you just miss your period or something? Wow, I am so elated for you......

Don't worry; Your drinking about 10 days ago did not harm your little jelly bean, and drinking the peppermint tea is fine as well........So what else is new with you? Please let me know.....

Nancy, I am doing great. I am finally in my 7th month & I am counting down the days until my babyshower on 11/5, and then to the ultimate day in December. I am getting so excited & my baby is really starting to move around ALOT. I also have to go the restroom about every 30 minutes it seems; so that has been quite interesting. Other than that......we are great!!

Talk To You Soon,
Monica :)


Charity - October 2

Hi designer girl,

I am an Ovulex/Amberoz success story. After TTC for almost 2 years, my husband started taking Amberoz and I started taking Ovulex. We were pregnant the 2nd month!

Congratulations Monique!!!! I felt the way until I heard the heartbeat – I kept thinking they were going to tell me it was all in my head and that I wasn’t pregnant.

The weekend away was great! We did a little sightseeing, spent some time on the beach and went to a little festival. I slept in every morning and had a nap every day! I felt bad for DH though – he is being a good sport but I am sure it is a drag to have to slow everything down for me. I just get so tired or I can’t get comfortable or I have to stop and pee. And it is all downhill from here!

Glad to hear everyone is doing well! My first official OB appointment is this Wednesday and we are hoping to finally get some answers about my hormone issue.

Well, better get back to work.



babybop - October 2

Charity: I forgot to acknowledge you too. I am so sorry. Thank you for the congrats and the reassurance. I sincerely appreciate it.

Monica: YES GIRLFRIEND. It's ME!! Alpharetta, New Birth.....Monique. Bishop was talking about "Contractions and being delivered" yesterday. I found out I am expecting because I was feeling like I was coming down with the flu. My AF was two days late and I didn't want to take Theraflu if my AF didn't come. So I tested and got a very very faint positive. I didn't believe it, so I went to the maternity clinic in the same building as my office the following lunchtime and they gave me a blood test. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

I still can't believe it. I found out on 9/26/06 at 12:13 PM. I just recieved my real estate license and a promotion at I am a little concerned. But my boss is extremely sweet and understanding and she knows how important this is to me and my husband. So, she isn't worried about it. So far, I am due on June 3rd....until my first appointment, that is. I hear that they usually change it throughout your pregnancy.


Monica - October 2

Well Monique (Babybop).....WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME to the Success Stories site.... YAAAYYY!!!! that is so wonderful! I can't wait to tell my husband about this. What a testimony!

If you should have any questions about anything....please don't hesitate to ask. Also, CONGRATS on getting your R.E. License!!

Monica & Baby Joseph :D


NANCY - October 3

Hello Ladies and Babies!!!!

I can't beleive that my dream came true for Mahogany Heart. I am so happy that we get to welcome her to our group!!!!!!

I hope that my dream about me going C -Section on 12/19 DOESN"T come true!!!!!

How is everyone feeling??
I'm just tired!!

Have a great night.



babybop - October 3

So Nancy, you mean the tiredness DOESN'T subside? Wow. I am glad I don't have a very demanding job. That is just wonderful that MH is joining us. I told her that we can be pg buddies, I am only five days ahead of her. Like you and Monica are close in date, its probably good to have someone in the exact stage that you are in to ask questions. Especially since this isn't your first.

Monica....I am so humbled by this. Its almost too emotional to discuss with some people because this is the desire of my heart and it has been granted to me. What do I do now but rejoice?


Monica - October 3

WOW, Praise God about Mahogany Heart!! I just can't believe it!....After 14 LONG years of crying & trying.......IT FINALLY CAME TO PASS!!! WOW!!

Babybop: Yes, you are right. REJOICE, REJOICE, REJOICE!! That is exactly how I felt. When the thing that you desire the most FINALLY comes to pass.....all you can do at that point is to rest in the victory, celebrate, and remember to give ALL Glory & Honor to God!! I am so happy for you!
Isn't it a relief?

Much Luv To Everyone!
Monica ;)


lili246 - October 3

Hi girls hows everyone doing?

Well last night I had that watery vaginal discharge again this time it was pinkesh like color and I am worry about it I was doing some reasearch on the internet to see if it is normal or not? At this point I am still waiting for the respond back from the insurance I have applied for, and they told me to call back tonight and check. I hope I get this approved right away so I can make an appointment to go see a doctor right away because it worries me and hope that everything is ok with my pregnancy.
Does any of you pregnant ladies have had this problem?
I need some advise?




twinky - October 4

Hello Ladies!!!! Count me in for the success stories! I've got a BFP yesterday!!!! I went to the doctor and had had another PT test and boom!!!!! It's really ++++!!!DH and I were so happy!!!! It's my first time for almost 8 years...Mwah


TammieT - October 4

Congrats Twinky. I'm so happy for you. (It's been a long time coming and you finally did it.)



lili246 - October 4

Congratulations and welcome! I am happy for you that you finally made it.



Charity - October 4

Congratulations Twinky! Congratulations Mahogany Heart!


cov1929 - October 4

congrats twinky!!!!!

how long where you on ovulex before you got pregnant?? Once agains Congratulations!


Charity - October 4


We had our OB appointment though we still haven’t seen the OB. We saw the nurse practitioner and she said everything looks good. She isn’t concerned about the hormones. She said they were high enough at the time of the test that it was not of concern that they didn’t double – that the ultrasound was the more important indicator and that the ultrasound showed everything was ok. They did two more urinalysis and the lab took a billion vials of blood.

She has us coming back the beginning of November for a 2nd ultrasound and my next regular appointment. She said it was a bit early for another ultrasound but she wants to make sure my hemorrhage is healing - though she is sure it is since the spotting has stopped.

That’s it for now. Hope everyone is having a great week!



twinky - October 5

hello ladies!!! thank you! thank you!

just a recap..ive been ttc for almost 8 years during those years ive been through a lot of test and doctors say there is nothing wrong with me except that my period is soooooo irregular. im always the one on the doctors table and they keep on reminding my hubby to undergo sperm count but he keeps mum about i wont dare force him to do that. last october 2005 he finally agreed to it, and oh no!!!! the judgement!!!!LOW SPERM COUNT!!!! he was given andriol tabs for 2 months so we're hoping it would help us get pregnant before 2005 year ends but still nothing happens..and he was not able to retake the LSC test. then came april 2006, we decided to try IUI but still nothing good comes out of it..i was so stressed i was out of sight from my doctor may to september. i came across sisterzeus website and she recommended parsley tea to induce menstruation as i was so tired taking turinal tabs to induce it. so AF came july 26 and i still continue taking the parsley tea. august and september came and still no AF now im having doubts with parsley tea...hehehe. around september 12 i took my first try of ovulex and amberoz for hubby a long with green tea as i have read in this board. btw, i took PT just to make sure im not pregnant b4 taking ovulex and it turns out negative. last oct 2, my hubby and i needs to undergo medical for our permanent residence status here in singapore and one of the requirement is xray, and since i still dont have my AF for quite sometime and xray is a no-no for pregnant woman! to make the long story short..i got BFP!!!!! im just confused if ovulex did it for me as i have a very irregular cycle and didnt know when did i O...sorry for the long post..


cov1929 - October 5

Wow Twinky! thanks for your reply. I see alot of us here on the board suffor from very irregular periods. I have that same problem that I never know then am going to O. So happy knowing someone with irregular periods can get pregnant. Congrats once again.



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