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Charity - September 26

I'm glad you said that! I'm not in maternity but I am in my "fat" clothes already. Mainly shirts are killing me - last week I had to buy new bras and had to buy a cup and 1/2 larger.



jiggidysgirl - September 27

WOW, I can log in regularly again.

Charity and Nancy, I am with you ladies, I have been wearing maternity clothes for a while. Well, I wore my bigger, looser clothes. I wish Old Navy would come out with some wind pants again so I could just get a bigger size of those. I don't know about both of you but I don't find maternity clothes very comfortable. Especially the jeans. It is weird to have the stretchy waist.

How are you all feeling besides the growth factor?

I am loving feeling the baby kick finally and my husband can now feel him too. I guess I have to take that liquid test in a few weeks. They said week 28 is when they usually do it.

Take Care everyone. It is great that we can be back on!



Charity - September 27

I’m feeling fine and was happy when some of my pregnancy symptoms came back last week. Not as tired as I was the 6 weeks, which is good. I have the achy, sore, itchy, miserable breasts and I have the oddest dreams every night. I have to pee A LOT.

I don’t have any consistent food cravings but I do have some food aversions. For 2 weeks, I could not stand the thought of eating flesh – like chicken or beef. I had to force myself to eat it for the protein and actually ate eggs and tofu on occasion for protein – just so I wouldn’t have to eat meat. I am NOT a vegetarian, I love beef. This past week – I am ok with beef but I still cannot stand the thought of chicken. Shrimp is iffy too. Pepperoni and pastrami taste really good lately though. I am having trouble with vegetables but fruit is fine.

My sense of smell has been an issue – there are some really stinky people and they all seem to like to ride the elevator with me at the same time! Church was difficult this past Sunday, everyone’s smell mingled and it was overwhelming. I told DH that next week we have to sit in the far corner away from everyone.

I hope everyone has a great week. After all the stress of the baby scare, we need a break. We are driving to Corpus Christi tonight for a long weekend. We are going to just sit on the beach for a few days and relax.



lili246 - September 27

That is good idea taking some time off from work and enjoy a lil vacation. Have a great time.

I am having to pee very often not as much but for some reason yesturday night I was waking up lots of times to go pee. And that smell omg I can smell something very fast, especially that perfume that my DH uses I don't like it anymore it has a different smell that I don't like.

But besides that I am very good so howz everyone, haven't heard from you ladies, please keep posted hope all is well.



designer girl - September 28

Does anyone here have an ovulex success story for conception??? I am just wondering as I have just begun taking it & have not heard many success stories. Can anyone help me ? Thank you & I hope you all have a healthy & happy pregnancy - Hopefully I can join you all soon.
designer girl


lili246 - September 28

Designer girl,
well i can say that I am one of those success stories. I took ovulex for almost 2 months and here I am with 6 weeks pregnant. I was trying since December of last year and no success until I decide to take ovulex and look. Well I hope that ovulex work for you as well good luck.



NANCY - September 28

Hello Girls!!!!!!!

Designer Girl
My Cousin Charity and myself are both success stories for Ovulex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you just have to find what works for you. Others did it I believe on geritol tonic. Best of luck to you and sending much baby dust your way.

Wow I v'e been so busy at work and by the time I get home and get things going I am just to tired to get on the computer. I am always BEGGING Paige lay down with mommy on the couch. If I had my way we would be in bed about 8-8:30.

I am glad to hear that everyone is doing well and that we are having more kicking going around.

My next apt is 10/13. So we'll see what the DR says. I am trying to talk DH into doing a 3D or 4D ultra sound. they cost about $100-$150.

Well would love to chat more but baby to be is kicking the bladder yet again!!!



lili246 - September 28

Hey girls, how are you all hope that everything is alright.
Well I am starting to get some heartburn. Do you know why this is caused? And what can I do for it to go away. Well thanks for your help. besides that I feel kinda tired and want to take a nap but here at work I can't.

Well take care.



designer girl - September 29

Hi Ladies,
Congrats to all of you :) and I would of loved to talk to you all regardless of still ttc as you seem so wonderful!
I have one question & then I will leave you to your own discussions ;) How many of you got BFP while taking ovulex? I am having doubts & fears about taking it. I have been on it for two weeks, but I was curious as there are not too many success stories posted, except on the main ovulex sites & I want to hear real stories for inner hope. Take care all of you & I wish you all healthy & happy pregnancies. Hopefully I can join you soon :)
designer girl


designer girl - September 29

I just read your warm replies & thank you all for your stories. I am excited now as I was so nervous about taking ovulex (I'm a bit of a whimp when it comes to taking things). You all made my day Bless you and a healthy pregnancy to you all,
designer girl


NANCY - October 1

Good Morning Ladies!!!

Paige decided at 6:00 that it was time to get the house going. I tell her all the time I wish you would just sleep until 7.

How is everyone doing?

Lili I have a sheet the nurse gives out for heartburn but it recomends you wait until you are 12 weeks. What was really nice is that for morning sickness it gives you a list of foods to eat that help that.

Charity how was your long weekend I hope that you enjoyed it.

Heather isn't is nice to sit there and feel the baby kick.

Monica how are you feeling??

As for me tired and my back bothers me a bit. I go back to the dr 10/13. This is my last full week of work. Starting next week I work 4 days a week until I go out. I figure our calendar year ends in Dec and they have a use it or lose it policy. So I took the balance of my vacation and took a day off a week. I did that with Paige and it was great. That one day off a week at the end really helps. It's funny there is this girl at work that asked one of my friends "Is Nancy pregnant?" She asked that before I knew I was and she loves telling everyone. I think it's funny. I say she knows more about me than I do.

Well I am off to look for a table and chair set for Paige.

Have a great day babies and mommies!!!!



babybop - October 1

Monica, Nancy, and Lili.........I HAVE ARRIVED! I'M HERE LADIES! I feel like I was just inducted into the hall of fame of ttc.

You may not remember me from the Ovulex boared but I certainly remember you all!

I have so many questions! I will check back in after I start dinner.


babybop - October 1

jiggidysgirl and dare I forget y'all! Hey, I am so proud to be amongst you ladies.

I will be back in a few minutes....if anyone is on. I have sooooooo many questions and the doctor said he won't see me for atleast another month! THE NERVE!


NANCY - October 2

I remember you welcome to as you called it the BFP Hall of Fame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How are you feeling??



babybop - October 2


Nancy....I feel absolutely elated. As you might notice,
I guess I am extremely early so I don't really feel pregnant other than being insatiably hungry and tired every four hours or so. Oh and the the bathroom thing is definitely going to get old fast!

How are you feeling? I have a question for you, is Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea - Peppermint bad for you when you are pregnant? Oh....and 10 days ago, before I found out that we were expecting, my hubby and I went out on the town dancing and drinking and such. Do you think that's going to harm my baby?

Please tell me I can drink the tea.....and please tell me I didn't already harm my little jelly bean?

How are you? You must be at your beautiful stage in your second trimester. I hear thats when the fun begins, I can't wait because I am so nervous that this isn't real. I am afraid that someone is going to tell me it's all in my head and I'm really not pg.

any how...any help you can offer will be great.

Talk later



Monica - October 2

OH MY GOSH!!! Babybop, is that you?!!! the one that lives in Alpharetta and goes to my church?!!! If so...........PRAISE GOD for His awesome miracle in your life!! WOW!!!!! I am so happy for you!!
When did you find out & HOW did you find out? Did you just miss your period or something? Wow, I am so elated for you......

Don't worry; Your drinking about 10 days ago did not harm your little jelly bean, and drinking the peppermint tea is fine as well........So what else is new with you? Please let me know.....

Nancy, I am doing great. I am finally in my 7th month & I am counting down the days until my babyshower on 11/5, and then to the ultimate day in December. I am getting so excited & my baby is really starting to move around ALOT. I also have to go the restroom about every 30 minutes it seems; so that has been quite interesting. Other than that......we are great!!

Talk To You Soon,
Monica :)



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