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lili246 - September 15

Charity keep your head up and keep the faith that your baby is ok. Stay positive and I wish you the best, for you and your baby. I will be thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers.



Charity - September 20

The baby is OK. We had an ultrasound and we saw the baby and heard the heartbeat. The ultrasound doctor said that everything looked good! I do have some hemorrhaging in the uterus and he said that is where the spotting and cramping are coming from but he said this is normal for some 1st pregnancies. He said no heavy lifting, jogging, basketball, etc. for now – to just take it easy. A nurse is supposed to call me soon with the official report and to discuss the hormone issue – not sure what is going on there. But the baby is ok!

Thank all of your for your support!


jiggidysgirl - September 20

That is great news Charity. I will keep prayers open for you that the rest is uneventful.

Sorry I have not added a message for a while I have had trouble logging in. It keeps telling me that I am not logged in when I try to reply.

How is everyone else doing?

We had a doctors appointment yesterday that went well. The baby seems to be doing good. My husband finally got to feel his kicks last night so those are getting stronger. I am wondering what they will be like when he gets bigger with as strong as they are now.

The doctor said at week 28 that I will have a blood test for diabetes. What is the test I have heard some of you talk about where you drink the gross liquid? Is that the test?

Take Care,


lili246 - September 21

Hey girls,
Howz eveyone doing? Hope that all of you are doing great with your lil ones.

Heather I keep having the same problem while logging on. When it comes to reply it tell me that I have to log on when I already did.... :-/

Well I am back and hope I don't have to go through that again.

I am doing fine, the lil crmaps that I was having seem to be going away. I heard that it's nothing bad it's just your body getting attached to the fetus..

So take care and TTYL.



soon2bmommy - September 21

Charity - I am soo happy your baby is ok. Whew! we were all praying for you.

Hello to all the BFP Sistahs.


lili246 - September 22

Hey Girls,
Howz everyone, hope you all are doing ok. There hasn't
been much postings this week. I know you all may be busy but please keep in touch.

I am doing great, I haven't had any symptoms, I mean only some nauseas at the begining but thats all and I feel great up to this point.

Have a great weekend!! Take Care!



Charity - September 22


No news here. I am still waiting for the official report from the OB. However, I am very excited that a few of my pregnancy symptoms have returned. I am feeling sick again if I don't eat every 2 hours and I am starting to think fondly of different foods. Yesterday for about an hour, I could not stop thinking about toast - crispy toast with butter. Peanut Butter also tastes really good lately.

Have a great weekend!



lili246 - September 22

That's true Charity,
I have been very hungry lately. I get hungry ealry int he morning and then by the middle of the day I am starving again. But I have been noticing that I can only eat small portions at a time. So thats good, and besides that no other symptoms, I don't even think that I am pregnant?? But also noticing that my belly is starting to show alittle..

Well have a great weekend!



Charity - September 22

Hi Lilli,

Seems like it has something to do with my blood sugar - I eat small amounts but then have to eat something again in a few hours - even if it is an orange or a handful of raisins. My shirts have started not buttoning at the bottom and I had to buy some bigger bras. I'm not gaining weight though, which is a relief.


lili246 - September 22

Lucky girl,
About not ganing weight that is smart because they say that eating small amounts is better because you won't gain weight. Worse when you eat big amounts every few hours. but I guess your right, this time is different because with my first pregnancy I would eat every few hours but big amounts of food which this time is different I eat small amounts instead. hope I stay this way because I think it's better and won't gain too much weight.

I am happy for you that it's going well Charity.


Charity - September 22

The nurse called but I don’t know that I feel any better. She repeated what we already knew about the ultra-sound results. She didn’t know anything about my blood work or hormone levels. She did have me schedule my first OB appointment for 2 weeks from now and she said at that appointment they would probably schedule me for another ultrasound 3 weeks from then and maybe more blood work.


lili246 - September 22

Don't worry charity,
have faith and everything will be alright. Just take good care of yourself and your baby will be just fine!
No news is good news!


NANCY - September 25

yeah!!!!!!! I can finally log on. I didn't forget about all of you. I am at work and it's busy so I will write tonight.



Monica - September 26

OH MY GOSH!!! I am finally able to get back on again....WOW!!! I have been trying to log-in for the last 2 weeks.....

Charity; you are definitely in my prayers, however it does sound like everything is O.K. with your pregnancy now... You & your precious baby will be just fine...

Soon2BMommy: It is sooooo good to hear from you! How have you been lately? Were you sick at all? Are you super excited right about now?!!! I am glad that you have posted because I was beginning to think that you had forgotten about all of us........Are you going to find out the gender of your baby?......Please let me know. I miss you girl!

Nancy: How are you? Are you getting really big now? This weekend I had to finally breakdown and buy some Maternity clothes. NONE of my clothes fit anymore, so I had to go purchase some.....I will be 28 weeks (7 months) on next week, and I can't believe that the time has flown by so fast!!
At my last doctor's appointment, I did the glucose-sugar test, and it wasn't that bad. I guess that I will get the results at my next visit on 10/18/06, but I am not too worried about it....

Well ladies, since I can log on again.....I will post again later.

Luv ya,
Monica ;)


NANCY - September 26

I just read your post

Oh my GOD monica you still fit in your regular clothes. I have been in maternity for a while!!!!!!!



Charity - September 26

I'm glad you said that! I'm not in maternity but I am in my "fat" clothes already. Mainly shirts are killing me - last week I had to buy new bras and had to buy a cup and 1/2 larger.




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