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Amanda Ivey - May 12

Sorry you weren't feeling good today, but I know I don't have to tell you ( I will anyway) it's all for your little cutie. It is a small world, where are you guys now, yeah I know all the signal aits come got to gordon for school. I was stationed here as a military poice (hated it), my husband was in the same company as me, but he wasa quarter master and worked at a warehouse. We met here in like 03 when he came from Ft. hood Texas, but as of right now I am out and so is he, he is going to Iraq in August as a civilian contractor, hoping we can wait until then if not he'll just have to find another job.
Wow, they already got you in for an u/s that's really good, I'm sure everything will go great.

What are you doing Monica hope you are feeling better today. Oh where are you from? You guys might be delivering near eachother around the same time, man I would love another pregnant buddy close by.

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Amanda Ivey - May 12

Oh yeah here is another website you guys can post thing onto it updates your family members and long distance friends as you update the page
Also I found these things helps you " do your time"

1.You can take weekly to two week belly shots so later down the line you can compare them all and see the major difference for yourself.

2.I also did the tp count which was taking tp and wrapping it around my belly every 3 weeks and counting the sheets.

I don't know if i put this one down, but is a cool web site to check out u/s' and belly images

Here is more pics of me and dh from my

and k.j (rottweiler /sold)



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Amanda Ivey - May 12

Sorry, didn't know they would come out that huge!!!!!


Peaches - May 12

Amanda you are ssoooooo cute..i love the belly..oh my god, it's real cute...youre very pretty...ssooo are you feeling

I had a dr's appt today and everything is going perfect...i heard my little baby's heart beat today and it's strong..thank you lord

Monica, how are u feeling?


Monica - May 12

Oh my gosh!!!! Amanda, you are so pretty!! Also, I can't believe that you are in the Augusta area, because I live in THE ATLANTA AREA!!!!! We are only about 2 hours away from one another!! We HAVE got to try & get together sometime :D.
Amanda, your belly is soooooo cute & I love the outfit!!

Nancy: I have another ultrasound on next week as well, and it is THE SAME day as your ultrasound.......Tuesday!!! When you come back from yours on that day; we have got to compare notes. Also, I am sorry that you are not feeling well...because trust me; I know EXACTLY how you feel :P. Right now it is 8:45am and I am craving a tuna sandwich. soon as I eat it; I will feel nauseous. GO FIGURE....... :-\

Peaches: That is sooo exciting that you heard the heartbeat on yesterday & it was VERY strong. That is ALWAYS a good sign! Also, I totally agree with you in regards to giving your baby a name that is biblical or that has a significant meaning. That is awesome!!

If our baby is a boy, he will be named after his father. Joseph L. Love III; if it is a girl we are going to name her Diamond April Nicole Love. April is her grandmother's middle name, and Nicole is my middle name.....

So Peaches; Are you all settled into your new place yet? Are you still in the Valley? I am just curious because I used to live there...............

One last thing, I was so surprised on yesterday. My parents took a little vacation to Paris on last week & returned on yesterday.........Well they bought my little baby a onesie with "Paris" written all over it. It is so little & cute; so I was thrilled on yesterday when my mother brought it over...I have already hung it up in my closet; so everytime I walk is staring right at me. SO CUTE!!!

I Love You Guys!!!
Happy Mother's Day!!!!
Monica :)


Amanda Ivey - May 12

thanks for the compliments. I am so happy to hear that your little princess is doing so well. 3 more months for us you know. Have you decided on a birthing plan yet? Do you have a name already? Nursery? Let us know the details.

What part of Atlanta are you in. It would be cool if we could hang out sometimes I know atl itself is about 2 hours from me. Oh and those are some really beautiful baby names, your husband already has a nice name so it should have been easy for you to decide to make him a III, on the other hand truthfully I really don't like my husbands name on anyone, but him. :) if you know what I am saying in a nice way. Also awwww (on the paris outfit) that was nice and thoughtful and it helps make this whole thing reality to you, If you are anything like me you can just picture your lilttle man/woman in his/her little outfit. awwwww

My day has been going okay so far. I went to one of my friends' babyshower at the old workplace. It was fun for the hour I got to stay, they had lots of cool games and decor, she is a month behind me, but boy is her love lump huge! :o She is having a boy also. I had to leave early though for my quick doctors appt. He pretty much told me that the u/s I had done @ 22 weeks to check for abnormalities of any sort had came back normal and everything was great and I was still due on the 17 Aug ( pretty much the same thing the u/s tech had told me. But man do I wish I could afford another 3d/4d but ah well. You guys please don't be afraid to post your u/s images and babiesonline pages I love seeing those things.

Happy Mothers day to all :)
Wow we finally get to celebrate and be a part of mothers day ( I had to explain to my husband that I am already a mom and I want my card) I'm so demanding
I'll check in later! :)



Monica - May 12

Amanda, Peaches, and Nancy: Please check your e-mails.......I sent you a little something.. :)
I am really hoping that everyone's e-mails are correct under your screen names.... :-\



Monica - May 12

Amanda: I live in the Stone Mountain area (DeKalb county), which is about 15 minutes outside of Atlanta.
My uncle actually lives in Augusta....and we sometimes drive down to visit he & his wife. He is a primary care physician, so I am ALWAYS calling him and asking his advice on certain issues.

Question: Does insurance cover the 3D/4D ultrasounds, or is that something that has to be paid out of pocket? I was going to inquire about that a little later on, but since you brought it up......I thought that I would ask you....

Well, take care & be sure to check your e-mail....


Amanda Ivey - May 13

Awwwww thanks so much for the ecard, It was pretty cool. I know where stone mountain is! I had an aunt that just moved from there, it's about 2 hours. Where does your uncle work here?

I don't think insurance covers 3d/4d images I had one done at 18 weeks and paid out of pocket, but it was only $80 which isn't bad if you have it ya know it's actually pretty good.That was prenantal imaging here in Augusta it was a 30 min..u/s they give you a dvd and 10 pics.

Are you feeling any better today? You might have a bad case of m/s.

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NANCY - May 13

Still a little sick. I think I am going to get some preggy pops today. I have to look at my sheet I beleive the nurse told me cinnamon flavored foods are good for m/s. I forgot what she told me about fruit with the skin is good (I think IRON)for but I figure apple with cinanamon and a little bit of sugar. Sound good to me.

Monica I'm sorry my DH loves to delete stuff I think he deleted what you sent.

Amanda your belly is so little it looks like you have a little ball in it. You look so cute!!! You hubby is cute too!!
He came back home to NY we are about an hr north of NYC.

Peaches how are you doing? Don't you love to sit there and just listen to your little one's heartbeat. With Paige I just loved it.

Well have a great day everyone!!! Kisses to your little bundles of joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


NANCY - May 15

I hope that you all had a great mother's day!!!!!


Monica - May 17 has been kind of quiet on here lately. How is everyone doing? I am fine. I have been REALLY tired lately, so I have taken the last two days off of work just so that I could get some much neeeded rest.

Nancy: How was your ultrasound on yesterday? Mine went really well!! I saw the baby's arms & legs, and most importantly I saw the heartbeat. It was beating very strong, and the ultrsound tech. told me that it was at 167 bpm. I was SOOO relieved that everything looked fine.
Please tell me how your ultrsound went so that we can compare notes.......

Hi Amanda & Peaches.. :) How is everything going? How are the babies doing?

Much Love To Everyone,


Amanda Ivey - May 17

Awwwwwwww, Congratulations on seeing your little ones heartbeat, I'm glad to kknow you are doing good It sounds to be strong 167 that's awesome, you know old wives tale would say your having a girl but we'll see and I see you'll be hitting your second month here soon too, has the morning sickness eased up on you?

Also it must be something in the air right now. I have been so tired lately and I have the most jacked up sleeping pattern. When I'm tired I try to stay up in the day to fix it, but I get so tired I feel like I am going to pass out if I don't nap. I have been dealing with a lot of appts all week long. I have to do my tricare all over again so I mised this months appt because they wouldn't let me be seen yet, I also did the W.I.C thing today found out through finger stick that I am anemic so back to the Iron pills, but other than that baby and me are fine he's still kicking strong and on some sort of a schedule.



NANCY - May 18

Hello girls how is everyone?


ultrasound went wonderful I heard my little baby's heartbeat so cute!! The lady that did the u/s told me it looks like I am 6 instead of 7 weeks so that would bring me into Jan. if that is true. She told me that she wasn't going to change my date just yet. I saw just a little as I call it a grain of rice. I told my mother the other day that we were not going to find out the sex of the baby she was so disappointed so I told her that if her and my aunt could keep it a secret then when I have my ultrasoud that I would have the women write it down and put it in a envelope for her. Well I hope all is well for everyone else!! Off to daycare then to work. Have a good one ladies!!!! and babies!!!!


Monica - May 19

Nancy, Amanda, Peaches......ANYONE

What did you take, or what are you taking for your morning sickness? Just like clockwork, I am almost 8 weeks along.......and just like my other pregnancies, I am starting to get sick again. I CANNOT be that sick again this time, because last time....I couldn't even go to work.

The preggo pops: What makes them so effective? Is it the vitamin B6 that is in them? If so, could I just take a pill of vitamin B6 instead?

Someone please give me some advice.......



NANCY - May 20

Monica all I know is I start to feel sick and I pop a preggie pop drop in my mouth and start to feel better. The other day I told my mother I just wish that I could get sick and maybe I would feel better. I went out to dinner last night order my food and when it came I said that I can't eat. I know that they made me feel better so I keep taking them



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