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Charity - September 11

Amanda – your baby sounds like a doll!

Lili – just realized that your baby is an Ovulex baby too! I have been recommending Ovulex to everyone I know.

Nancy – what did the doctor say about the pain in your side last week?

Good news! Finally found a doctor to see me this week or at least their nurse practitioner. I have an appointment tomorrow! Can’t wait!



jiggidysgirl - September 11

Hi Ladies,

Good to hear things are going well with everyone.

Lili, CONGRADULATIONS! That is so exciting.

Charity, I will keep you in my prayers. I am so glad you were forceful about finding a doctor that would see you right away. My sister in law did not do that and I think she should have. It could just be the normal spotting that many woman have. Please keep us informed.

Nancy, it sounds like things are coming a long for you. I can't wait until the birth to know what you are having? Do you have any feelings about what it is?

Honey, how are you doing?

Everything is going fine here. Nothing new. I am still feeling his little kicks. Sometimes more than others. I spent this weekend organizing my house and I think I over did it a bit because last night and today my hips hurt so bad. They are just aching. Have any of you had a lot of that pain. I get it off and on it seems but last night and today are worse.

I have another appointment a week from tomorrow. It feels good knowing the docs are comfortable to let me go longer. Now that I am feeling him I don't feel as anxious.

Baby Dust to all those still trying...
Baby Dreams to all those waiting for the special delivery date...


Monica - September 11

CONGRATULATIONS Lili!! I am so happy for you? How long had you been taking Ovulex? I am curious....

Amanda: You sound like such an organized mommy! You guys are doing very well, and your routine is perfect....
By the way, have you heard from Peaches lately? You were both due around the same I was just wandering. Also, my babyshower is scheduled for Sunday, November the 5th & I am sooo excited!!

Charity: I am glad that you found someone to see you..Please let us know how it goes...

Jiggidysgirl: I too am very sore every time I over exert myself. Yesterday I had family over & entertained for them all day (I even vacuumed before they arrived), and now I am REALLY feeling it. My lower back is sore & my entire pelvic region is sore. I will never do that again; I don't care who is coming over.....

Take Care!


lili246 - September 11

Thank you all girls, I am so excited 2. I am busy applying for an insurance because I don't have any at this point. So the sooner the better so I can go to the doctor and check if everything is going well. I feel just find my first Pregnancy two years ago with my son I didn't feel anything at all only one day that i fet terrible with nauseas and vomiting, and that was it. This time I am feeling more nauseas. I know that there are different pregnancy symptoms but I hope this one is as similar as my first one.

I was on my second bottle of ovulex almost about to finish it all I had like one more week to go, now I am over that and happy that it also work for me.

I am defitnely going to recommen it to my friends how have trouble getting pregnant.

I'll keep ypu all posted on how it goes.

Godd Luck to all of us!



lili246 - September 11

I wanted to thank you because of you I tried the green tea which helped me alot to determine my EWCM, and right when I notice that I was getting lots of EW I BD those two days so I think that had lots to be of this PG.
Thank you very much girl for your support.



NANCY - September 12

Lili I am so happy for you!! Crongrats!!!!!!! For the nauseas I used the preggy pops(I got mine at babies r us and I've seen them at Motherhood Maternity). They seemed to help!!

Charity I am so glad that you are going in at least to see the nurse practitioner. Let us know what she says. How are you feeling? It's funny Chris is keeping me updated on your statis too!!! I am so releived to hear that the bleeding has stopped and you are just spotting. When you get out of the DR's office and get to a computer either post or e-mail me!!

Heather there must have been something in the air last night. I was cleaning like crazy. Thank god my DH put felt strips on the botttom of the couch it glides accross my wood floor. I was sliding the couch out of the way to sweep, I was mopping, cleaning the bathroom helping my husband finish up the baked ziti. I asked him to get me the bucket so that I could mop. I was kind of glad that he told me to chill out and relax. It was 8:00 he said leave it that when he got home from work he would do it. Any way how are you feeling? Don't you just love the kicks that you get. I loved them today I felt (the arm foot elbow knee) glide across my belly it was such a wonderful feeling.

Monica how are things with you? AND Yes the butt wipe warmer is great. When is your next apt? I finally gained some weight 6 lbs in 5 weeks.

Amanda he sounds like an angel. You are so lucky to have him on a routine! I hope that I can be half as organized. As for a shower, I already had my shower when I had Paige.

Well ladies and babies have a great night!!


fiestebrown - September 12

OMG, LILI!!! I am so happy for you!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!

Maybe one day that will be me, if I could ever get my husband away from the television.

Hugs, Hugs, Hugs!!!!


Monica - September 12

Hi Everyone:

Nancy: My next doctor's appointment is on next Wednesday, Sept. 20th.....and that is when I will be taking the glucose sugar test.....YUCK!! How did yours turn out? Was it O.K.?
That is so neat that you are feeling the baby's elbows, feet, arms, etc. glide across your belly. I really can't distinguish the difference yet. I just feel my stomach getting really hard, tight, & firm at certain moments & then it relaxes. Almost as if the baby has moved to the surface. I also feel the baby kick alot as well.

Have a Good Day Everyone!


lili246 - September 12

I am sure your turn will come next. Keep on trying and keep that faith.



lili246 - September 12

I will give them a try (preggy pops)



Charity - September 13

I saw the nurse yesterday and things look good – though they cannot confirm that everything is 100% until Friday. The urinalysis shows I am still pregnant but that could be misleading because my hormone levels would still be elevated. The physical exam showed no signs of concern – so the spotting was probably just normal spotting. Just to be sure – they did blood work yesterday and I go again tomorrow for more blood work. They are going to confirm the pregnancy that way and compare the hormone levels of both days to make sure the levels aren’t dropping. I feel better but I have to wait until Friday for the results.

Thank all of you for your warm wishes and prayers!



lili246 - September 14

We will be praying for you charity, Good Luck!

hey girls I've notice that I feel a slightly pain in my abdomen is that normal, has any of you felt this way in early pregnancy?
I hope everything is ok with my pregnancy!

I got a PG cert. yesturday so I am defitnetly PG.
They told me that I was 5 weeks and 1 day PG which I know they go base on the first day of AF, but in my figures on the day I conceive I should be 4 weeks and 1 day, which my sticker is right.

Well girls take care and TTYL tommorrow.



Charity - September 15

Hi Lilli,

I have had slight pains in my abdomen since week 4. Sometimes it feels like a dull ache and sometimes a sharp cramp. It has eased up a lot this week though.



Charity - September 15

The nurse called me this morning. My hormone level did increase, so I am still pregnant. But it didn’t double like it should have – it only went up 13,000. The nurse is very concerned and I am scheduled for an ultrasound Tuesday – which is the soonest they can get me in.

I was so sure I was worried for nothing and I was just being paranoid. I was so convinced everything was good that I was in a good mood this morning and just waiting for the good news from the nurse before I went in to tell my boss today. Instead, I feel like I have had the wind knocked out of me. I am pregnant but something is wrong and now I have to wait until Tuesday to find out it my baby is at least ok right now, not to mention that even if the baby is ok right now that something is still going on or else my hormone levels would be rising faster.


soon2bmommy - September 15

Oh Charity:

My heart goes out to you and just wanted to let you that I am praying for you and your little one that everthing will be fine - Trust in God.


lili246 - September 15

Charity keep your head up and keep the faith that your baby is ok. Stay positive and I wish you the best, for you and your baby. I will be thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers.




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