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lili246 - September 8

I widh you the best for you and your baby, hope that everything is ok, with you both. Take Good Care of yourself girl.
I'll be praying for you both!



Monica - September 8

Charity: You are certainly in my prayers......God Bless You sweetie..



NANCY - September 8

Charity how are you feeling? I e-mailed Chris to see how you are feeling and to find out if you are any better from this afternoon.

How is everyone??


NANCY - September 8

I just got back from the Dr and I finally gained some weight 6 pounds in 5 weeks!!!!!! The baby's heart beat was between 149-153 BPM.

I have to go for the sugar test. I told the dr that is was gross and he said it wasn't that bad I looked at him and said how would you know he told me when he was a resident that a bunch of them were waiting around for patients and they were thirsty so they drank it. He said he had the cola one. I heard that was the worst one to drink. I had orange which was ok but oh my god sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Charity - September 9

Thank you guys for the support! I am hoping everything is ok. I called my doctor’s office yesterday and was told my doctor was out of the office until Wednesday. They recommended that I go to the emergency room and that I could have the test results after next Wednesday – which I wasn’t interested in. So I have just been in bed the past day ½ - waiting for the spotting to stop. I spoke to a nurse last night, my sister’s sister-in-law; she had a miscarriage last year. Anyway, she said she was told the same thing by her doctor last year and it was horrible. She recommended I just stay in bed until the spotting stops, unless it gets very heavy and then go to the emergency room. The spotting is must lighter and no heavy bleeding or heavy cramps. I had a horrible headache until this morning but it is finally better. My appointment is September 22nd but I am going to try to get in the end of next week. I am just praying that everything is ok.

Nancy – glad to hear everything went well at the doctor. Thank you for checking on me - Chris is being a doll and taking care of me.


NANCY - September 10


That's good. I am glad to hear that you are ok! I am still thinking about you. I got so nervous yesterday when I didn't hear from Chris. I got back to my mother's and ran upstairs to check the computer. I was so releaved that you wrote to us. I read your post and felt better. I came down stairs and Pete looked at me like DID YOU HEAR ANYTHING!!!!! I gave him the thumbs up sign we were both so releaved. I told him that he should get you a bell and be your beck and call boy!!!!!!!!!!!! He laughed and thought that it was funny.


I went on line and looked at your registry I think that the crib set is so cute with the little alligators(jugle theme is so cute) He can be your little monkey man!!! My husband and I love the booster seat(we have 2 now). I didn't want Paige to feel like we booted her out of her high chair so we now have one for the kitchen and one for the car. We now use it for restaurants so much cleaner!!! I love it. The one thing that I noticed that you didn't register for which I thought was great (especially with a boy) the wipes warmer. In the middle of the night Paige would sleep right through me changing her. I never noticed her jump because the wipes were cold.
So how are you feeling? Thanks for taking the test. So I know that one of the results are wrong.

Heather how are you feeling? I am so happy that you are finally feeling your little one flutter. Isn't it amazing. Since you also know that you are having a boy were you able to take that gender quiz. Told both me and Monica that we are having girls. We know so far that one of them is wrong.

Honey how are you feeling? Are you feeling anything yet? I see you are going to be going for your sonagram soon. You are about 16 weeks not much further. You excited?

Amanda how is mommyhood!!!!!!!! Lovin' it I am sure. How are you feeling?

I hope all mommies and babies are doing good!!!



NANCY - September 10

Just got an e-mail from Charity's husband. She so far is doing good. She is still spotting but her boobs are extra sore today.

I said I think that is a good sign because that is a pregnancy symptom!!!



Monica - September 11


Nancy: Thank you for giving me the scoop on wipe warmers......The reason that I did not have them on my registry was because I really didn't know what their benefits were. I had really never heard of them before; but since you have now explained them....I will DEFINITELY add them to my registry. Thanks for the incite! I will definitely be in need of those...

Charity: You are still in my prayers. Please keep us updated on your progress.
By the way, I am not sure of what your religious beliefs are......but I am Christian who believes the Bible wholeheartedly; and the last time time we had someone on the Ovulex board that was threatening to miscarry (her name was Peaches), I told her to read & to meditate on Exodus 23:26....and I had alot of the other ladies to stand in agreement with us on that scripture; and within a few days or so... everything comletely turned around for her.
So if you feel led too, I would definitely pick out some key scriptures in the Bible that pertains to what you are going through & start confessing those back to God....

Also F.Y.I.: There is a book that I would recommend that you get entitled "SuperNatural Childbirth" by Jackie Mize....That is an awesome book full of testimonies and confessions from women that were having a hard time conceiving or threatening to miscarry. They all applied the Word of God to their "bleak" situations, and then everything turned around for them. It also contains scripture confessions that you can speak over your womb everyday & over your delivery... that will certainly make a difference.

If you have any questions; please let me know.......

Take Care Everyone!


Charity - September 11

Thank you Monica! That verse is comforting. We have been praying and feel that whatever happens – God brought us here for a reason and we just have to trust him.

I stayed in bed all weekend and the spotting stopped last night but then started back this morning. I am waiting to see if my doctor can see me before September 22nd and if not, I am going to start calling around to see if I can find any doctor to see me before then. I feel nauseous and my breasts ache – both of which I am going to take as good signs that I am still pregnant.

Thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers!


lili246 - September 11

Hey girls,
I got a BFP!
I am so happy as I can be! Thanks for all your support!



Charity - September 11

CONGRATULATIONS LILI!!!!! I am so happy for you! How are you feeling?


gavinsmommy - September 11

Hi Charity,

I just want you to know that you and your lil one are in my prayers for a healthy and safe pregnancy.

Lili, congratulations on catching the baby dust. It is about time for you!!!!



Amanda Ivey - September 11

Lili congratualations mommy I knew it wouldn't be long!

Charity I heard that spotting in early pregnancy is very common, so it's good to see all is well with you and the baby. :)

Nancy and Monica,
Only four more months and some days...and the countdown begins! :) I know you are having fun with planning the nurseries and all. Have you decided at what month you will both have your showers?

For those who are wondering me and ronnie are both doing well. He is a really good baby and we have a really good schedule set up. He eats every two hours and I play and change him for about 45 minutes inbetween feedings. Lay him down close the door to a crack come back in 5 minutes and he's knocked out. Inbetween then I usually get my house chores, workouts, and showers in. I want him a little brother already, Dh is not good on the idea of starting again so soon, which we can't even try for the next 4 months til he comes home again anyway, so I assume he means years not months...ehh well. o he gained 2 lbs at his 2 week checkup which the doctor said was good so he's putting on a little weight :) Oh when do babies start to give off the first real smile? I want to have pics taken to send to DH.


liz - September 11

Lili -
How are you feeling?

Charity -
You and your little one are in my prayers.



lili246 - September 11

Charity, Liz, Helen & Amanda:
Thank You so much I am very happy and surprised. After all that time waiting.
I am having some nauseas but besides that I am feeling great.
Yeah I catched that baby dust on time, and it was good baby dust from all of you. I am so excited to be in your group here. Charity we are not to far along I am 3 weeks PG.

I'll keep you all posted.

Thank you God for the blessing!
And all of you for your support.



Charity - September 11

Amanda – your baby sounds like a doll!

Lili – just realized that your baby is an Ovulex baby too! I have been recommending Ovulex to everyone I know.

Nancy – what did the doctor say about the pain in your side last week?

Good news! Finally found a doctor to see me this week or at least their nurse practitioner. I have an appointment tomorrow! Can’t wait!




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