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jiggidysgirl - September 5

Hello All,

We just got back from a trip from Bend. It was tiring. I don't like sleeping somewhere else right now.

The good news is that I finally started to feel the fluttering I have heard about. I was holding someone elses baby all weekend and I told my husband my baby is probably jealous already. It is nice to finally feel my baby regularly.

Nancy, we are naming our boy Justin Ryan. My husband's middle name is Ryan and his family all has J names so he wants to carry on the tradition. I liked the name Justin because it can't be shortened and sounded like a strong name.

It was a beautiful Labor Day for us in Oregon, 95 degrees. Can't wait to hear everyone elses labor day tales. Hope all is going well and uneventful (except the events we expect).

Take Care,


Charity - September 5

Our family got you great news this weekend – my sister is pregnant. She is due a week before I am! My mom is so thrilled! After only one grandchild for 5 years (my nephew), she is now getting two new grandbabies in 1 week. My sister is one that decided to have another baby and got pregnant the first month. This is going to be so great – to be able to share our pregnancies!


Charity - September 5


I won’t say a word about your side – I hope you are feeling better. I bet that was scary.


Monica - September 5

Hello everyone!

Nancy: I hope that you are feeling better....What did you say caused the pain? Did you say that you hit your side on the car door? Wow, be careful.......
Have you gained any weight yet? I have gained about 12 lbs so far, and at the rate that my stomach is growing now.......I will probably have gained another 2 to 3 lbs when I go back to the doctor on the 20th. Also, have you taken your glucose test yet? That is where you drink that really sweet liquid & they test your blood-sugar level within the hour? I will be taking mine on the 20th, and I am really not looking forward to that at all....Yuck.

Wow, I didn't realize that we had family on this board. Charity & Nancy that must be awesome to share something like this with each other......Charity; Congratulations again & also Congrats to your sister. When are you due?

Jiggidysgirl: I really like the name Justin Ryan. That is soooo cute. Also, you are feeling your baby fluttering now? That is a wonderful feeling.....

Well I went and registered over the weekend at now I am really getting excited!! They also gave me 60 free babyshower invitations because I registered with them, so that saved me alot of money.

Amanda: How are you & your precious little one doing? I hope that all is well & that you have plenty of help...

Honey: Regarding Atlanta; I don't know where you were? LOL. I think that you were definitely in a small town far away from the city. Also, that is awesome that you are having your babyshower on 11/4, because mine is the very next day. We will definitely have to compare notes when it is all said & done.

Well take care ladies!
Much Luv,
Monica & Baby Joseph :)


NANCY - September 6

Monica not sure what caused the pain if I put an pressure on my belly it hurt. Feeling much better now. I think that s/he likes to sit on the right side I am always rubbing it like crazy. If I am right I think that I gained 3-4 pounds.

Yes it's wild that Charity and I are pregnant together and not only is her sister pregnant but so is our other cousin. I think that it is wild that on my father's side there are 3 cousins that are pregnant. Just to bad we are so far away. Charity is in TX and we are in NY.

If you get a chance to do that test let me know what the gender predictor says your having. That way it will give me an idea if it is right or even close.

I hope all is well with everyone


Charity - September 6


Nancy and I are family – she was the one that turned me onto Ovulex and this board. Nancy is my husband’s cousin. It would be great if we lived closer. There are 3 of us pregnant in my husband’s family and they already had a new baby in the family this past spring. And now there are 2 pregnant in my family. I am due May 4th and my sister is due April 28th! My sister and I live about 1 ½ apart – which is nice.

I am still feeling fine, just tired and I have found I have to eat something small every 2-3 hours. I guess my blood sugar is dropping but a piece of fruit or some celery with peanut butter seems to work well. I am still getting cramps throughout the day but it has become reassuring. I didn’t feel the cramps for a few hours last night and it felt so good to feel them this morning. Stupid I know but I still don’t “feel” pregnant so at least the cramps are a sign that something is going on. Well, that and the fact that although I haven’t gained any weight, my clothes are already getting tight in the middle.

Nancy: Are you feeling any better? Are you still having pain?


Charity - September 6

Just curious what the maternity leave policies at your company are – I just got a copy from the HR department and was surprised, and not happily surprised.

I always assumed it was 100% for 6 weeks. But the policy here is 60% of pay for 6 weeks – though I can then take 12 additional weeks unpaid. I am the breadwinner in our family, so this is really an unwelcome surprise. We can’t make it on 60% of my pay for 6 weeks. AHHH#$#


jiggidysgirl - September 6

Hey Charity,

that is better than what our company has. We can have up to 3 months unpaid leave. We have to use leave and/or short term disability (which I did not have soon enough).

I am the breadwinner in our family too so it will be tough, i am not sure how long I will be able to take off.

I had a pretty good amount of leave but certainly not that much and we have had a lot of doctor's visits out of town that have cut into that.

I think they should make it a law to allow full pay during that time.

Good Luck,


Charity - September 6

Wow. This is the first company I have ever worked for that didn’t offer 100% for the 1st 6 weeks – I should have gotten pregnant sooner!


NANCY - September 6

I get 4 weeks before and 6 weeks after for vaginal and 8 weeks if c section. I get 66% of my pay. I am going to take the 12 weeks family leave with no pay. I still get my insurance. I still have our tax returns from last year and when we do this years tax return. So that will help out with the no pay part.

I even went and got my paperwork to fill out. I found out that my last day of work is Dec. 1 unless my due date changes.

I am feeling better. I go on Friday to the Dr so I will find out what he says about it.

Talk to you soon.


Charity - September 7

So you are going to be out a total of 22 weeks (4 before, 6 with partial pay and 12 with no pay)? That is wonderful!


lili246 - September 7

Lucky Girls, Thinking of taking that time off from work to be with your lil ones once they are born, that is great I wish I would be in your shoes, But I still have the faith and I am so glad that you girls had made it. God Bless you all and enjoy those lil ones that they grow up so fast.

Take care



Monica - September 8

Hi Nancy; When I took that gender prediction said that I was going to have a girl, but I am having a boy........I even took it 3 different times & changed some of my answers a little to see what would happen; and it still said that I was having a girl.
If you are carrying high however, it seems that you are having a girl.....because I am carrying low & I am having a baby boy...
I just wanted to let you know. By the way, good luck at your doctor's appointment today. Keep us all updated on your progess & ESPECIALLY your weight gain?! ;)

Take Care Ladies & Babies!
Monica :)


Charity - September 8

Nancy – good luck at the doctor today.

Nancy - please don’t mention this to Martha yet. Last night I started spotting – started out dark brown with a few small clumps and now is a combination of red/brown. I have a horrible headache and cramps like I am starting my period. I just left a voicemail for my doctor. I am so worried I am about to miscarry.


NANCY - September 8

Charity, I won't say a word.

Are you ok? Did you hear from the Dr yet? Are you feeling any better? I will be thinking of you!!!!



lili246 - September 8

I widh you the best for you and your baby, hope that everything is ok, with you both. Take Good Care of yourself girl.
I'll be praying for you both!




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