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jiggidysgirl - July 18

We are back from our appointment. The news is not good. The cyst has surrounded the entire body of the baby and the doctor does not think it will make it more than 3 more weeks and it certainly would not make it to the 3rd trimester. The natural death of baby b should not affect baby a. Baby A looks terrific but we will go back in 3 weeks to have everything checked out.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Now just pray that baby B becomes a beautiful angel and Baby A stays as healthy as possible. We saw ten fingers, ten toes today so it is looking good.

This support group means so much in good times and bad. My anxiety is pretty high tonight I still need time to take this in and get on with the pregnancy of a healthy baby.



liz - July 19


Although I have not yet received the postive I am waiting for (hopfully soon) I often check in to see how all of you are doing and how you are processing with you little mircles of life.

Heather -
I was so sorry to read about baby b. It brought tears to my eyes reading your post and thinking about how you must feel right now. I will keep you and your babies in my prayers. My heart goes out to you.



gavinsmommy - July 19

Hi Heather ,
I am so sorry. It broke my heart. It brought back all the heartache that I felt when I m/c my child at 10 1/2 weeks. I am so choked up about this and feel your pain. I am very thankful that baby A is doing great and I know baby B will make a beautiful angel to watch over you and your other lil one. I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart. Please stay strong and take care of yourself. All my Prayers and best wishes to you. God Bless you.


Honey - July 19


Thanks soooo much for the prayers I really need them! :) I'm feeling much better today. I'm going to go home after work and get some rest before waking up to clean my house! WooHoo! Sike! LOL

My 3yr old's B-Day party is this sunday so I need to tidy up a little and it's going to take a while so thats why I'm starting today! LOL

Hoiw is everyone else doing?

What about you jiggidysgirl? I hope you feel better soon. I'll pray for you!

God Bless everyone!


NANCY - July 19

My heart goes out to you. If you need anything please let me know. What happens now? Just let nature takes it's course. I think that you put it a beautiful way that Baby B will become a beautiful ANGEL. I am glad to hear that everything looks great for baby A!!!! Are you going to find out the sex or are you going to be surprised?

I have been feeling little fluttering for a while today was the first time that I felt 3 soft kicks!! It was amazing!!!!I was at work typing an e-mail this morning 3 soft kicks I lost my train of thought it was great!! I go for a sonagram on Aug 1 I chose not to find out the sex but my mother is dying to know so I will have the tech put it in an envelope and let her know.

I hope that everyone else is doing well!!



gavinsmommy - July 19

Hi Honey,
I am so glad to hear you are feeling better. I just celebrated my twins 3rd. birthday, they were born on July 9th. Happy birthday to your lil one. Take your time and do baby steps only, you don't want to overdue it. I will keep you and your lil sprout in my prayers. Hopefully soon I will be able to join all of you over here officially.
Many Prayers and Blessings to you and your sprout!!


jiggidysgirl - July 20

Thank you all for your prayers and best wishes. This is a difficult time but I do feel better actually knowing an outcome so that I can try to accept it and move on.

Gavinsmommy, I have heard many times now that at least you did not have Baby B for long but I don't think that makes it any easier to lose. There is still a connection, you have still seen a little heart beat and arms and legs moving. You have already accepted it into your heart and it is a part of you. There is no minimizing losses such as these. One of the doctors at my clinic when I called that evening said it was just meant to be and that does not feel good either. It brought back what frustrated me during all the infertility stuff, if you just relax it will happen. Same kind of comment. I am sorry about your loss of your baby. I am sure that was terrible. I am sure, just as you won't forget I too will not forget this but we do have to move on to accept our new gifts.

Nancy, the doctor says that nature will take its course. Baby B will pass on in the next 3 weeks and its heart will stop beating. I guess your body takes a lot of the nutrients back and once Baby A gets bigger it takes over the spot of Baby B. The remains are discharged with the afterbirth. That part makes me feel a little sick to handle but he said removal might cause harm to Baby A and that would be worse to handle.

I do want to find out the sex of my baby. I am excited about that. I have a need to know. I think that is great that you can wait but I would have a terrible time. What happens if your mom starts buying all pink clothes for your shower, it will kind of be a give away? I can hardly wait for all these other events like feeling it kick for the first time. It was so cute on the ultrasound to see Baby A stretching out its legs and the little toes separating. They got a great picture of that. Next time I am bringing a video so they can tape it. At our local hospital they don't allow that any more.

So, you have your visit in August. Will that be 18 weeks so you can tell the sex by that time? Wow, how time has passed so fast. It seems like you were just where I am.

Has anyone bought any new cute baby stuff yet? I was going through magazines last night tearing out pages of stuff I liked. I would love to hear if anyone found any unique stuff.

I wish more of you were in the northwest. It would be great to get together. I am pretty far away from everyone I think.

Well, take care.


Honey - July 20

Hey everyone! How's it going? I hope everyone is well!

I can't wait to see the sex of our baby either and also to feel the baby move. I sometimes feel these pains and think of labor! Then I think "What did I get myself into?" LOL But it's worth it! :)

How many of you remember the feeling of labor? LOL
I can't imagine the exact pain but I know it hurt like heck! LOL :) Man that hurt!!! That God for pain killers!



NANCY - July 20

Heather not sure if you are interested but when I miscarried there was this poem that I found that I use to get some comfort in reading. I will admit at first I cried but after a while I felt at peace with it. The name of the poem is "Just Those Few Weeks."

Well as far as knowing the sex of the baby I really do and don't want to know. I won't have a shower I already have a daughter and she's 19 months now so I still have all her stuff. My mother will keep everything in a black garbage bag in one of the closets.

Yes at that time I will be between 18-19 weeks when I get the ultrasound. Then we go on vacation I can't wait!!!

Honey I am hoping that labor was like it was when I had my daughter. I was so numb I didn't feel a thing. They had to tell me when I was having contractions so that I could push. I think I pushed 4-5 times and she was out!!!!

Well I haven't felt a kick since yesterday morning. I can't wait to watch my belly move al over the place!!

Have a good night!!


Monica - July 21

Hi Everyone!

How is everyone? I have been away for awhile because I have just been extremely busy with "life" lately......

Heather: I just read about Baby B, and when I told my husband about it....we immediately went into prayer. You have a very positive attitude & outlook about the entire thing however, so I know that your faith will see you through this. Because our God is sovereign, He has total control over the outcome of your baby......I am glad to know that Baby A is healthy though, and I will continue to keep you and your family lifted up in prayer.

Nancy: How are you? My next appointment is on Wednesday, July 26th, and then I will have an ultrasound appointment the following week to find out the sex of our baby. We are sooo excited about that!! I have been feeling my baby kick alot lately, as well as to ball up in a knot on my lower left side at times. It is so cute!! I can't believe that we are already at 17 weeks, and just about 3 weeks or so, we will be halfway through our pregnancies ;)

Amanda: I know that you are getting really anxious now, and I am excited for you & your DH. Please keep us informed on what is going on with you...
By the way, have you heard from your due date buddy Peaches lately? You guys are due around the same time, so I know that she is anxiously awaiting her bundle of joy as well.....

Take Care Ladies!
Monica :)


Honey - July 21


I was like that also when they gave me the DRUGS! LOL But not before I hit hard labor or transition. I can't remeber but there were a lot of moms there at that time getting the epidural so I had to wait like 45min.


Isn't the numbing great though. I'm getting it again this time probably I' not sure I'm going to try to be a soldier this time! LOL Wish me luck!



Monica - July 21

Honey & Nancy:
I too had an epidural for both of my pregnancies, and I was in absolute Heaven.......I didn't feel a thing from my waist down, and my husband had to actually push my back forward for me, so that I could push......It was crazy.
I am definitely planning on having the same thing this time around.....unless my labor goes extremely fast.

Nancy; I read on one of your posts that you were not planning on having a baby shower this time. Do you not want one or something? because I would love to send you a little gift or something since we are due date buddies. Please let me know...

Take Care!


NANCY - July 21

Monica I felt like we just blinked our eyes and we are17 weeks prenant it went so fast!!! Not that I don't want a shower but I still have everything from last time and you know how you had to have a certain swing or bassinet it is all in good shape. I know once the baby is born that my family will give me something for the baby. That is so sweet that you would get the baby something since we are due date buddies. I would love to get your bundle of joy something also.

Now we are taking about drugs!!!!! I told my DR from the beginning I WANT ALL DRUGS I AM NO SUPER WOMEN!!! He told me if that was how I felt and I came in and I was in that much pain and was only 1 centermeter he would give me something to cut the edge off. I would get my epidoral at 3 centermeters. I thought to my self what a guy!!!!! I was numb from under my boobs to the tips of my toes. The only way that I could explain it to my DH was that I was so numb my feet felt like they were the size of Fred Flinstone!!WONDERFUL!!!!

Honey when is your next apt?

Heather I didn't get any new baby stuff I look but not sure what the sex is going to be so I don't want to go crazy.

Trying to come up with names having a real hard time with boy names: Kyle Hunter, Tyler not sure of a middle name, Dylan not sure of a middle name.
For girls I like Madison Nicole. Paige was suppose to be Madison but I wanted her to have my grandmother's name as her middle name. I also liked Makayla and again no middle name. Does any one have any suggestions and what is everyone else thinking about for names?



Monica - July 22

Hi Nancy: If we have a girl, we are going to name her Diamond. That is a name that my husband picked out way before he ever met me, and said that it really stuck out to him. Kind of like a "Diamond" in the rough.
It we have a baby boy, he will be named Joseph III........affer my husband & my father-n-law.

The names that you have chosen are also VERY cute as well.....

Talk to you later,
Monica :)


jiggidysgirl - July 22

Hi Ladies,

I am so glad a lot of you already have this experience for advice. I have felt the same way about drugs as many as possible is what I want. I see some of the baby birthing shows and some of the woman don't look like they are having pain at all. That is what I want. Also, do they hand you your baby right away or what happens?

Nancy, of the baby supplies you have is there anything you would recommend having or not having. Or anyone else for that matter. I was going to check out consumer reports. I keep reading different things about breast pumps and car seats.

We have thought of many names too. Luckily my husband already has a child named after my father-in-law so I don't have to do that. But his dad's side of the family had J names and my husband likes that and would like to keep with it. So, currently we have a Johnathan and Jade. If we are having a boy we both really like the name Justin Ryan, Ryan being my husbands middle name. If we have a girl we both like Jasmine since it kind of goes with Jade as well as Jillian. I liked the name Emma but it starts with an E and my husband thinks it became too popular after the baby on friends.

Hope you are all having a great weekend. We are actually getting temperatures over a 100 degrees which for us is very unusual. They are saying it could get to 106 this weekend so I am sitting in the air conditioned house a lot. I feel a little sick when I go out for too long.

Take Care,


Amanda Ivey - July 23

Hi Ladies,
Just popping in to say hello after visiting my m.i.l, i had to recoop for a few. I have a question for all of you who have had children before. Last night I started feeling like something is pushing down on my anus and vagina kinda like pressure pains and contractions, does your body usually do this weeks before labor to get you ready for labor. Today is Sunday my doctors not in and I am starting to get worried if everything is okay or not and I am also here alone. S.I.L didn't show back up (long story) SInce then it has stopped but I just keep getting contractions. Any responses would be highly appreciated. Thanks sooo much in advance.



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