Recent BFP!!! Success stories!!!
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Jess - June 21

Despirate2BMom- I took Ovulex for three months and not very consistant the third month..... So I'm not sure if Ovulex helped me concieve or not??? I was also taking green tea twice a day and taking prenatals and 81mg of asprin a day. What ever it was, it worked! I tried to concieve for 3yrs and 3mo. I guess three's a charm for me... As far as the temp goes, I think Lili is right. Your body was probably trying to get rid of a cold or something. As for the cramping, very normal. That Ovulex is cleansing your system out and making it ready for baby. Try not to think too much about it. I would definately stick with the Ovulex and give it a good try. If you think you might be pregnant at anytime, stop taking the Ovulex right away.

Hope this helps you on your way to concieving that baby you so desire. How long have you been ttc??



Jess - June 21

Mahogany Heart-Glad to hear your son is doing great! They change so fast. You should post another pic if you have the time so we can see how big he is getting:) Are you breast feeding or bottle?

For the expecting mommies- How are you all holding up?? Any new symptoms? My sister finds out what she is having today and I'm so excited for her!!! She's hoping for a girl that way she can share a room with her sister. I myself can't wait to find out what we're having... Eight weeks, seems a long ways away. But worth every minute:) I don't care what I have as long as the baby is healthy.



shan1234 - June 21

MH – I’m still happy for you. ;D I’m glad the dr. visit went well for Chance. Chance sounds like he’s going to be a big baby, but that’s all good as long as he is BIG AND HEALTHY.

Despirate2bMom – I have to agree with Lili and Jess, I think your body was trying to get rid of a cold. I never heard of anyone getting a fever while taking Ovulex. I took Ovulex for 2 months and it made me tired. I would have to agree with Jess, give Ovulex a try it won’t hurt anything. The only suggestion I would recommend is if you’re using an OPK or FM as soon as you get a +, stop taking Ovulex….that’s what I did. If your af shows up, then I would start back taking Ovulex. Like Lili mention earlier she thinks Ovulex may have cause her to m/c, so I would think you will be safe if you stop taking it as soon as you get a + on your kit. I was also taking Geritol, drinking green tea, praying and taking prescription prenatal. Once I got a + on my OPK, stop taking Ovulex, Geritol and drinking green tea, but kept on with the prenatal and praying. Hope this helps.

Lili – Have you been to the dr. about your headache?

Jess – No new symptoms here. I’m just hungry and tired all the time. I’ve notice if I go too long without eating or snacking I get sick to my stomach, so basically I have to keep something in my stomach at all times.

Shara & Tia – How are you ladies doing?

Renee – That’s great news – you have 4 eggs. ;D I told you this will be your month. God is good!!! Keep us posted.



lili246 - June 21

No I have not been to the doctor yet about my headaches. I am thinking it is normal but I get scared at times and think it might be something else. Don't know but I will ask the doctor on my next doctor's appoint. on July 2. It is around the corner so I will wait, don;t like to bother the doctor to

Hey that is nice that your sister will find out today, lets us know. How many weeks is she?
I have a boy and would love to have the girl but well see what god brings us. I agree with you as long as the baby is healthy that is all it matters. :)

How is everyone else doing? Hang in there girls :)


Desperate 2 B Mom - June 21

Wow..thanks to all of you!

lli246 - Thank you so much for the info and I am so sorry to hear about your m/c. Congrats on the little miracle inside now. I will keep you in my prayers, and I hope your headaches go away.

Jess - Your words were very comforting so thank you. I have been trying to conceive "officially" for this being our 2nd month. I got off b/c a little over a year ago and we kept saying well if it is meant to be it will be...haha! You always hear about soo many accidents and it sounds so easy. So we finally said ok enough is enough and I bought Ovulex along with a saliva ovulation thingy and have been charting my temps every this month we are more ready I guess. Feel kinda like I am trying to hit a moving target with my eyes closed. Today and tomorrow are what appear to be my days this month so we will see what we can do and if God will give us a gift yet or not =) Take care and again thank you!

Shan1234 - Thank you as well and I am glad in a weird kind of way to hear it was just a bug I was thinking what in the world did I put into my I have had no other side effects that i have noticed. I like the idea you had as well. I am takng prenatal vitamins also just got from my doctor the other day. I am using a saliva ovulation kit thingy and am charting temps and what not. I feel like a science project...haha. I am just so excited and want this I am sure as every other woman on this! I have been with my hunny for 7 years now and it is just way past due. So, I have seen Geritol a lot, may I ask why, I have never heard that before. Oh and I love the whole prayer idea, I seem to be doing a lot more of that these I like that!!!! I hope your nausea get better, I cant wait to be kinda sick to my tummy. So weird to say that, but the outcome, I get excited just thinking it. Take care!

Best wishes to all and you will remain in my prayers!


Butterfly - June 22

Hi Lili,

Guess who? I took your advice and instead of e-mailing you I decided to "show my face" back on the forum again. I'll be e-mailing you soon. I have 4 weeks left until I see my little angel. Can you believe it? I've been super busy and that's why I haven't posted in a long time. But I still love you guys- shared journey helped me and my husband when we thought we couldn't concieve.

Much Love, Baby Dust, and Blessings to all!

P.S. I hope everything is coming along well with your pregnancy. :)


lili246 - June 22

I am so happy to hear from you girl. :) hey wow it is amazing that you are only a few weeks to give birth. I am so excited. So you are having a girl :) That is awesome. HOpe you can keep us posted on how everything goes and give us some advice ok.

In my side everything seems going well. I heard my baby's heartbeat the other day so I know that everything is going well. I am waiting for the approval of my 1st u/s hope it is soon.

Well girl take good care and good luck :)

How is everyone else doing?

Love Lili


Shara - June 23

Hello Ladies,

I had my last appointment with my RE on Thursday and everything was fine. I measured perfectly at 7w1d and the bugger had the nerve to try and not be seen on the ultrasound. He is already so small and the tech said he is still so close to the wall- but I saw the heartbeat and heard it - it was a perfect 132. I am so excited. I am not really experiencing all day nausea only when I get up and don't eat immediately that my stomach throws fits and don't stop. It is getting worst but I am praying for the best. I am getting that nagging bloating and cramping but my doctor said it is all normal. Every pg is different. I am being sent back to the last high risk doc I went to before but I have to have an intake first. SHe also recommended a doc for me. That was working as a resident now she is a "full fledged" doctor LOL. I will try it but hopefully the high risk doc will keep me this time.

To all the new ladies - welcome and to all those that were here and left welcome back!!

Mommies- I hope that you are all taking good care of yourself!!

Renee - how is it going!!

Destiny - I had high beta levels 14dpo of over 10,000 and I thought two also- good luck on your ultrasound. how far along are you? where is your ticker?


RNORST - June 25

Hi, girls, How's every one doing? I'm praying for all you and your blessings!!
Well I had the IUI done on Sat. The last two IUI I was really crampy and didn't feel good, this one I did have some cramps but not as bad as the other times. I get to test July 7th, one day before my b-day. I hope I get a wonderful b-day present by getting a BFP! I'm very relxed so far, I'm trying to forget about it. I'm laying it down at Jesus feet and letting Him deal with it.

Love Renee


lili246 - June 25

Hi girls,
Well I am going through some problems right now with the girls at my doctor's office for some reason they have not sent the referel I just called the insurance and they dont' have anything on file. So I will call them right now and fight with them since this has been going on for almost 2 weeks now. I am looking forward for that u/s but don't know why is taking for ever. I will check again and keep you all posted.

I am felling good. Still having some nauseas but no that bad. The tiredness is still here aswell hope that I can get some energy back soon.
Also I my nipples are hurting now. I know that is normal but they sure are getting some painful.

Hope that all of you girls are doing good. I am thinking of all you.

Love Lili


Shara - June 25

Hello Ladies,

I am glad to see that everyone is doing well.


I am praying for you that you get that BFP and a wonderful birthday present!!!


You have to be so adament when dealing with these insurance companies. I am so happy that everything is going well with you and the nausea is letting up. Hopefully your fatigue will let up also.

I am in the full swing of nausea now, my fatigue is has taken my life by storm and my bloating is affecting my clothing choices. Other than that just PEACHY!!!! I am ready to start enjoying this so this part is not seeming terribly bad.


lili246 - June 25

As you all know we all care about our babies and the healthness of them. If those girls at the doctor's office don't care I do care and I will push them to take care of this ASAP. I can't wait to see my baby. This is taking forever and I need to do something about it fast.
I will keep you posted on what happens.

Hope that you feel better. I know those nauseas are not good but that is a good way to find out that everything is going well with the baby.
I hope mine start going away. This fatigue is something that I don't like. I can't wait to get my energy back.

Good Luck girl we are all praying for you and hope you get that BFP. Keep the faith I know it will happen for you this coming month. It would be a wonderful b-day present I will pray so that happens for you :)

Love Lili


Mahogany Heart - June 25


Here is an update of Chance.



RNORST - June 25

Lili, keep on the insurance company and doc office so you can get that u/s done. Thanks for the prayers.

Shara, thanks for the prayers! I hope the 2ww flys by.

M.H., Man, he is a cutie!!!!

Love Renee


Yukon Queen - June 25

[quote author=Mahogany Heart link=board=4;threadid=4202;start=75#37345 date=1182803727]

Here is an update of Chance.

absolutely beautiful.What a happy mother you must be,remain blessed.


shan1234 - June 25

Hello Ladies,

My dr. appt went well this morning. :) I heard and saw my baby's heartbeat - it was 126. I’m little concern about the heart rate because I believe that’s slow, but my dr. told me not to worry about it at this time, since we still in the early trimester. My baby measurement is 6 weeks 3 days or 5 days (I can't remember -- I was in shock that I was looking at my baby and hearing the heartbeat), so my ticker is a little bit off. I’m just so excited right now, I can’t stop smiling. It’s a wonderful feeling to see my baby and to hear the heartbeat. ;D

Lili – I have to agree with Renee, keep bugging the insurance office and doc office. I can’t believe they treat their patients like that. Good Luck!!

Renee – Good Luck, I hope you get a + this month. That would be a wonderful birthday present. I’ll be praying for you.

MH – Your son is too cute!!

Well, I'm feeling very tired today, so I will talk to you ladies tomorrow.




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