Recent BFP!!! Success stories!!!
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Shara - June 20

One more thing

Renee - did you go to the doctor and yet and find out how many we have this month!!! I hope that you are our twin for the sisterhood- every so often we get one with the twins. I was the last and now it is your turn!!!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D


shan1234 - June 20

Good Morning Ladies, ;D

This morning I’m feeling 100% better than the last two days. ;D I’m not feeling sick just tired, but I would rather feel tired than to feel sick. I’m a big baby when I’m sick to my stomach. My DH was making fun of me these last two days because I was acting like a big baby. I did notice when brushing my teeth this morning, my gums were bleeding. Is this normal? I go to the dentist regularly, so I know I don’t have any gum disease. One more thing, one day my bbs are sore and then another day my bbs are not. Is this normal?

Shara – I’m glad you mention that you still having cramps, and it’s normal. I too, am having cramps every now and then. Did your dr. explain to you why you’re cramping? I bet that was a wonderful feeling to see your baby for the first time 3d. What’s the difference in the 3d ultrasound and the regular ultrasound? I can’t wait to see my baby for the 1st time on Monday. My mind will be at ease once I see my baby and the heartbeat.

Lili – I hope you’re feeling better. I’m not having any headaches, as of yet. Well, you should be happy; you’re at the end of the 1st Trimester. Hopefully, the pregnancy symptoms will fade and you can enjoy being pregnant. Have you heard from your doctor’s office, so you can get your 1st u/s?

Jess – How are you feeling?

Renee - How was you dr. appt.? I hope you got more than 3 eggs.

Talk to you ladies later.



Shara - June 20

Hey Shan

I was told that it was from the uterus growing(cramps) The 3D ultrasound gives you a full view of the baby from all angles and gives you a true picture of the baby. On regular ultrasounds all you can see is your baby as a dot with the flickering heartbeat. It is even cooler when you get further along because you get see the features of the babies face before they are even born!!!!

Ok ladies, here is my dilemma

I posted before but I actually need some advice on the subject. I left my ob that was caring for me with my twins because i felt that she was just incompetent. I went to a new doctor that was great and now she is no longer with the hospital. So I am loving my RE which is in my network but I don't have a doctor to see. I am sure that she will advise me to which doctor to see tomorrow when I go for yet another u/s but here is the dilemma. The research program that I went to who gives out the 3d ultrasound wants me to deliver at their hospital which is different from the hospital that i would originally be assigned to go to. Anyways I went ahead and signed up for the program to have the ultrasound done(hehehe) and I am going to me RE tomorrow for my final appointment. Would you stay and or go to the other program and if so why??? I am like stuck right now!!


destinybaby - June 20

Hi Ladies,

Got my new beta today 10,081 looks more like 2 uh. u/s next thursday. I still have some cramping, no spotting and m/s so happy about that.

Shan1234 happy you are feeling better. I think bleeding gums is one of the things that happens. I have the same issue with my bbs one day they are sore and another day they are not my dr said its normal

Shara, That must must have been so cool to see the baby on 3D. You are so right about not being out of the wood, getting the BFP is the beginning of worries , test after test, worry if you feel something, worry if you feel nothing.

MH, how that cute baby of yours, girl your a symbol of hope that we can go through this to the end.

Renee, You are such a sweetie, So happy to have you here with us. I wish you many many quality eggs. keep us posted.

Lili, you poor baby I hope you get pass this m/s stuff. congrats on getting to the next trimester.

My love to all who I may have missed.



RNORST - June 20

Well girls, my appt was this morning at 8:15. They did b/w and u/s. I have not heard back about the b/w yet, thats what I'm waiting on to see when the IUI will be. Well I have maybe 4 eggs that will be ready!!! Today is cd 13, last month on cd 13 that when I had the same u/s done and I had 3 eggs, the size of the eggs last time was 22, 18, 16. Anything over 18 mm?? is mature. But the eggs grow 1-2 mm per day. This time the eggs were smaller, like it wasnt quiet time yet, this time they were 18, 15, 14, 13. My lining last time was 9mm (I'm not for sure if it's mm??) But they want your lining to be at least 8. This time it was 8.1, so the lining was good. So I think instead of IUI on Friday it might be on Sat instead, because when I was in on monday 2 days ago my lining was 5.4, so it went from 5.4 to 8.1 in two days. Also my eggs on monday the biggest one was 14.5 and today it was 18. So even if I do IUI on Friday my eggs should be around 22, 19, 18, 17 ?? I will let you know after I hear from them.

Love Renee


Jess - June 20

Hey girls!! How are you?? Glad to see we're all still hang'n in there:) I'm still doing better in the mornings but still feeling sick around the afternoon and through the night:( I always have trouble eating dinner.... I just feel so sick. I do make myself eat though. Even though I feel like crap, I know the baby needs something for the night. I also have another thing that is kind of wierd. This morning when I took a shower, I noticed I had a bump on my genital area??? When I got out of the shower, I took a closer look and it looks like a boil or a spider bite??? What do you girls think? I was thinking if it doesn't clear up by Friday, I'll call the Doc and ask to come in so he can look at it. I'm kind of freaked out about it:( I hope that doesn't gross you girls out, but I don't know who else to ask. I've never seen anything like that. If you girls know anything, please let me know....

Renee- It's almost that time for you again:) Are you getting excited? That's great you have four eggs this time to work with:) I'll be praying for you this week.

Love ya girls,


lili246 - June 20

wow yeah looks like you could have two in there, that would be nice. Let is know what they see on the u/s.
Thanks I hope this trimester is better and that all those m/s go away. I have been feeling bad and hope to enjoy my pregnancy.

Hey I kinda know what you are talking about. I had notice that to but right after I give birth. After I had my son I notice a bumo down there it didn't hurt but I got worry about it. Then after my m/c I had another one about the same are and like I said it didn't hurt but I didn't feel comfortable. I had that for about 3 weeks then it disappear.
I have a friend that she told me she would get that when she became pregnant so I guess it is all normal but you might want to check just in case. Let us know what they say. Good Luck.
I know what you feel about eating something. Yesturday night I had dinner and right after finishing I ran to the bathroom and throw it up. I feel bad because I think that I am not feeding my baby.
I just hope I feel better within this weeks.

I am feeling better today, but still have some pain in my head. I pray for that to go away and not get those awful headaches.
I did call my OB and they said that they have not heard anything from the insurance. I pray that it gets approved so that I can have my 1st u/s. I can't wait.

well don't know what to say. I guess you have to choose at which hospital you would like to deliver. I know I want to have my baby at the same hospital that I had my son at. They treated me nicely. I have nother hospital close to my house but for some reason don't like it. I guess at the time of given birth doesn't matter which one it is. But that is more a decison you and your dh have to make to be happy with. I am sure whatever you choise will be the best. Good Luck and let us know what you do. :)

Have a great night and try to rest :)

Love Lili


RNORST - June 20

I'm so happy with 4!! God is so good, last time I prayed for 2 and got 3, this time I prayed for 2 or 3 and got 4. Well the re called and said to do the shot on thursday night and IUI on Sat. So my blood levels weren't ready yet for the hcg shot. So if my eggs were 18, 15, 14, 13, by sat they should be, 24, 21, 20, 19?? I wonder if they will do another u/s to see how many I have?? I wonder if some of the smaller ones will be ready??

Jess, Thanks for the prayers, I'm very execited, but yet very relaxed. I'm not worrying about it this month, I'm laying it down at Jesus feet and let Him do what ever he wants.

Love Renee


lili246 - June 20

about your bbs being sore one day and not the other. Don't worry I think it is all normal I am haivng the same problem. One day I don't feel anything and the other day I feel them sore then it goes and then I feel them like if they are getting heavy and then that goes and do on. So I think it is all natural. :)


Jess - June 20

Lili- Thanks for the info. I did call and talked to the nurse and she said to put a warm clothe on it a few times and see if it will come to a head and if it does, to try and pop it:( ouch! She also said, if that doesn't work to come in and they will look at it. It made me feel better to know I'm not the only one that has had this happen to them:) Thank you. Hope you start to feel better. How often are you eating?? I have been eating every 2.5 to 3 hrs and it seems to help with the sickness a LOT. Hope that helps.



Jess - June 20

Girls- I read something that was pretty cool and would like to share with you.

If God brings it to you, he will bring you through it.

Happy Moments, Praise God
Difficult Moments, Seek God
Quite Moments, Worship God
Painful Moments, Trust God
Every Moment, Thank God

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did:)



lili246 - June 20

Hope that bump goes away soon. Let us know how it goes.
Well since I work it is kinda hard to be eating small amounts. I usually have cereal in the mornings then at noon that is when I take my lunch I have a full lunch and then by 2 or 3 I am having a small snack either a banana or an apple. Then when I go home at 5 or 6 p.m. I have dinner and that is all.
I think is I have small amounts it would be better like you say and feel better right.
Thank for the info aswell.

Thanks for sharing that with us I love it :)



Desperate 2 B Mom - June 20

Liked the last posting, so I am new as of today to this site you all have inspired me so much. It is crazy how alone you can feel when trying to conceive and how slowly time goes by. I just have a question and dont know where to get an answer. I started taking Ovulex on June 10 which was Day 4 of my cycle. my cycles are usually 28-29 days apart. On day 11 which was about 4-5 days prior to possible ovuation I got a fever of 102 for 3 days. The only reason I ask is because I never get fevers like that for that long. Also I have this weird like runners cramp in my left side. Did anyone else have this or know of anything? I am really worried and hope didnt mess up my chances by taking this =( Thanks so very much and God bless you all.


lili246 - June 21

Well I am not sure why you go that fever. Maybe you ar egetting a cold or something like that?
About those cramps I know I got for 2 weeks once I started taking ovulex. Don't know why is that but I just took them for 2 months and then got pregnant but unfortunatley ended up in a m/c and since that I never took ovulex any more. I just had a feeling that it was the cause of my m/c. DOn't want to scare you but that was my way of thinking.
Good Luck

How is everyone else doing?

In my side yesturday was a good day I didn't had no vomit but Idid had that headache. UGH!! I hate those headaches and hope they go away soon.

Have a great day!!

Love Lili


Mahogany Heart - June 21

Hello everyone.

Chance had a Doctor's Appt. yesterday. He weighs 8lbs 15 1/2 ounces 9lbs you can say. When it comes to eating time the boy acts as if he we don't feed him. I'm telling you all watch what you say while pregnant when it comes to other people lol. I would always pick at DH and my mom calling them Greedy and everything and Chance got that honest.

When we were in the Hospital he weighed 7lbs and 9ozs. Then he lost an oz. 7lbs 8ozs. He had a follow up with the Doctor that Tuesday after we was discharge and he gain an half oz. 7lbs 8.5 ozs. That following Thursday we had a appt. with the lacation specialist and Chance weighed 7lbs and 13.5ozs and now he is 8lbs and 15.5ozs. He is three weeks today and is something else.

I'm glad to see everyone is doing well and sounding good. Don't forget to post those ultrasound pictures.


Jess - June 21

Despirate2BMom- I took Ovulex for three months and not very consistant the third month..... So I'm not sure if Ovulex helped me concieve or not??? I was also taking green tea twice a day and taking prenatals and 81mg of asprin a day. What ever it was, it worked! I tried to concieve for 3yrs and 3mo. I guess three's a charm for me... As far as the temp goes, I think Lili is right. Your body was probably trying to get rid of a cold or something. As for the cramping, very normal. That Ovulex is cleansing your system out and making it ready for baby. Try not to think too much about it. I would definately stick with the Ovulex and give it a good try. If you think you might be pregnant at anytime, stop taking the Ovulex right away.

Hope this helps you on your way to concieving that baby you so desire. How long have you been ttc??




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