Recent BFP!!! Success stories!!!
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Daydrmer07 - November 22

I got a BFP Wed 11/21 !!!!! I guess I should move on from the 2WW thread onto this one. I'm excited to find out in 2 weeks how many sacs are there!!! anyone else with a recent BFP to share HCG levels with???? I took my BETA 9 days post transfer and got a level 213. Congrats and Happy Thanksgiving to all!~



Brianandjena - November 23

I am so very very happy for you!!!!! Please keep in touch. I am on day 2 of clomid...I go on the 30th fro the u/s and make sure I mad enough follies and that they are big enough. and I get iui on monday the 3rd...


Daydrmer07 - November 23

Thank you! You will be in my prayers! Take it easy and keep me informed step by step!


RNORST - November 26

Daydrmer07, Congrats on the BFP!!!!! My beta was 259 14 dpIUI, and 516 16 dpIUI. They thought my numbers were high, but I only have one baby. Good luck.



Alexa - November 27

Hi ladies,

Shan, Renee and Jess how is everything going hope all is well with everyone you are all getting very close!

I am so happy to say that I only have till next week
for the big day I can't wait to meet my little boy and not be pregnant anymore!

Take care everyone



Jess - November 27

Hey girls!! Congrats on the new BFP's!!!:) That's great we're starting to see some new people on the board.

Alexa-that's so great that by next week you will be holding your little boy in your arms:) You must be so excitited:) Let us know if you hear anything about Lili.

As for everyone else... You're all looking great! Getting futher and futher in to your pregnancy's:) I'll tell you what, God has really blessed this forum. I for one couldn't be more thankful for God's help and also for having such great support from you girls during these times. So I just wanted to say thank you for all your help during my times of need.

I just turned 34wks today and am feeling it... I'm getting more and more uncomfortable and the other night around 2am, I got this incredible feeling that my son is going to come early. I was have so much pain in my pelvic area and my tail bone area, as if something will be happening sooner than later. I go for my 35wk checkup on Tuesday and I'll just have to wait and see what the doc says... He'll be doing a vaginal check and also doing that GBS testing. I just keep praying to God that my baby will grow strong and healthy in there and that no accidents will happen. I'm definately feeling more scared about everything as time is getting closer. What about you girls?? Any nerves hitting you yet??

Well girls, take good care of yourselves and I'll talk to you soon.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!!!:)



RNORST - November 28

Alexa, one week wow!!!!! Good luck and prayers to you!!! I'm doing good, I have a ob appt today, looking forward to it. I have to do the glucose test today.

Jess, Wow, you are also very close. I had my son at 36 1/2 weeks and he weighted 5 lbs 4 1/2 oz and he went home with me. So your baby will be fine if you have him early. I'm not nervous yet. Just try to get a epideral, they are heaven sent. When I had my son I was going to do it without it. I went in to labor at 2:30 in the morning and by 11:00 I said ok this is enough of this, and I got a eperidal, I'm glad I did because I didnt have my son until 5:36 in the evening. I played cards with dh and nurse though most of the bad labor pains, which of course I didn't feel. So go for the eperidral!!!!

I talked to Lili and she is doing good, no baby yet. She has a doc appt today and hope that they will get her going this weekend. She told me to tell you all hi.

Love Renee


Alexa - November 28

Hi Renee time sure does fly by your already 24weeks
wow, How are you feeling I can barely walk my lower
back hurts and the baby is so low its like he is sitting on my lap...LOL I have gained a total of 30lbs I started off weighing around 114lbs so the weight is really killing me I have a non stress test every Monday so far it shows mild contractions nothing to be alarmed about sometimes I get scared I am not going to make it to my scheduled C-section...

Hi Jess I am sure your fine you probably just have alot of pressure going on and it makes you think your going to have the baby early I felt this way with this pregnancy around 33-34wks also and nothing ever happened and I am now 38wks so I wouldn't worry to much..

I keep in touch with Lili too she is hanging in there she still isn't certain of her due date they changed it I believe to the 3rd of December so we will wait and see what happens..

Wishing everyone healthy and happy babies



Jess - November 28

Hey girls. Thanks for the info:) I will definately have an epidural!!!:) That's the only way all go. I again had a very bad night and I decided to call the nurse and ask her what else I could do for all the pain I was in. I couldn't help but break down while talking to her:( I'm over tired and in so much pain. I'm having pain in my lower stomach, tail bone and hips. I'm moving around like an 80yr old woman! She told me I could have a Motrin day and she would call me tomorrow to see how I was doing. She said if I'm not any better by tomorrow, that I should go to Labor and Delivery for a check up. I don't want to do that!! I want him to stay in there as long as possible. It really scared me when she said that:( I'm going to keep doing some stretching and hope that helps out a little... I just can't beleive how much pain I'm in and I still have 5-6wks left!!! If you girls know of any natural ways to help with the pain, please let me know.

Renee-good luck with the glucose test!!



Alexa - November 28

Hi Jess, I am sorry you are in so much pain I totally understand what you mean if I do fall asleep at night and wake up and try to get up my whole entire body is SORE from my hips to my lower back and tailbone and I also am moving around like an 80yr old gee I thought I was the only one, I wouldn't take motrin it contains asprin you can take X-tra strength Tylenol and also I use an ice pack with a thin towel over it and it helps with with the lower back pain!

I think what they meant about going to labor and delivery was so that they can check your cervix to make sure its closed just hang in there I know exactly how you feel if I walk to much I feel like my hips are burning I hope you feel better!



RNORST - November 29

Alexa, So what day is your c-section? I had my son at 36 1/2 weeks so I never got to that un-comforable stage. Good luck girl, you will be holding that boy in a week!!!! Did they tell you how much he weighs? I gained 30 pounds with my son also. So far I have gained 14 pounds.

Jess, sorry about the pain, is it better today??

My appt went very well, everything looks perfect. Tried to get a good 3/D picture of her face, but she always hides behind her hands. She wants us to be surprized by what she looks like. We even seen girl parts :) She weighs 1 pound 12oz. My appts are going to be every 2 weeks now.
Love Renee



Alexa - November 29

Hi Renee, I have been uncomfortable since about 7mths along my sciatica acted up around that time and only got worse, but its all worth the pain, its funny when you see your child for the first time you totally forget it all...

My OB'S guess is around 7lbs I would be surprised if he is smaller because of the pain my stomach is causing from daughter was 7.4lbs at 40wks and 4 days late so if he is already 7lbs at 38wks that explains all my aches and pains I am only 5.1....

I had a 3/D - 4/D U/S done it was so amazing to see how much my son looks like my daughter and husband I had one done at 27wks I watch it almost everyday!

Happy to hear your Dr.'s appt went well thats great!

Take care


Jess - November 30

Hey girls:) How are you? Glad to see Renee's appt. went well:) As for me, I'm stilll in pain 24/7:( I'm hoping the doc tells me on Tuesday that I'm dialating some to explain all the pain I'm having. The doc told me to take motrin for a day so I could hopefully have some pain relief.... It only took the edge off:( At this point, I don't care if he has to come a little early... I know he has a good chance now. I'm just tired of hurting and not getting sleep. If I'm not dialating, maybe I'll just ask the doc if he would induce me at 38wks. I don't think I'll be able to handle 40wks of this pain. I hope you guys don't think I'm a bad person for saying that... I'm going to go try some ice on the back. Talk to you girls later.



vligertwood - November 30

Hi ladies,

Congratulations all. Just wanted to mention, that you may want to check around locally for a chiropractor to help with the back pain. My husband is one and what they can do for pregnant women is amazing. They have a technique (Websters technique) just for pregnant women. Its been proven to help turn those stubborn babies around to get them into birthing position. Also eliminates back labor. I know there are websites out there with more info and pediatric info that should list doctors around the country who know how to do these particular adjustments. God Bless


jeni_turner - December 1

Can we get a new summary of methods & outcomes? I just love to read our little research! I'm in the 2ww of clomid IUI.

Jeni :)


jesswantsafamily - December 2

hello ladies i just thought id share my news with u umm...m so heres what happened.... i went to the doctor this friday 11/30 and they couldnt find our lil ones heartbeat so they sent us to have an ultrasound done well i had whats called a missed miscarriage i lost my lil one the baby measured 11 weeks and 3 days and i would have been 14 weeks yesterday they said my lil one fought to make it that far but couldnt fight anymore. so i had to have a D&C done friday night they said i did great physically im ok except for the cramping no bleeding or anything but emotionally this is so devastating. ladies this sucks so bad and i dont know what to do. my hearts in a million pieces and i dont know how to put it back together. i have never felt so empty in my entire life. sorry i dont mean to go on i just have to much on my mind. i just want my baby back.




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