Recent BFP!!! Success stories!!!
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lili246 - November 14

Yeah it is very exciting just waiting for that special day. I can't wait to see my lil one I am very happy and I know that everything will be ok.
I will talk to my doctor regarding my due date and I will let you know what she says.

My son was awake when I was getting ready to leave and he did something that was very cute. I told him to give me a kiss which he did and then he kiss my tummy and said " Bye Baby" it sounded so cute and I felt very happy :)
He never said anything like that before and this morning it surprise me and made my day :)

Have a great day

LOve Lili


lili246 - November 14

I had that non stress test on october at the labor and delivery room which made me feel comfortable and I wanted to stay there and have the
I don't know if I will have that test done. I will ask the doctor today. I have some questions that I will ask her. I will keep you all posted.

Have a great day!!

Love Lili

Thanks for the info :)


shan1234 - November 14

Hello Ladies,

Just wanted to let you ladies know that I will be taking the glucose test tomorrow and I hope I pass it.

Wish me luck!!



Alexa - November 14

Hi Shan, just wanted to wish you luck with your Glucose test! Wow 26wks your almost there too, when is your due date?

Lili, that is so cute that your son did that, my daughter decorated my tummy with Halloween stickers at my last U/S I had a sticker at the bottom of my tummy which I couldn't see the Dr. found it...

I can remember last summer when I was struggling to get pregnant I took my daughter to the park and she cried wondering why everyone had brother or a sister and why she didn't, it just broke my heart but it also made me fight even harder to now she tells everyone that her mommy is having her baby and the baby is only hers.and she is not sharing...LOL

Today I received a letter from the fertility clinic letting me know that the Reproductive Endocrinologist that helped me conceive was leaving the clinic Nov 30th so I wrote a nice letter to him, it was very emotional for me to know this because I will never forget him for what he has done for us...

Wishing everyone growing bellies!



lili246 - November 15

Hey I know what those kids do is just something wonderful. I was so surprise yesturday for what my son did and he really made me fee good. He made my day.

I had the doctor's appointment yesturday and we heard the baby's heartbeat and he is doing great.
The doctor told me that the u/s results came back normal and they didn't see anything wrong with the baby's kidneys which that is good.
They do want me to go back in 2 weeks for another u/s just to make sure everything is going well and check on the baby. Don't know if I will be able to make
The doctor said the from the first u/s I had my due date is 12-14 she said the baby will come when it's time to come. But I told her that I wanted to be induce and she said that she can do that at 38 weeks so I might plan that depending on what the u/s says next 2 weeks.
I did notice that back in october the baby weight 4lbs, 2 onzs, and this last u/s that I had he weights 6lbs, 4 onzs so he did gain like 2 more lbs so I will see what the other u/s say and then I will talk to my doctor and see if I will be induce because I told her that I was concern that I wanted to have my baby vaginally and if he keeps growing more we can have complications and I don't want a c-section I told her so well see what he weights in 2 weeks :)

My last day of work will be next wednesday which is around the corner. I can't wait and I am so happy for that.
So well see when the baby decides to come. Everyone keeps telling me that he will be here very soon. I look like if I am going to explode already my tummy is very huge. ANd the baby kicking alot and I love it :)

Good luck at your glucoses test hope that everything comes back normal. Keep us posted :)

Well girls hope that you all are doing good. Have a great day!

Love Lili


Alexa - November 16

Hi girls,

Just wanted to wish everyone a nice weekend! :)


lili246 - November 16

Thanks Alexa,
Were is everyone it's been a quiet week. Hope to hear from you all before I take off next week.

As you may all know my last day of work will be on 11-21 and I only have access to my yahoo address so if you want we can keep in touch there if not I will be back until march so wish you all the best and thanks for all your support you girls have been such a great help and I thank god for meeting you all here in shared journey.

Have a great weekend!!!

Love Lili


Les23 - November 19

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. we are almost finished with the baby's room. all that is left it carpet!!


Alexa - November 19

Hi ladies,

Hope everyone is doing good, had my non stress test today everything is going well no real contractions which is a good sign hoping to hang on till my scheduled date.the baby is very happy and very active according to the nurse :) I still can't believe I only have just about 2 weeks left...I am going to have 2 more stress tests before the big day! I guess they monitor alot better when you are over 40 I am enjoying all this extra attention..LOL

Lili, thats sad that you won't be on here till March...

Hope everyone is doing great!Keep in touch everyone!



lili246 - November 20

Hey girl that is nice that everything is going well. I am happy for you and yeah isn't it nice when you have all the attention.
I have an u/s for next wednesday which that is always nice and I don't know if I will have a nonstress test again which I hope I did because I am feeling like if I am having some contractions.
I sometimes feel my stomach getting hard on the top, don't know how long it last but I should keep track of that and I do think that this can be some contractions so I will check with my doctor tomorrow just to make sure.

Yeah I won't be here in the forum until march so I will miss you all.
ALexa I will email you so that I keep in touch with you since we are having the baby about the same time.
I will miss you all :)

Have a great day

Love Lili

YIKES we are so close that I can't beleive it but I am so excited and nervous :)


Cassee - November 21

hey everyone I wanted to drop by and share. I posted on here about a year ago. I have pcos and have been trying to conceive for 2 years. I finally started taking a larger dose of metformin and used accupuncture for fertility w/in 2 mo I have BFP I have my 1st ultrasound next week!!!


Alexa - November 21

Hi girls,

Lili, Iwill keep in touch with you through email!

Just wanted to drop in and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!



lili246 - November 21

Thanks Alexa I really want to kee in touch with you all. I will miss the forum alot since I am almost here every day. :)

Happy thanksgiving to everyone and hope that you have a great day with your familys.

Thanks for all your support. Today is my last day of work but I promise that I will be back.

Good luck on having your baby. I really wish you the best and yeah we will be in touch. Please let me know when you have your baby I will do the same thing.

Love you all girls,

For sure we will be in touch. Please take good care and hope that you are still working when I come back if not it will be your turn to be on maternity leave and it will be a long long time before we get to tak again, so if you go early please keep in touch somehow ok.

Love you all girls once again and I will miss you. You al lhave my yahoo email address hope you all keep posted.

Love Lili


Jess - November 21

Hey girls!! Just wanted to pop in and say Happy Thanksgiving!!! I'm already feeling like a stuffed turkey!! LOL!

Lili-good luck girl!! Soon you will be holding your little gift from God!!:) Have a nice maternity leave and hope to talk to you soon.



RNORST - November 21

Cassee, Congrats and good luck!!

Lili, we will keep in touch!! Cant wait for you to have that baby!!!

Happy Thanksgiving.
Love Renee


Daydrmer07 - November 22

I got a BFP Wed 11/21 !!!!! I guess I should move on from the 2WW thread onto this one. I'm excited to find out in 2 weeks how many sacs are there!!! anyone else with a recent BFP to share HCG levels with???? I took my BETA 9 days post transfer and got a level 213. Congrats and Happy Thanksgiving to all!~




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