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lili246 - November 8

yes you are right I am almost there to meet my lil one and I think Ineed to get prepared. I have not got my bag ready nor my baby's bag with things that we will be using. I am getting behind and I need to start doing that now you never know it can happen at any time.

Yeah from what the tech. said she looked everything was normal but she was going to send it to a specialist just to make sure but she was sure everything looked good which was such a relief.

You are getting so close as well time goes by so fast.
That is nice dec 4 your b-day I might have the baby that day you never know :)

How is everyone else doing? Hope you girls are hanging in there.
Have a great day.

Love Lili


lili246 - November 8

hey girls does any of you would like some info on the cord blood banking?
I already enroll in that and once my baby is born they will collect the blood cells and have them in the bank just in case in the future any of my kids need it which hope not but you never know it's better to be safe than sorry. It is not that cheap but also worth every penny I think :)

Let me know if you girls want some info ok.

Love ya



Alexa - November 8

Hi ladies,

Just dropping in to say hello, Jess its nice to see you are doing great, I know how uncomfortable night time can be with back pain etc..last night was horrible for me sciatic nerve was acting up and my enitre right leg had a cramp in it that kept me up most of the night..

Hi Lili, When I had prenatal classes when I was pregnant with my daughter there was mixed conversations about cord blood banking in how effective it really is, I can't remember the exact facts but I never did it with my first pregnancy...

I can't go by your ticker anymore...LOL I am a week behind you...I will be 35 wks tomorrow.

Well I am off to take my daughter to Ballet if I can make it what an effort to get her dressed and there on time she only has 3 more classes....

Take care everyone!



lili246 - November 9

Have a great weekend!!! Talk to you all on monday

Love Lili


lili246 - November 12

hey girls how is everyone doing? It;s been very quite here lately. Hope that we hear from all of you girls.

Well I had a great weekend but today I feel very tired.
First of all on friday was my dh birthday. Then saturday my mom gave me a surprise baby shower which was very nice of her and we had lots of fun :)
I got alot of clothes for the baby so I am ready for him to come to this world.

Then in sunday I had the 3d/4d u/s which it was hard to see it because the baby is very big and he barely has enough space in there.
But we got some pictures and we could see his face and he was even moving his mouth and stick out his tongue :) //lol

Right now I am feeling very tired varely could wake up this morning. But I only have this full week to work and part of the next and then I am off for a while. Dh was telling me that this week should be been my last week but I should be ok working part of next week also.
Which I am having some pelvic pain and some lower back pain aswell that hurts when I walk. I hope that it gets better which don't think so but I only have a few more weeks to go before the arrival of my lil one.
By the way the tech. said that my due date should on 12-11. Which my last u/s showed either the 12-2 or 12-3 and she is way off so I think that my doctor will stick with the begining of december and if I don't go into labor those days she might induce me. I know she has been doing that with her other patients so I will talk to her this wednesday when I get to see her for my doctor's appointment. I will let you know what she says.

My ticker shows I am 37 weeks today so it can happen anytime and I haven't gotten my hospital bag ready. I need to do that today for sure just in case I don't want to be running around like crazy if I go into labor. I need to be all prepared.
I need to wash the baby's clothes aswell so I will be busy this week.

Have a great monday and hope to hear from you!!

Love Lili


Alexa - November 12

Hi Ladies,

Well I had my OB appt today everything is good so far I am releived to know that my cervix is still closed and they did the swab test to see if I would need around of antibiotics before the baby is born if I were to deliver naturally but since I am not I really don't have to be concerned about it, I am having my non stress test done next Monday right after my next ob visit so everything is going fine so far : )

Lili, thats great that you did the 4D U/S I had mine done at 27 weeks because I knew the uterus would be less crowded then, I went later than that with my first pregnancy and didn't get a clear your due date keeps changing I think your ob should go by your last period and stick to that now your really going to be surprised as to when you go into ob says when your over 40 sometimes the baby can come sooner but I want the baby to be born on my scheduled date I still have things to get done...

My daughter has a bad cold and cough but is feeling much better I thought I was catching her cold there for awhile but I think I fought it off...

Hope everyone is doing good!



Jess - November 13

Hey girls! How are you all doing?? I've got that lovely cold that everyone seems to be spreading around. I wasn't as lucky as Alexa... Scratchy/sore throat, cough, congestion, the whole bit:( Not feeling that great. I can't believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner!!! This year has gone by so fast!!! They're right about one thing..... The older you get, the time fly's!! I just hope my cold is gone by Thanksgiving so I can taste my food.

I'm so excited for Lili and Alexa!!! They are so close to holding their little gift's from God:) Take care girls and I'll talk to you soon.



lili246 - November 13

Well everything is so weired because my doctor has as my due date on 12-26 as from my last af. That is way off and I don't she will stick with that. I really think she will go with my last u/s which whould 12-3 because she said that since it was level II u/s it is more accurate so I will talk to her and make sure what due date she has for me. I think if she sticks with 12-3 and I don't go into labor around that time she might induce me which I would love that. So I will talk to her regarding that tomorrow. Hope that everything was ok on the last u/s. She will go over the results with me tomorrow. Hope everything is fine!
I only have a full week of work which I am so exciting can't wait for that time off.

Hey my son also got sick with a cold and cough he is feeling better but I tried to avoid him that much so that I won't get sick especially now that we are so close.
I am glad that you didn't get sick.

I am sorry to hear that you are sick try sqeezing some lemon and then drink it, I recommend like 3 or 4 lemons and that will make you feel better. I tried that last month when I got sick and I felt better the next day so I wasn't sick fo that long which was good.
Hey you are so close aswell girl :)

Have a great day!!

Love Lili


Jess - November 13

Lili- are you saying to drink STRAIGHT lemon juice??? Or to put it in some water?


lili246 - November 13

Just straight lemon juice so that it can be strong if you use some water it will not work that much. You can add very little salt so that it is not that acid.
I did that for like 3 days and it worked fast I felt better and the running nose and cough went away within a few days. I didn't have to take that medicine.

Let me know if you try it and if it worked for you.

Good luck I know how it feels being pregnanct and sick UGH!!


Alexa - November 13

Hi everyone,

Lili, I hope everything is ok, I am sure it is they would have told you by now if something was wrong did they give you the Beta test yet or a non stress test? they scheduled my stress test after my appt next Monday I am looking forward to that...Good luck tomorrow!

Jess I am sorry your sick, I know how hard it is being pregnant and not feeling well just try to rest as much as possible...I just took a small teaspoon of Robitussin and fought it can also take Tylenol its safe..

Hope everyone else is doing great!

I have alittle over 3 weeks left! yayyy

Take care everyone



lili246 - November 13

I know and have faith that everything will be alright. I have so much faith in god!
I had a nonstress test on october and I don't know if I will have another done. I will check tomorrow. What is that Beta Test for?
Did they check your cervix yesturday at your doctor's appointment?
probably I will have that done. I am having some pain down in my pelvic and it is bothering me but if course the baby is coming down and all the weight is that it;s causing it.
Did I tell you that the baby weights 6lbs, 1onz.
Base on what the tech told me last sunday. I will check with my doctor and see what the tech said at the hospital and see if they have the same weight. I will let you know.
So what time and date is you c-section again? it;s on the 7th right? what time?
I was thinking if I don' thave the baby by the 3rd then the doctor might want to induce me and shedule me for that weekend. I notice that she shedules her patients for the weekend the most of we might end up having the baby around the same time? well see who has it first, how exciting, how are you feeling about it?
I am nervous about the labor part I hope everything goes well for both of us :)

Have a great day!!

Love Lili


jesswantsafamily - November 13

hello ladies i just thought i would let everyone know i had my first doc apointment on november 9th they said everything looks wonderful. i saw and heard my lil ones heart beating at 6 weeks and 4 days it was amazing (only because they offer an ultrasound where i went to get my pregnancy test done). i still cant believe that im gonna be a mommy. im almost safetly out of the first trimester which makes me feel so much better. but i go back to the doc on november 30 they said we will hear my lil ones heart beat then too which im excited because he didnt get to go to the other appointment he had to work. then we will make our appointment to find out what we are having!!! i hope evryone is doing well i have been sick and havent read all the posts yet.



Alexa - November 14

Hi Lili, They always do a Beta test around 35 wks to make sure you don't carry a certain bacteria when delivering naturally that can be passed on to the baby even though I am having a C-Section they still like to do it in case for some reason I go into labor early and end up delivering vaginally if you test positive for it you have to have around of antibotics before you have the baby ...They also do the non stress test around 36wks where they strap your belly to a monitor and see if your contracting and to monitor the babies heart rate

I think they do this for an hour or so I am having it done on the labor and delivery area where I will have the baby, it will be exciting to see all the babies in the nursery on Monday...

They checked my cervix on Monday my cervix was closed thank god it would be alittle to soon to have the baby my OB likes to see a patient pass at least to almost 38wks to be on the safer side..

I hope all goes well at your Dr.'s appt.



RNORST - November 14

Hi, girls. Sounds like everyone is doing great :)

I'm so execited for Alexa and Lili, you guys just have a few weeks left!!!!
Alexa, your c-section is the 7th of Dec? Are you working up until then?
Lili, you only have a week left of work :) WOW!!!!

Jesswantsafamily, hang in there the m/s will probably leave in a few weeks. It's very execting to be done with the first trimester.

Jess, Lili told me about that lemon juice and it does help. I couldn't drink it straight so I put a whole bunch in some sweet tea.

I'm doing really good, feeling her move every day, My dh and son can feel her move now. My son likes to tell my tummy jokes and I shake my tummy and he thinks the baby laughing, he thinks its very funny.

Love and Prayers Renee


lili246 - November 14

Yeah it is very exciting just waiting for that special day. I can't wait to see my lil one I am very happy and I know that everything will be ok.
I will talk to my doctor regarding my due date and I will let you know what she says.

My son was awake when I was getting ready to leave and he did something that was very cute. I told him to give me a kiss which he did and then he kiss my tummy and said " Bye Baby" it sounded so cute and I felt very happy :)
He never said anything like that before and this morning it surprise me and made my day :)

Have a great day

LOve Lili



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