Recent BFP!!! Success stories!!!
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lili246 - June 12

Yes I have HMO it is called AIM acess for infants and mothers program. it is for those who don't qualify for medical they can qualify for this program. I end up paying $700.00 for my whole pregnancy that is including birth. Then after the baby is born he is enroll in this program called healthy families it is an insurance that I only pay like $9.00 per month so it is not that bad.
The only thing is that I guess I have to get an approval before doing anything else.
So I just have to wait and get the aapproval so that i can get an u/s done hope that it doesn't ake that long.

I know what you mean I sometimes feel bad in the mornings I sometime sget those nauseas and do vomit so I hope that it goes away.

I am now going to shout that I am pregnant well I will not be telling anyone but they will find out by seeing my tummy it is growing so that is good :)
I already told my boss at work and he is keeping an eye on a that is good because that way I can be relief and take my 3 months off after having my baby :)

Well girl hang in there and let us know how it goes on your doctor's appointment. Good Luck :)

Love ya



lili246 - June 15

Hi girls,
just checking to see how everyone was doing with those pregnancy symptoms.

I have been vomiting at times like once a day and it is not that bad. But I don't feel comfortable. I might go back to the doctor and ask for some nauseas medicine. ON my last appoint. the doctor ask me if I wanted some but I said no, don't know why I said no but I guess they weren't that bad. I might just get some just in case.

Jess and Shara,
How are you girls, jess are you still having those symptoms? What about you Shara.

Have a great weekend. I will try to have a great birthday :)

Love Lili


Jess - June 16

Hey girls!!! How are you? I'm doing ok. I had a scare this morning.... When I wiped I saw some blood:( Freaked me out!! I just had my appt. yesterday and the doc felt around and we were able to listen to the heartbeat for the first time:) So cool!! Dh and I both got tears in our eyes.... I know when this baby arrives, we'll both be crying like babies:) Anyways, I called the nurse and she said that it's ok to spot after the exam and not to worry as long as it's not heavy bleeding or bad cramps. I've been taking it real easy today and drinking lots of water. I've been feeling yukky today anyways....




Shara - June 16

Good Afternoon Ladies,

No serious pg symptoms yet just the cramps and occassional nausea when I eat or smell something or somebody that my baby doesn't like and the EXTREME FATIGUE. Other than that I am fine LOL!


Happy Birthday - I hope you had fun!!


Taking it easy is your best bet. There are so many weird things that can happen during pregnancy now that are considered normal- you don't know when to freak out or when to just put your legs up and drink juice. I hope you feel better.


lili246 - June 18

Jess and Shara,
Thank You girls I had a great b-day around my love ones and I was very happy to have them next to me :)

I know just for any detail different we see we get scared and that is normal we care about our babies and want to make sure that everything is going well. I know I freak out for everything and I always pay attention when I wipe all the time. Thank god everything is going well.
I am happy that you heard the babies heartbeat that is always a belssing. About crying I know what you mean I fell the same way I guess I am so sensitive that I cry for anything. But ofcourse this is very special :)
About crying when your baby arrives I don't blame you and dh for doing it. I cried so much once my baby was born and those tears were of happiness. It is just a wonderful feeling that you can't resist crying. Dh was also crying you should of seen him he couldn't resist it either. it is just something very emotional :)

Hey Jess didn't your doctor asked you about those nausea medicine? My doctor asked me if I wanted some but I said no, I had just changed my mind and called her back and said that I now do want some medicine because I have been feeling not good. This nauseas are still kicking in and they make me feel uncomfortable.
You should ask them about it.

wow you might just be lucky and don't feel anything like that which you will be blessed. I know for my son I felt very good all the way and no nauseas. This time is different and I am feeling sick. I hope they can go away soon. I will go and pick up my medicine for nauseas after work.
You are almost 7 weeks so they might just be kicking in aswell. I didn't feel anything like around that time, so well see. Good Luck!!

Have a great day today!

Love Lili


lili246 - June 18

Hey girls,
If you haven't read what Ange and Jade post on the fertility forum well she said something about us not posting their anymore since we were pregnant and always talking about our pregnancies. That made me feel not welcome and if you are willing to keep on posting in here and keeping in touch that will be great.
Hope we get more of the girls with a BFP in this forum they are always welcome here :)

Love ya


Mahogany Heart - June 18

We just have to Pray and wish them all the best.


RNORST - June 18

Well girl, I dont have a BFP story yet, but I want to keep in touch with you all. I need support, and I dont care if it's from some one preg or ttc. I need help to get though this. I have been there for the girls while ttc and I want to be here for you girls when your babies are all grown up!
Love Renee


Mahogany Heart - June 18

Renee that is the Sweetest Thing...


Jess - June 19

Hey girls! Yes, I did read what was all said on the other board.... Not very nice, but you can't control what people think..... I WILL continue to stay on THIS board and no longer on the other. I let the other TTC girls know that we are here for them if they need to talk or vent:)

As for me.... I threw up for the first time the other night:( No fun!!! But I must say, I felt better after I did. Weird, huh? So my morning seem to be getting better, but my nights are still pretty bad.... I have to eat every 2.5 to 3 hours to stay feeling good. I hope I don't gain 200 pounds!!! LOL! Anyways, hope you girls are well and feeling good:)

LOTS of love


Yukon Queen - June 19

I dont know what is happening,i dont mind obtaining information from any board or any one that can help me at all.Still waiting for a BFP.
What will be will be,we all started with one form of infertility or the other, let continue to love, support and respect one another.
No hard feelings!


shan1234 - June 19

Good Morning Ladies,

I can’t believe we got kicked out the Infertility forum. I’m shock and hurt at the same time. :(

Well Ladies, the pg symptoms are kicking in full force. I was sick all day yesterday and this morning. I ate oatmeal this morning and sickness went away for a minute now it’s back. I feel like I can’t keep my eyes open. I’m so tired. I just want to go home and get in the bed. Jess, did you find a way to get over your nauseous? If so, please let me know. I feel miserable, I love the fact that I’m pg, but I can’t wait until this 1st trimester is over. ;)



Mahogany Heart - June 19

I guess I'm totally confuse because I don't know where I fit in I'm not ttc at this time nor do I have a BFP at this time.


lili246 - June 19

You fit everywhere girl, don't worry we accept you here no matter what. Everyone is welcome :)

That is good that you are feeling somewhat better. I know what you mean that you felt better after vomiting. I fell the same way.

As for me yesturday was the worse day ever. I felt very sick. I did vomit twice and alot. I felt very bad and had to called my doctor to get that nauseas pills. I do now have them they are called Metoclopramide 10mg tablets common brand name of Reglan. I did some searching and I feel that it is not for me. it says that is is most for heartburn and for people with diabetis so I am not sure if I should take them or not. The nauseas are not that bad only vomiting but yesturday made it worse because I had a terrible headache that I couldn't resist and having the vomiting made it worse. I went to bed and rest after work and I felt better. I was very tired and I feel bad for my son. I haven't given him enough attention lately because of my symptoms. I just can't wait for this nauseas to go away.
I am at the end of the trimester I will be 13 weeks tomorrow as from what my ticker says and I hope this is the end of the nauseas. I am still thinking if I should take the medicine or not I don't like to take anything.

Any natural suggestions for the nauseas or vomiting?

So they are coming now? UGH!! poor you I know how uncomfortable they can be. I hate being sick I prefer enjoying my pregnancy.
But o well we have to deal with this.
I hope they don't get worse. Please rest alot.

Have you girls had any bad headaches? I am getting bad ones and I am getting scared about it.

Thank you for understanding girl. You are such a sweatheard and you have been here for us all the time. You are such a great support. We love you :)

Have a great day and lets keep in touch :)

Love Lili


Shara - June 20

Good Evening Ladies,

I am sorry that I have been posting so late. Midterms for the summer semester are right around the corner and they (teachers )seem to want to get in test before then also so I have been a bit scattered. One last note for anyone who cares. I read that information on the other board and responded my feelings towards it was obvious but as I said to them - I am not out of the woods and neither are any of you. I do not want to see any of you stressing and hurting my little nieces and nephews to be. We want healthy and happy pregnancies and babies. No one else is allowed to rent that much space in our minds ever again unless they genuinely want our support. I am here for anyone who wants or need it ;D

Ok with that said- I CAN NOT KEEP MY EYES OPEN!!
I can't hardly brush my teeth with certain toothpastes and certain foods you can forget about it. Other than that I am peachy LOL!! I can say that I am only nauseous sometimes and not constantly for the moment. I am hoping I skate by with just a touch this pregnancy. Massive cramping that I was told was normal (go figure) and I can not seem to get enough water- it is like it is leaving as soon as it gets in there.

I heard my babies heartbeat on Friday and got my first 3d ultrasound and the baby actually looks like a piece of rice. The tickers are telling the truth after all.

You ladies take care and I will talk to you all in the morning after I get some shut eye. Love Ya!!


Shara - June 20

One more thing

Renee - did you go to the doctor and yet and find out how many we have this month!!! I hope that you are our twin for the sisterhood- every so often we get one with the twins. I was the last and now it is your turn!!!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D



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