Recent BFP!!! Success stories!!!
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RNORST - October 19

Alexa, I live in Nebraska. I will check out some of those store, thanks for the tip. Keep me posted on how things go with your u/s and how big your baby is.



lili246 - October 22

Hi girls how is everyone doing? it has been very quite here lately hope that you haven't forgotten about us.

wow you are 19 weeks now, time is flying by.

I have like 7 more weeks to go or less well see.

hey girl how are you doing?

I have a doctor's appointment this wednesday hope that my insurance already approved the u/s so that I can go in and check on my baby. I will keep you posted and I am keeping fingers crossed and praying god to protect him and bless me with a healthy baby.

I am feeling great after those fires here in California it smells very bad smoke everywhere and hope that it doesn't affect my baby.

have a great evening.

Love Lili


Alexa - October 23

Hi, Lili

Good to hear from you! I pray that your baby is healthy
everyday, I am doing good but my lower back is killing me and I can't sleep at night still I think its getting worse as the baby gets bigger, only 7 weeks to go yayyyy...

I have an U/S next Monday to see how big the baby measures and weighs so it will be exciting to get to see him again, for some reason he kicks and pokes me all night and my whole tummy shakes when he moves its great to feel but very uncomfortable...

Thats must be awful that you have to smell smoke hope the fires were not too close to where you live!

Take care and let me know how everything turns out...



WantingBaby - October 23

Hi everyone I am new to this website. I am 18 and i have a beautiful 3 year old daughter. She was an unplanned pregnancy of course,lol. Her father was an asshole and i definietly didnt intend on getting pregnant by him. She was so easily concieved and i was only 14 at the time. Now i am with someone that i love and we have been ttc for a whole year and i don't understand how come it was so easy for me to concieve then and hard for me now. Well i did some research and looked up Ovulex. Me and my boyfriend decided to order it. I started taking it Sept. 11th. I recently got off the depo shot in april and I got a regular period in August and i thought that iwas going to have regular periods every since then. The day after i started taking Ovulex i started bleeding and i just stopped bleeding today. I would bleed one day, spot the next day, and then no blood the next day. I did go a whole week without bleeding, but it started back. Is this normal?, but for the last past 13 days i was bleeding non stop. The days that i wasn't bleeding me and my boyfriend would do it. i have been drinking green tea and taking two pills before bedtime just like the instructions said. I made the mistake of leaving the ovulex bottle at my boyfriend's house for a whole week from last Frriday and i was so devestated because i knew that it wasn't going to work now that ive missed a whole weel, i just got the pills back Friday night. Im thinking about taking Geritol, preseed and buying a fertility monitor also because ive heard good things about them. Does anyone know any normal signs with ovulex? r the signs im experiencing normal? What types a food should i eat and not eat? sorry if i am asking too many questions but this would help me. Thanks!


Shara - October 23

Hello Ladies,

I wanted to drop in and say hi. The last few weeks have been somewhat eventful for me and the baby but we are alright now!! I am just happy to be half way through with this pregnancy and also half way through with school for this semester. I was trying to figure out what I was going to do for school next semester considering he is coming right after it starts. Dilemma Dilemma - who said life was easy??? :)

Well I am off to do some studying - I hope that all of you ladies are doing well

Lili- you are in my prayers for a healthy baby ;D

RNORST - congrats on the baby girl. I have been routing for you since I met you. I am glad that everything is going well for you!!


RNORST - October 23

Shara, You are almost 25 weeks, wow, time flyes. I'm glad things are working out for you now. We are all here for you.

Wanting Baby, Hi, welcome. I had my son 6 years ago and had no problem ttc, well different story this time. I ttc for almost 4 years. I tried ouvlex and it didnt work for me, also gertiol tonic. I had a surgrey to remove a piece of plcenta that was in my uterus from having my son. I did 3 IUI total. The last one worked! I was on clomid with a trigger shot. Try the geritol and green tea. Try to eat as healthy as you can and exercize. If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

Love Renee


WantingBaby - October 23

thanks alot i have read your whole entire journey through this website and i must say that i am amazed. It was like reading a book, everytime i read one of your post i was like o my god is she pregnant yet, lol basically rooting for you. I have read alot of threads on here of women who come on here and thought that they wouldn't get their dreams and they finally did after a while. This really encourages me to keep trying. I stopped bleeding yesterday and now im spotting. My body is so weird. I don't even know when i ovulate or when i have a period because ive been bleeding for so long.....


lili246 - October 23

Hey girls thanks for all your support, I am praying that everything goes well and that I have a healthy baby.
I have a doctor's appointment tommorrow and I will find out when I will have my level II u/s. I have so much faith in god that he is protecting my baby.

One of the fires is close to where I live and it smells terrible I hope this smoke doesn't affect my baby.

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers I am sure everything will be alright.

hey girl I am sorry to hear that you are bleeding that much. wow that is a long time and I am not sure why. I have heard that most women do bleed when they use ovulex. I did use ovulex last year and didn;t get this kind of problem. But I hope that you get that BFP soon.
By the way every pregnancy is different sometime syou can concieve very fast especially at that age you were only 14 years old that is too young girl.

I highly recommend taking it the natural way since you are having some problems with ovulex if thats the cause of your bleeding maybe it doens't work for your body and it is rejecting it. But you should buy that fertility monitor it worked for me that first month of using it so it's worth the money paid. I did bought some preseed took green tea and some robitussin and yeah took my tmeps every morning. That was how I got pregnant. Because I was having problems getting pregnant my periods were so irregular that I never knew when I was going to ovulate.

Good luck and keep us posted.

have a great day

Love Lili


WantingBaby - October 23

thanks alot lili246


WantingBaby - October 23

lili246 -PS, im not even bleeding anymore, it stopped and now im having a brownish yellowish discharge is that normal


lili246 - October 23

Like I said I never had that bleeding with ovulex and that spotting that you are having. probably ovulex is not working for you, or are you taking ovulex right now? What are you doing for trying to concieve?


WantingBaby - October 23

lili426 I am taking ovulex right now and i just started it Sept.11th


Alexa - October 23

Hi ladies,

Just dropping in to see how everyone is doing, Good luck tomorrow Lili...



RNORST - October 24

WantingBaby, I would suggest using a fertity monitor, they work great also start taking your temps. If you have any more question, we are here for you. I never bleed on ovulex either, so sorry I cant help with that.



baby#2 - October 25

Hello Ladies, I just want to CONGRATULATE Ange on her BFP!

RNORST---Congrats on you baby girl. I will pray for a healthy pregnancy. ;)

God is GOOD!!!!

You ladies are a inspiration to me. I will continue to pray for us all.


RNORST - October 25

Baby#2, Thanks for your prayers, God is good and prayers work.
How are you doing on your ttc journey? Your in my prayers also.
Love Renee



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