Recent BFP!!! Success stories!!!
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lili246 - October 15

Congratulations girl... I am so happy for you, you finanly made it awesome. Welcome to our board :)
Keep us posted :)

Congratulations sister a GIRL what a blessing you will now have your pair that is awesome and I am happy for you. What does Will think about a girl? Did he wanted a boy?
I will pray for him so that he does better at the eye doc. Have faith everything will be ok.

You mention that you were having some pain down in your private part right? When you told your doctor did she examine you down there to see if you were dilating?
I was having some pain this morning and notice that I was having some creamy cm. I do get that pain almost everyday but not that bad. I felt it more this morning and got scared? I mean don'tknow if this could be good or not or a sign of labor pain... it's getting scary at this point because we are so close girl.
Well my not anymore due date hope you are doing good and hope that you can help me girl.

Love Lili

P.S. it is nice having more of those BFP, lets get some more we will be praying for you sisters....


Alexa - October 15

Hi Lili,

My pain was more like pressure it turned out to be the babies head just pressing on my pubic bone I think his head is now on my right upper side of my belly he definately changed spots in there...its very sore in between my leg joints down there its from your ligaments seperating getting reading for birth its totally normal other than that its all I have felt my body is just very sore and my back is killing me, I don't sleep at all from my lower butt pain wich is from my siatic nerve killing me...I am sure your fine when you go Wednesday
tell them to do an internal last month when I was complaining of all this they really listened and act on
everything,they did an internal and my cervix was totally closed, they even did a preterm labor test which
is just a swab internally I guess your body sends out a certain hormone before labor begins and they can tell you if your going to be in labor within the next two weeks all was normal....

Renee, congrats on your lil Girl I know how excited you must be I have a girl and now I am having a boy one of each just like you! thats awesome!

I am done with all my shopping for the baby he has all his little outfits I even did shopping for next summer
I bought all his outfits on clearance at Macy's since everylthing is marked down for the he is all set for awhile....

Congrats Jess on your new BFP!

I am so happy to hear everyone is moving right along!



lili246 - October 15

Thanks Alexa,
I will ask the doctor and see what she says. My pain is down in my private part and it is only sometimes not all the time but like I said this morning it was different.
Hope that all is well.
I will keep you posted.



shan1234 - October 15

CONGRATS RENEE!!! You're having a little girl. Welcome to team pink. Do you have any names picked out yet? DH and I are still deciding on names. I didn't realize picking a name for a girl would be so stressful.



RNORST - October 16

Lili, Yeah, he wanted a brother, oh well he will still have fun with a sister.

Alexa, Thats why I'm so execited, now I will have one of each, we plan to have more kids, but if it doesnt happen at least I will have one of each.

Shan, Well we are between Uriah Dawn or Jaylee Dee. My son would of been named Uriah if he was a girl, but we also like Jaylee, we are leaning toward Jaylee??

Love Renee


Shara - October 16

Good Morning

I am so happy for you - God has smiled on you. I am so happy for you. Now be sure that you take care of yourself and enjoy the next nine months!!!


DianaGR - October 16


Please throw tons of baby dust our way too! I wish you a wonderful 9 months enjoy it!

My best wishes


jesswantsafamily - October 16

thank you ladies

you know its so crazy bc we quit trying and thats when it happened i cant wait till the ms goes away tho

lots of baby dust ladies!!!!!!



Jess - October 16

Congrats wantafamily!!! That's great news!! Drink lots of fluids and get some rest! How long were you guys trying to get pregnant??

Renee- congrats on the baby girl!!:) You must be so excited about having one of each!!:) Good luck on the name picking. I like Jaylee. Glad everything is going good for you.

Alexa & Lili- you guys are getting soooo close to holding your baby's in your arms!!! Sorry to hear you're both having pain in the pelvis area.... I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. The baby is probably just pushing his head on that area. Glad to see you're all doing good besides that.

I'm doing good. I can't believe I'm 7mos today!!:) What a great feeling!! I'm already starting to see the doc every 2wks now. I'm excited about that!! I get to hear my baby's heartbeat every 2wks instead of every 4wks. My sister is having her baby by c/s on Monday the 22nd at 1:30pm. Can't wait to see her little guy!!!

Talk to you girls later,


lili246 - October 17

Nice to hear from your girl :) I am also glad that you are 7 months now. Wow time is going by fast and I am glad that you are having your appointments every 2 weeks that is great. Hey did you return that heartbeat monitor you were renting? I hear my baby's heartbeat very often at nights Renee and I bought one instead of renting it. Goodluck girl and yeay we are so close to hold our lil ones, how exciting :)

Hey girls how is everyone else doing? I have a doctor's appointment today and the doctor will give me my u/s results. I really pray that everything is good with my baby and he is healthy. I am kinda nervous but I also trust in god and I I know that he is taking good care of my lil one.
I will keep you posted on what she says today.

Yesturday night I has having a feeling when the baby is pushing down and then you feel like peeing because he is pushing my bladder but then I feel some pain down there and I hope it is nothing serious. I will consult that with my doctor and see if she checks on me and does that test that you told me about. I will let you know what she says.
The good thing is that I have been feeling my baby move alot and that makes me feel great.

have a great day.

Love Lili


Alexa - October 18

Hi Girls,

How is everyone doing, I had my OB appt yesterday everything is going great so far I am going to be 32 weeks on Sat. I was feeling pretty crampy the last 2 days they asked me how much water I was drinking I am not getting enough water in me they say 8 glasses a day but I think I really am only getting like 2 so I had alot of water to drink yesterday and I feel better....

I am so happy I get to have another U/S just to see how much the baby weighs and just to make sure he is growing properly, they still have to call with the date and time so I look forward for appts are every 2 weeks now hopefully those appts will make time go by faster..

Jess, Renee, Shan, How are you guys wow I can't believe how far along everyone is...

Renee, have you bought any cute pink outfits, I remember when I found out I was having a girl everything was pink, her room her pj's, all her outfits.
LOL, my daughter is now 3.5 and I think she is tired
of pink I wore it out...LOL she says she likes blue now..
everything I am buying for my son is the same color baby blue...LOL

Lili, How did your OB appt go, I hope everything is fine with your baby and I am thinking of you, let us know how you are...

Have a nice day girls!



lili246 - October 18

Hello girls,
Hey girl well I don't have really good news. I went to the doctor yesturday and had to wait for the doctor because she had to leave to the hospital, she did come back and then when she checked on me she did like a papsmear it is to check if I have any infection. I guess I will get the results next week. Hope that there is no infection.

Then she said that the u/s came back ok.

I told her that I was concern about something that I had read, and she said that they saw that the kidney was dilated? I don't really know what this meant and I told her if it was something bad for the baby and they said no. She said that theyw ere going to send me to a specialist to have like a 3D u/s so that they can make sure. She said those normal u/s are not 100% accurate so she will send me to a specialist so that they can check to see if the baby was something on his kidneys.

The nurse said when she was giving me another appointment she said if I knew that the baby had cycst on his kidneys which I didn't know and I guess that was what the doctor meant. So the doctor explain that it might be cycst thats why she wants to make sure and send me to have another u/s. But it could be and I told her that if it was something bad and she said that it wasn't she said that it is very common in a pregnancy and if for some reason the baby has it once he is born they will check him agian and maker sure if he has that and then cure him for that.

So well see what it really is. I really pray that it is nothing bad with his kidneys. I really trust in god and I know that he will send me a healthy baby.

Please help me pray for this lil one.

How is everyone else doing?

Love Lili


Alexa - October 18

Lili, I will say a prayer for your little one that he will be just fine, try to stay focused and as you said keep the faith that everything will turn out ok..I know how hard being pregnant is and then having to worry on top of that is alot, keep me posted on how you are!



RNORST - October 18

Lili, I will be praying for that baby, everything will be fine God is good!

Alexa, I already warned dh that I had to buy a little tiny cute dress and now I cant find any, they are all bigger sizes, I wanted to find a preimee dress.
You are getting so close, how great. I have been doing good, a little pain from the streching, back ache and heartburn, but alot better then from before. She is moving alot, I love it. I cant wait for dh and son to feel her kick.

Love Renee


Alexa - October 18

Renee, What state do you live in? if you have a Macy's they have great infant dresses or if you have a Kohls they are good also they carry Carters things, I found a cute outfit for my son at baby Gap for the summer time thats marked down from this summer...

My OB's office called today I have my U/S scheduled in a about a week I am looking forward to it, they are the ones that did my level II I am very happy with them and they always have the Dr. on staff there double check everything so I leave feeling confident...they are just going to check in on the baby and see how much he weighs at this point and what he measures, I guess they do this at 32-33 weeks due to my age ....

Hope everyone is doing well! :)



RNORST - October 19

Alexa, I live in Nebraska. I will check out some of those store, thanks for the tip. Keep me posted on how things go with your u/s and how big your baby is.




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