Recent BFP!!! Success stories!!!
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Alexa - October 11

Hi Lili, I am doing good my tummy is getting bigger and heavier only 7 more weeks to go who knows maybe you will go into labor around the same time as my C-Section.

I hope your son is feeling better my daughter had a slight cold a couple of weeks ago I just scheduled her to get her flu shot for this year...

My daughter has Ballet today, I don't know how much more running around I can do, just going to the market is getting to be too much, hubby is having surgery on his hand Friday so I will pretty much spend the entire day at the Hospital, its day surgery so I will bring him home late afternoon...

Les23- Congrats on your little boy!

Renee- I wouldnt worry I didn't really start showing till after 5 mths and I also remember thinking the same thing that I looked bigger one day and smaller the next thats completly normal...

Hope everyone is doing well...



RNORST - October 11

Jess, Thanks for the advice, My tummy looks a little bigger today?? Its weriod. My ob has not measured my tummy yet? But I do have a u/s every appt and he measures the baby every time and it awlays measures right. My appts are every 2-3 weeks, so thats nice always checking on the baby.
Wow, your baby 2 lbs 4 oz, When are you due? I'm sure the baby will chg and move, you got some time.

Alexa, Thanks for the info, its weriod that one day I have a big tummy then the next its not that big, well it big again today??? You have 7 weeks left, wow, I'm so execited for you. Good luck with your dh surgrey.

Lili, how'd your doc appt go? Did they get you a appt for a u/s?

Love Renee


lili246 - October 11

hello girls,
well yesturday I had my doctor's appointment and we heard the baby. I told my doctor about my concern about the baby not moving that much and she sent me to the hospital where I will be delivering my baby and they did an u/s there, the girl told me that he was ok and we saw his heartbeat. She did alot of measuring and it was an u/s for like 30mins. which was nice. Then I had a non stress test and everything went well it lasted for 30mins as well. So I spend the most of the day at the doctor.
Well I found out my new due date from the u/s it is now December 2, 2007. Before it was 12-14-07 so that is a big difference isn't it.
But the nurse gave me an envelope to give to my doctor but I couldn't resist opening it and I read that my baby weights 4 lbs 3 onzs. and it shows that I am 32 weeks 3 days from the u/s.

But there is something else that I read on the paper that is worrying me alot and I don't know if I can handle waiting until next wednesday when I have my next appointment. Hope you girls can help me with this.
On the bottom of the paper there is a comment of the technologist that says: Bilat dilated renal calyces vs. Polycystic kidney disease. And this is worrying me alot what does this mean? Does this mean that my baby has a kidney disease? I am praying god that this is not the case or else I will go crazy noone in my family has this problem and I did some researching that you get this if someone in your family has it. But we don't and I am so worry about it. I guess I should of not read that paper because it is all stressing I don't understand what they mean by that and I pray god it is nothing about my baby.
I will find out on my next appointment this coming wednesday.

Thanks for your support.

Love Lili


Alexa - October 11


I can't understand why the Tech did not say anything to you so you could ask what all that was, if I were you I would call your OB's office in the AM and tell them you want to know what all that written down on paper exactly is?

When was your last U/S If you had one around 18wks I think they would have seen something then....

Please let me know how you are...



shan1234 - October 11

Hello Ladies,

I see that everyone is doing good. I'm so busy at work lately that I haven't had the time to post anything. I'm doing okay and so is my little girl. I love it when I feel her move. My next appt is Thursday, Oct. 18 -- can't wait to see her.

Lili -- I'm be praying for you and your lil one, hope that everything is fine. Keep your head up.

Well, I'm about to go home for the day.

Take care ladies,


lili246 - October 11

hey girl thanks for that suuport. Well yeah the tech showed me the baby and told me where his parts where and even showed me that it was a boy. She took a long time doing the u/s yesturday it was probably like for 30mins long. Then I went to the labor and delivery room to they did the stress test and they told me that my baby was active which was good.
But they didn't say anything else so I didn't worry. The nurse gave me an envelope to give to my doctor which I guess I wasn't suppose to open it which I did and read what it said. It was about my baby's weight and all those measurements they did and at the end the tech wrote the comment and I don't know what that means. I am praying that there is nothing wrong with my baby.
I don't know if I should call them or what but if I do they will know that I read that paper in the envelope and I wasn't suppose to do that because it was directed to my doctor.
The baby has been moving alot today which is good and I did see his heartbeat yesturday which was such a relief but I am not sure if there is something wrong with him.
I might call the doctor's office right now and see if they can tell me anything. I will keep you posted. Otherwise I am doing good but kinda worry and wondering if my baby has something wrong.
I heard that usually if you have a relative or even the parents with kidney problems the baby can inherite aswell but I don't know of any in my family nor dh.
So praying for the best.

Thanks girl I will keep you posted on what they say. I am praying for my baby and I appreciate your prayers they always work.
I have my next doctor's appointment next wednesday 10-17 but I can't wait that long seems for ever to find out the results from the u/s.

Thanks for your support sisters

Love Lili


lili246 - October 11

Hello ladies,
well keeping you posted I just called my doctor's office and told them that I had an envelope for the doctor she said to bring that with me at my next appointment they were the results of the u/s then that was when I told her I wanted to know if everything was ok with the baby and she said it was. I did mention about me reading on those papers that is said something about kidney problems and I was concern that my baby had a problem, she said if there was a problem they would of told my doctor yesturday after my u/s which I know they called her but never mention anything about the kidney and she said if there was something wrong the doctor would of called me to get me in right away to talk about the results if there was a problem but she said everything is fine I guess no news is good news.
I am just praying for the best and I I always tell the other ladies have faith and trust in god now it;s my turn to do that and be faithful. Which I am it made me feel better talking to that girl in the doctor's office but I think I will be more relax when I see her next wednesday hope that times goes by fast.

Isn't it nice that my due date used to be 12-14 now it is 12-2 that is wonderful and it sounds like the baby is doing good, growing like it's suppose to be don't you think ladies?

Thanks for lisening have a great night

Love Lili


DianaGR - October 12

MOrning to all!

Congrats to the new BFP's and to all the sisters that are almost ready to pop :-) best of luck!

I was wondering if we could open a new thread and put all the names of the BFP's and next to it what they did to get pregnant. A small statistic so that we can see a percentage of how many sisters were on Ovulex that got BFP. I think this would be helpful to all of us that are hoping and praying for our angel.


Thank you so much


RNORST - October 12

Lili, Thank God that every thing is fine, They would of let you know if something was wrong. Keep faith in God, He is keeping that baby safe.

I find out today what I'm having, I'm so execited, I will let you know.

Have a great weekend.
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lili246 - October 12

I sure am praying so that everything is fine. But like they said if there was something wrong they should of called me right away to see the doctor. So she said not to worry but I still do and will be until I see her and talk to her about it. But for now I am keeping the faith and trusting in god. I know he is taking good care of my baby.

Good Luck on your appointment today. I can't wait to find out what you are having. Let us know right away ok.

Have a great weekend.

Love Lili


Shara - October 15

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope everyone is doing fine. Some of you ladies do not have much longer to go. I am so excited that we will be posting some cute pictures - I love it!!!

Les - congrats on the boy!! I agree that boys are ruling right now!!!

RNORST- so what are we having have you found out.

Lili- I am sure that you will be fine. One of my issues with the nurses and techs that handles my last pregnancy said things and made diagnoses based on what they thought they knew and it turned out to be nothing. Those techs will have you thinking anything but the reason they send that paperwork to the doctor is for final analysis. I know that it is easier said than done but try to relax. When it was all said and done with my twins the us techs had me thinking the doctors forgot another baby was in there.

Diana - I am glad that you are so involved in spreading the information to the other ladies. Keep up the good work and I am praying for your BFP!!

You ladies have a good day - I have midterms today in science class so wish me luck!!!


Alexa - October 15

Hi Renee,

Let us know when you find out what the sex is!

Hi Lili,

I am happy to hear your baby is fine, I can't believe they would actually write that in a report when everything is really fine, I would be very happy that they were wrong but at the same time I would be upset for making you think otherwise.......well looks like we are not due date buddies anymore.. LOL I am doing great so far my baby is making my whole belly shake
its feels great thoguh, he keeps me up all night long..
I have an OB appt Wednesday this is my last monthly
appt.... YAYYYYY I have graduated to every two weeks after Wednesday they actually scheduled all my appts up till the end...I have to tell them the day I decided to pick on Wednesday....

Have a nice day girls!



lili246 - October 15

Thank you girls for all your support. Shara you made me feel better. I am more relax with your nice comment and I will talk to my doctor on wednesday regarding the u/s praying that everything comes out good and that there is nothing wrong with my baby. I am praying to god and I know that is is blessing my baby.

We never know maybe we are still due date who knows. It is weired that I am due 2 weeks earlier is that common from my last menstrual period I had my due date on 12-19 and from then 12-14 on last u/s and then this last one is at 12-2 that is a big difference isn't it. But the sooner the better. I can't wait to see my lil one I get very excited everytime that I see a baby.
If I am due earlier that means that the baby is growing good so tht makes me feel happier.
I know what you mean about the baby keeping you awake it happens to me aswell. Are you sleeping good at nights? I am and it feels good and I am taking advantage of it :)

Guess what girls?? I already started buying clothes for my lil boy. I went shopping for clothes this weekend and I am so excited about it. Has any of you started shopping aswell?

Have a great week. I have a doctor's appointment this wednesday and praying that everything is well with my baby.

Love Lili


jesswantsafamily - October 15

hello ladies so i finally got my bfp i have my first ultrasound on wed but omg the ms sucks
im goin to be a mommy!!!!


RNORST - October 15

Hi girls, I'm having a GIRL!!!! I would of been happy with a girl or a boy, but at least now I will have one of each (my son is 5 1/2). Every thing looked great! I go back in 3 weeks.
My son goes back to the eye doc tommorrow for a check up, please sneak him into your prayers, I pray that his eyes are better.

Jess, congrats!!!! Yeah!!!!
Love Renee


lili246 - October 15

Congratulations girl... I am so happy for you, you finanly made it awesome. Welcome to our board :)
Keep us posted :)

Congratulations sister a GIRL what a blessing you will now have your pair that is awesome and I am happy for you. What does Will think about a girl? Did he wanted a boy?
I will pray for him so that he does better at the eye doc. Have faith everything will be ok.

You mention that you were having some pain down in your private part right? When you told your doctor did she examine you down there to see if you were dilating?
I was having some pain this morning and notice that I was having some creamy cm. I do get that pain almost everyday but not that bad. I felt it more this morning and got scared? I mean don'tknow if this could be good or not or a sign of labor pain... it's getting scary at this point because we are so close girl.
Well my not anymore due date hope you are doing good and hope that you can help me girl.

Love Lili

P.S. it is nice having more of those BFP, lets get some more we will be praying for you sisters....



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