Recent BFP!!! Success stories!!!
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lili246 - September 17

COngrats girl I knew god was with you girl. I am happy that everything is well. :)

hey girl glad to hear that you had the 3d/4d u/s done that is great. So you got that many pictures? wow that was a great price and you are very lucky.
So hey if the baby was in good position can't you have him normal? I know you had a c-section but I also have heard that some ladies have had their second baby normal delivery even though their first was a c-section?

Can you feel some pressure down there? I sometime feel some pressure and then makes me want to go and pee because I can feel that the baby was moving and I guess he is pushing on my bladder or something that makes me go and pee.
I will ask on my next u/s to make sure if the baby is in good position. I am wishing for a normal delivery this time aswell.

Hey girl send me some pictures so that I can see them. I can't wait to have mine taken maybe by next month.

have a great day

Love Lili


ChristinaL - September 19

Well hello to all! I havent been on here in so long, I doubt if anyone remembers me. I do remember lili246 though. The last time I was on though you were not prego yet, so that should give you an idea about time frame. Well I am about ready to pop as my dh keeps putting it. I had to schedule a c-section though since my little boy has decided to be stubborn and stay in the breech position. It is scheduled for October 4th. The whole c-section thing scares me though only because I have never even spent one night in the hiospital before, let alone 3 or 4 and getting surgery on top of it. I know the baby and I will be fine, but I am just a big, huge baby when it comes to pain, let alone surgery. Scardy cat I Well I am glad to see how well things are going for everyone!


RNORST - September 19

Shan, Yes, God is good, He is going to take care of His little girl!!!! Yeah a girl, how exciting. I go to the doc in Friday, the ob will look again to see if its a girl or boy.

Love Renee


lili246 - September 19

Hey girl where have you been? Well yeah it's been a while and look here I am also waiting for the arrival of my baby that I can't wait. I am so happy for wow you should be having your baby within weeks 2 weeks or less. How exciting what are you having?
Nice hearing from you and please keep in touch.
GoodLuck and let us know when you have your baby :)

Hope that all of you girls are doing good. Please keep us posted, this board has been kind of quite and I miss all of you girls.

Have a great night....

Love Lili


shan1234 - September 19

Hello Ladies, ;D

You ladies just don't know how happy I am right now. ;D To find out that my baby is going to be okay on Monday and now this...

My boss calls me in her office to let me know that I will be getting a promotion next month...YAH!!! ;D I wasn’t even expecting a promotion no time soon.

I really do feel like God is looking out for me and my family. Thank you God!!! ;D

I have a doctor's appt. tomorrow, can't wait to see my baby girl. ;D

Hope you ladies are having a bless day.

Love ya,


Jess - September 19

Hey girls-sorry it's been awhile since I last posted... Been a little busy. I've been doing good. Starting to feel the baby more and more each day:) THANK YOU GOD!!!:)It seems as though my next appt can't come soon enough. It's on Oct 9th and I get to get another u/s on that day. I just can't wait to see my little guy again:) I have his nursery up and I can't help but to look at it daily:) It's soooo cute:)

Shan-Glad to see all is well with your baby girl!!:) That's great you also got a promotion!! Things are look'n great for you:) The answer is always with God.

Renee-that's cool you get to find out what you're having on Friday. Hopefully it's pretty clear what you're having...I started feeling little flutters at about 18wks and felt a kick for sure around 20wks:) Anything yet for you??

How's everyone else hang'n in there?? Keep well rested and enjoy those growing bellies:)


RNORST - September 20

Jess, Oh I cant wait to feel the baby kick. I have felt a few flutters. I have heard when you have already had a baby that you feel it sooner. I have only felt a few, so I'm looking forward for them to happen more often. Yeah, I hope I get a good picture off the baby tommorrow.

Love Renee


ChristinaL - September 21

lili, I am having a little baby boy! I always wanted a boy first so, so not only did I get my wish for a baby but also I get the boy that I wanted first! I am just so happy. Nerves are also setting in though. I see my doctor on Tues. so he said then we will go through all the specifics on the c-section. I just can't believe its almost time for him to be in my arms, I cant wait for that moment. I am so happy things are going so well for you. All of you girls deserve happy healthy little ones!
Shan, I am soooo happy for you and your little one!


lili246 - September 21

Hey girl I am so happy for you. That is great that you are having a boy. I already have my lil boy he is turning 3 this 29 of september we are so excited and the other one coming very soon. SO I will be around all men, lucky me
Hey so you are so close to meet your lil one. I am sure that everything will go just fine. Please keep us posted on everything goes and send us pictures of that lil one once he is here.
The best of Luck and keep in touch ;)

Hope that all of you other ladies are doing great. Have a great weekend :)

Love Lili


shan1234 - September 21

Hello Ladies,

My doctor’s appt. went well. I think my baby girl going to be stubborn like her father. She was hiding from us for a while, so the doctor couldn’t get a good look of any of her body parts, but after a few minutes she decided to cooperate. It’s such a good feeling to see my baby girl again and to hear the doctor say, “Everything looks good with you and the baby”. I still feel like I haven’t thanked God enough for my baby girl, so once again, THANK YOU GOD!!!!

Renee -- How was your doctor’s appt? Are you having a girl or boy?

Have a great weekend and hope that everyone is doing great.



MommyDreams - September 24

Hello everyone!!! I stopped by to say "I'M PREGNANT" and I'm so happy . I took a test yesterday morning around 5am and it was a strong BFP within 3 seconds. My only symptoms are painful cramping off and on and fatigue. No sore bbs or m/s.

I am so excited, I can barely sleep. LOL!! I will make my first appointment tomorrow morning. I thanked each and everyone of you for the support and encouragement. I love you guys!! I will be back on tomorrow to chat some more.

Baby Wishes to Everyone


Alexa - September 24

Hi Everyone,

Its been a while since I have been on here I have been so busy and also my computer died so we had to search for a new one!

Hi Lili, how is my due date partner doing? I am doing good I had my OB appt last week I passed all my tests except that my iron is 1 point off it should be at 35 and Its at 34.2 so they want me to up my iron fortified foods
I passed my sugar test yayyyy...I was relieved considering my age..WOW we are getting really close we are almost 29 weeks can you believe that last night I had a dream that I saw my little boy and I woke up so excited! Hope your doing good...

Momydreams congrats on your BFP! sometimes I still can't believe I am pregnant let alone almost 29 weeks along!

Rene & Jess how is everything going? hope you guys are well...



lili246 - September 24

Congratulations girl!!!! I am so happy for you and praying that everything goes well.
Welcome to the forum :) and hope you share with us how you are feeling during your pregnancy. Good Luck!!

Hey that is good that you are doing good. Hey I can't believe that we are almost 29 weeks wow that is fast and I am so happy about it :)
I am doing great. The pain has not been back and that is good. I think I am ready for my son b-day this saturday. Wow I was planning a small party but there is alot of things to do. HOpe everything turns out great and he has a great time. He will be 3 yeras old, I can't believe it time goes by so fast.
I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow hope that everything is going well. I will find out my sugar results and hope they are ok. Aren't you taking iron pills? I am.
I will find out tommorrow if I will have another u/s soon. Hope I do I can't wait to see my baby again.
I am glad that everything is going good with you and the baby :)

How did it go at your doctor's appointment?

How are all the other girls doing? I hope you all had a great weekend and are doing great :)

Have a nice day!!

Love Lili


Shara - September 24

Hello Ladies,

Sorry for being MIA but school has been knocking me in the head as always so I have been entirely too busy to do anything other than breath -

Shan - I am so glad that everything has been working out for you - I am so happy that everything is alright with the baby and your job. Everything is happening right on time!!

Jess- I am glad to see that everything is going ok with you too and progressng normally. Your nursery is already up! good for you! I am looking forward to it. Are you having a shower or doing everything on your own.

Lili- your time is flying by and I know you are so excited. You will be holding your little man and being overthrown by testosterone LOL!

Christina- I wasn't on here with you but congrats on the preg and the fact that it is a boy!! I am praying that everything goes smoothly for you and your c-section. All of my cousins had them this year (3) and they bounced right back with no problems!!

RNORST - the kicks will be coming soon and then you'll think you have a heavyweight on your hands. When do you find out what you are having?

Congratulations - MommyDreams!! Now it is time to take good care of yourself for the next happy and healthy nine months.

Now for the update!!

Sex of the Baby - First Scan (9/6/07)
The baby was not being cooperative at all and kept those legs closed throughout the enitre scan - even when I got up to go to bathroom I shook my stomach and he started to move and then when the gel hit - the legs closed right back up LOL.
So I rescanned today and everything was perfect

10 fingers, 10 toes and 1 hot dog - It's A BOY!!!!
Me and DH are on Cloud Nine!!!!!
Take that Chinese Gender Predictor

My 3 hour glucose was normal and my quad screen was negative Yeah!!!! I will repeat it between 24 and 28 weeks. I have been on weekly progesterone shots since 16 weeks and those suckers hurt to no end. I gave myself the first one and gave up. Those boys are nothing like the ovidrel shots - the needles are bigger and longer and it is a intramuscular shot. To top it the stuff is like molasses so it is not a quick experience so off to the doctor's office I go every Monday.

Other than that - I have been fine except for a killer cold I just got over. Me and dd were held up in the house and boy when I woke up with my nostrils all clear - it definitely smelled like it. The garbage was overflowing and the house was a mess. Good thing I woke up feeling better because I am definitely going to be getting this together! Well ladies enough about me - I go to the dietitian on this Thursday and high risk ob on Friday- so a busy week for me and more to share with you guys.

Take care and will talk to you all later!! Off to class I go!


RNORST - September 24

Hi Ladies, The doc appt went very well, every thing looks great. Thank you God!!! There was a new lady there that they asked if she could do the u/s. The doc was in with us, I thought he would do the u/s after her, but he didnt, so she didnt try hard to see if it was a boy or a girl. The doc says oh, I got a qick glance between the legs and he didnt see any thing, so he still thinks a girl. I go back in 3 weeks, Oct 12th. The doc will do a u/s for about a 1/2 hour and check the baby from head to toe! I cant wait.

Shan, I'm so happy for you, I bet you cant stop smiling!!
So you are having a girl? Well the doc still thinks a girl, he wasnt the one doing the u/s this time, but every thing looked great!!

Mommy dreams, Congrats!!! Will the do a u/s at your first appt? Take it easy and rest.

Alexa, I'm doing good. I think the m/s is gone!!! Yeah!! I still get a little sick every once in a while, but not bad. How are you feeling? You and Lili are getting so close.

Lili, I cant believe that you are sooo close to seeing that baby!!! My appt went very well. I cant wait for the next one.

Shara, the ob thinks its a girl, he has not seen any thing between the legs, so he still thinks pink! How have you been? Is your tummy getting big? I cant wait for mine to grow more. I'm starting to show a little, but not enough to wear maternity clothes.

Love and prayers for all those precious babies


shan1234 - September 24

Hello Ladies,

MommyDreams -- Congrats on your BFP!!! I'm so happy for you!!! ;D Take care of yourself these next 9 months.

Shara -- Congrats, you're having a boy. ;D Do you have any names picked out yet?

Renee -- I hope your doctor is right, I hope you're having a little girl. So far, I'm the only one that's having a little princess (I can't wait to see her). ;D I'm trying my best not to start shopping until my next appt, which is Oct. 18. I have to admit it's hard, but so far I'm doing good.

Lili & Alexa -- You ladies are so lucky it's getting close to see your baby. I'm so excited for you guys. ;D

Well it's time for me to go home, so I hope you ladies have a great evening and I will talk to you ladies tomorrow.

Love ya,



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