Recent BFP!!! Success stories!!!
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Jess - June 6

Lili-yes. I now have a little bump and boy do I notice it more after I eat!!! It really shows then. LOL!! It's kind of cool. As for the moving part, what I have felt I believe it's just gas moving around. They say you don't really feel the baby until you're 17wks or later. So I can't say I have:) I can say this though, I can't wait to feel our baby move!!!!:) That will be so exciting. What about you??? Are you showing or feeling anything down there?? Good luck with the appt. tomorrow and everything will be fine. Get some good rest tonight because tomorrow will be a very exciting day for you both!!!:)



lili246 - June 7

I have hear that boys move earlier in the pregnancy and girls move later. I know with my son I could feel come movement just within months like 2 months pregnant I could feel something moving really fast and all of the sudden and I guess that was my son moving but now I don't feel much I do feel something all of the sudden but I am not sure if it;s the baby.
I am starting to show alittle but my tummy is out of shape I guess because I am not that skinny and my belly grows all over. I know some skinny girls they grow a small ball and they look very

Well I am excited for today but kinda nervous. I guess it is all from the feeling that I had in the past you know all that sadness and I still have that in me. But I am keeping positive and trusting god that he is blessing me with a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. I am excited to hear my baby :)
Hope that I can get a ealry u/s.

Well girl I hope that you are feeling somewhat better :)

Take care and I will keep you posted on how it goes for me and my baby today :)

Love ya



lili246 - June 8

well guess what I had my appointment at 3:30 and didn't get in until 4:30 and after the nurse finish with drawing some blood I heard that they doctor was leaving to the hopital because some lady was getting ready to give birth. So she left and they were scheduling the appointments. They gave me an option to wait because she was going to be back so I decided to wait. Then the doctor called again and she said she wasn't going to be back because the lady was going to have a c-section so they were going to take longer. So I had to reschedule for monday late afternoon at 5:15p.m. But before I left I told the nurse that I wanted to hear my baby's heartbeat so they did it. I could hear it.... :)!!!YAY! I know now for sure that my baby is doing well and is staying inside me with no problem. :)
I got excited and will go back to the doctor on monday and have a pap smear done and talk to the doctor. It is a small place I kinda don't like it but the girls there are nice. And the hospital I want to have my baby is very close to her office so she won't take long.

So that is all I have to say the good thing is that my baby is doing well :) So now I am more relief.

guess what happen this morning... I woke up at 4a.m. to the bathroom and then couldn't go back to sleep because I was hungry. I didn't want to want anything but I couldn't sleep either so I woke up and had a glass of milk and a banana and woke up my dh and my son. They were all awake with then we went back to sleep. It was cute.

But then this morning at work I am straving again. I guess my baby is getting bigger :)

Looking forward for monday to talk to the doctor. Hope that I can get a earll u/s.

Have a great weekend. :)

Love Lili


Jess - June 8

Lili-That's great that you got to hear your baby's heartbeat!!:) I'm sure that took a lot of weight off your shoulders.... Well hopefully you get to have an u/s on Monday and get to see you little baby.... They say that it sometime becomes visable to see if the baby is a boy or girl at 9wks..... So maybe if you get an u/s you'll find out what you're having:) Do you want to find out??? How old is your son?

As for me, I'm still feeling sick day and night but think it's starting to let up:) I have been waking up around 3am every morning for the past 2wks starving as well. I always keep a snack and water by my bed because I know I will wake up hungry:) All I crave is spicy food, but I don't eat it because I know I'll get terrible heartburn. As for the sweet stuff..... I can't stand to even look at cakes, cupcakes, ice cream. It just makes my stomach turn:( I guess that's a good thing though, that way I'm not putting the bad cal's in:)

Shara-sorry to hear your starting to feel the effects of being pregnant.... I hope it doesn't get worse for you.... Mine didn't start until I was 6.5wks pregnant and it just got worse from there:( Other than that, glad to see your doing ok.

Love ya girls,


Shara - June 8

Thank you Jess

I am glad that you are able to eat even while being sick all day and night. As long as you are eating - you know the baby is getting what he/she needs!!!


Mahogany Heart - June 11

You know what I'm so ready to ttc again. What is wrong with me? I can't wait until my body heals so I can start ttc again.


Shara - June 11

I can answer that MH - "you crazy"


Mahogany Heart - June 11

Maybe Shara but it have to be a "good crazy" because it feels good to want to ttc again. I guess knowing that anything is possible to those whom believe. I look back on my ttc journey and I'm like WOW!!! Back in the day I didn't have any HOPE but looking and taking care of Chance has and is wonderful and I know anything is possible. I can do it all over again.


Shara - June 11

Don't look at this as an opportunity about to pass you by, take time and appreciate the blessing that you were already given. Now wanting children back to back is ok, but you have waited so long for the one you have, try to give your all to Chance before becoming as consumed as you were trying to get him. You don't want to turn your attention away from him. It will happen when it needs to happen as it did last time. You of all people should know that. Remember I was a part of that journey with you and that was your whole focus - now it has paid off don't look a gift horse in the mouth. There are a million other things you need to get situated before you talk about a new ttc journey- Love You!!!


lili246 - June 11

I sure agree with you for sure.
I know some women that just give birth they TTC again that fast and they don't even give their child the attention they need.
I have my brother in law that they had a boy a month later after I had my son and right after his girl had given birth they just waited 3 months and they got pregnant again. They now have 2 kids a boy and a girl and I have not seen those kids well dress or even been to a party for neither of them. They are not even baptize. And that is all because they are very tight on money right now because you know having alot of kids is hard espially when they are young and they need of food diapers, ect.
My my case I have celebrated my son 1st and 2nd b-day and did a big party celebration for his baptism and we are enjoying our son every minute.

I am sure that MH after all that time on ttc you should take your time to be with Chance more and enjoy him all that you can because they do grow up so fast. He needs your attention and I am sure that when a bew baby comes you will not give as much attention.
But you know everyone is different so what ever you want to do girl :)

Shara and Jess,
How are you both feeling? I am still having some M/S but not that bad. I still feel some tired.
Hope that you are doing good :)

Love ya



Shara - June 11

Well Ladies,

I just talked to the doctor and my levels are off the charts. Here is a comparison to last time:

August 2006 (twins) May 2007 (Not Sure)
8/24/06 512 14 dpo 5/31/07 154 11dpo
8/28/06 6372 18 dpo 6/4/07 598 15 dpo
6/11/07 10,874 22dpo
So my next step is my first ob ultrasound which was funny because the nurse said are you sure you only had intercourse. You didn't sneak any extra eggs in there did you :D I thought that was cute. Well wednesday I will know for sure exactly what is baking in the oven!!!


lili246 - June 11

well I am not sure about those numbers. But is that good? well I am praying for you and I hope that you have a healthy pregnancy and hope you can see your baby soon on the u/s.



Shara - June 12

Yes they are excellent Lili
Those are actually my beta hcg levels and how they are doubling. Thank you for your prayers!!!


lili246 - June 12

Hello girls how is everyone doing?

I am so happy that everything is going well. Maybe you are having twins.. :)
Let us know :)

well everything went well at the doctors the doctor check my baby's heartbeat and for sure there was one. She said that sounds like everything is going well. Thank god. I will wait for a u/s she will send a referel at my insurance and hope they approve it soon. The doctor said it takes about 1week so very soon I will be able to see my baby :)
I am happy that everything is going well fo all of us :)
God Bless!!!

Love Lili


Jess - June 12

Shara-that's great!!! Hopefully you get good news:) Have you been feeling sick at all?? Let us know when you get to have your u/s.

Lili-Are you on a HMO plan?? Is that why you have to be getting everything approved? That's cool that you will be having you u/s by next week:) At least you know by then that your baby will accually LOOK like a baby. How exciting!!! Let us know how that goes.

As for me, I have my second appt. with the OB on Thursday and am hoping to be able to hear my babys heart beat:) I'm still feeling sick off and on through the day, some days worse than others:( I keep hoping I'll wake up one morning and feel great!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed:) Just two more weeks and we can tell everyone that were going to have a baby!!! I can't wait!!! I feel like I'm on top of the world and I just want to shout it out:) All I can do right now is keep thanking GOD up and down for answering our prayers:)

Hope all is well with you girls....We need to get positivegirl on this new forum:)

Love ya,


lili246 - June 12

Yes I have HMO it is called AIM acess for infants and mothers program. it is for those who don't qualify for medical they can qualify for this program. I end up paying $700.00 for my whole pregnancy that is including birth. Then after the baby is born he is enroll in this program called healthy families it is an insurance that I only pay like $9.00 per month so it is not that bad.
The only thing is that I guess I have to get an approval before doing anything else.
So I just have to wait and get the aapproval so that i can get an u/s done hope that it doesn't ake that long.

I know what you mean I sometimes feel bad in the mornings I sometime sget those nauseas and do vomit so I hope that it goes away.

I am now going to shout that I am pregnant well I will not be telling anyone but they will find out by seeing my tummy it is growing so that is good :)
I already told my boss at work and he is keeping an eye on a that is good because that way I can be relief and take my 3 months off after having my baby :)

Well girl hang in there and let us know how it goes on your doctor's appointment. Good Luck :)

Love ya




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