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Les23 - August 22

Well before I was prego I weighed about 128. Last week I weighted 133. So I have gained some weight. My hubby was 10 pounds when he was born and his brother and sister were about that too. They have big babies in his family. So I do not know how early I will go but I have a heart shaped uterus. It is not severe and the Dr. isn't that worried about it but said I could deliver early. I might have this baby in Feb.


RNORST - August 22

Les23, Wow 10 lb baby, thats big. If it gets that big, I hope you have it in Feb. Are you going to find out what your having? I did not with my son, but I'm going to this one.

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shan1234 - August 22

Hey Ladies,

Sorry I have been MIA. I have been sick these last couple of days. Come to find out I was dehydrated, not drinking enough water and with this Texas weather I’m suppose to be drinking more than usually since it’s hot and I’m pregnant. Since, I can’t drink water all day long, my doctor advice me to drink Crystal Light. I don’t like the taste of Crystal Light either, but it’s better than to drink water all day long. Also, it was time for my usual check up, and my baby’s heartbeat is still strong—YAH!!! The nurse draw some blood for the NT scan (I think that’s what its call), to see if my baby is likely to have Down syndrome. Please pray for me and my baby that my numbers come back normal. I will find out my results on Monday. I will have to catch up later. I have to get back to work.

Take care ladies!!! I'm praying for us all.

Love ya,


Shara - August 23


What part of Texas do you live in? Do you like it and would you recommend someone to move there? I am trying to get insight on as many western places as possible and maybe some other southern states if you ladies could help me out!!


lili246 - August 23

How did they find out that you were dehydrated? What are the symptoms?


Jess - August 23

Hey girls!! How are you? I see everyone is staying very busy...Sounds like Les23 and GonnaBaMom are going to have boys as well...:) They say if you crave sweet things you'll have a girl and spicy food, you'll have a boy!! It's been right so far.... You girls will have to let us know:) Lili, I've had those same pains. It's just the baby taking up more space... I wouldn't worry about it as long as the pain goes away:) I've been doing good. Starting to feel the baby move here and there.... Wish I felt it everyday.... I don't see the doc until Sept 10th. I can't wait to hear my baby boys heartbeat again:) You can definately tell I'm pregnant now!! I now have a round belly. Glad to see that's the only thing growing at this point!!!:) Well that and my BOOBS!! I just don't want the back side to start showing anything.....

Well glad to see everyone is well:)



lili246 - August 24

Thanks for the info. I was kinda worry like always but when I feel the baby move I fee much better. I know that baby us taking mre space and since I said that he is very high and that is were I am having the cramps then it does make since. I am keeping good track of those cramps just to make sure. if I see anythign weired I will make an appointment to see my doctor but everything seems to be normal up to now. Thank God.
yeah I know what you mean about showing I am doing the same thing, but like my first pregnancy I show from my side and start growing and that is not good. I will gain alot of weight UGH!!! but I will have to do some exercise then I have the baby to loss all that

Glad to hear that you and the bay are doing ok. My next doctor's appointment is not until September 4. I can't wait either.

Have a great night :)

Love Lili


Les23 - August 24

Well I am okay with a boy!! I like when little boys are outside playing and get all dirty, it just seems like they are having so much fun!! THE MORE DIRT THE BETTER MY GRANDMA ALWAYS SAID.
I am really craving the spicy things. I can not wait to find out what we are having!!
I order a fetal doppler so I can hear the heart beat whenever I want. I can not wait until it gets here!!!
It is finally FRIDAY!! I am super happy about that!
My step mother in law called me yesterday and asked if I was going to buy a new kitchen table now that we are having a baby. I was like Baby/New Kitchen Table yeah they sure go together. My table is not that old I do not understand the question.
I think that her son needs a table and she wants ours to give to him since he is moving into his own place finally at 25. He is such a free loader. They are both wierd anyway. She teaches 1st grade and she talks to EVERYONE like they are 6 years old. She drives me nuts!
Well gotta go back to pretending to work talk to yah all later.


shan1234 - August 24

Good Morning Ladies, ;D

The only symptom that I can think of is a lot of cramping. Yes, you’re suppose to cramp, but I was having REALLY bad cramps, like my period was about to start and I felt like I was going to faint every time I would get up. I think you're fine. Like Jess said, your baby is taking more space and your uterus is growing.

Lili, Alexa, and Jess – When did you guys start to show? I’m 15 weeks pregnant and not showing. If one more person come up to me and say, “Wow!! You’re not showing and you how many months now?”…..I’m going to scream. To be honest, I'm ready to start looking like I'm pregnant. :)

Shara - I love it here in Texas, but the summers are a killer. If you think you can live in a state that get's in the 100's, then I would recommend Houston, Dallas, Austin, or San Antonio. All four cities are a great place to live and start a family.

Talk to you ladies later. I have a meeting in 15 minutes.


lili246 - August 24

Thanks for your info. I am feeling great now and the pain has gone thank god. Yeah I can tell that my belly i getting bigger. I can see that I am growing but last saturday a lady said you are pregnant? I am all like yeah...and she said that I wasn't showing that much maybe because I was sitting but yeah that made me feel bad because I can see my tummy growing more and more each day.
I started to show like at 4 months little and from then I can tell that I am starting to show more.
You are 15 weeks so you should be showing anytime so be prepared :)

I've been living here in California since I;ve been 6 years old. I love it ;) The weather here doesn't get that hot like in Texas well depending the area where I am it is very nice. It is in Costa Mesa, CA we are very close to the beach and it is very pleasent to be here. You should so come searching ;)

Well girls, it is Friday!!!!YAY!!! I am as happy as I can be aswell can't wait to go I am planning to wake up late tomorrow I hope I do. I might take my son to chuck E Cheese his been telling me he wants to go.

Have a great day!

Love Lili


lili246 - August 24

What website did you order the fetal droppler? Are you renting it or buying it. I know if you buy it it cost alot isn't it? That is nice let us know if it works.



Alexa - August 24

Hi Ladies,

Shan I wouldn't worry everyone has an opinion I just told my OB that some people say I look big and some people say I am not, she told me to tell them my Dr. says I am just fine! LOL I didn't start showing till about
3-4 mths with a small bump, but that was in part to all the progesterone injections and IVF meds...

Hi Lili,

I am glad to hear that you are not having anymore pain
I took my daughter to Chuckee Cheese twice she loved it but we spent so much money after the tokens they give you ran out, it was an expensive day out! LOL if you look in local papers sometimes you can find coupons for Chuckee cheese or in the Sunday paper! The pizza is very salty!....

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend!



lili246 - August 24

Thak god tha pain is gone. I am feeling great. After all those problems with my brother at home. I wish that I could do somehting for him but I can't.

I know what you mean about chuck e cheese yeah it gets expensive. I don't take my son that often but when we go we don't buy any food we just take him to play and we go right when they open so that it doesn't get crowded and my son has so much fun but once you notice you spend more than you think and when you change those tickets to get a price you end up getting something inexpensive. But as long as my son has a great time that is all it matter, we ended up buying him the things

We are getting so close and I am getting so excited.. :)

Hope that you all are having a great day today and hope you have agreat weekend. I am praying for all of you and those lil ones. Take good care and talk to you all on monday.

Love ya all,


mickey - August 26

sorry i haven't posted in a while but i went back to work, so here's the update

on aug 9 i Had my 14 wk 4 d check up with my OBGYN. She used the doppler to listen to the heart beat. We reviewed the test result from the high risk dr from July 31. Heart rate 155bpm, normal results for trisomie 18, downs, etc. Ultrasound showed 2 hands, legs, feet, eyes, brain hemespheres. It showed stomach and liver. I asked her about cramping, tightness, mood swings, and acne/pimples. Her response was that there is nothing to worry about and there is really nothing you can do about them. My OB wants to see me at the same timing as the high risk so I will see them both on Sept. 5. That will be am emotional day ;)

on August 11 i noticed my tummy is felling hard right where the underwear covers. :-*

on August 19 I thought I MIGHT have felt the baby but I can't be sure. It could have been a cramp or gas. My m/s is mostly gone I get strange days that I'm just sick. My bbs are getting heavy and they itch sooo bad. My tummy is getting hard and is starting to stick out to the point where my clothes are getting tight. I bought a pair of maternity pants and wore them all weekend. My b-day is wednesday, can't believe I'll be 34...WOW!! :P

on August 20 the school year started and i went back in the classroom after 7 weeks off. Boy, am I glad that I was off of school while the tired m/s person lived in my body. I was tired enough with just trying to keep all those little 11 year walking hormones in control. The day went well but boy i'm going to bed early today!! I wore regular pants to school, and will try to rotate the larger ones that I have for as long as I can. I really don't want to tell work until after labor day. I hope I can keep my mouth shut. :o

Well I turned 34 on Wed. So not only was my week long with 39, 12 year olds I had friends who kept asking me to go out with them; fri 17th a murder mystery dinner show with hubby and friends. sat. a comedy show with hubby and friends till late. Tues. a bartending competion, interesting with no drinking, i went ahead and volunteered to be dd. wed. night was a date night and i was taken to the melting pot, a fondue restaurant, and supposed to go to a movie but i didn't have it in me. fri was happy hour and boy i had a lot of ginger ale. but, i finally ate some meet. first time in months. today breakfast with a friend then shopping and a movie. i think my birthday is now over, whew!! my tummy is hard all the way up to my belly button. pretty neat!!! I bought some aveeno that said it helps with severe dryness and itch, it seems to be helping. i also had to by some meds for a girly problem, not fun ewe! I get to work this week then i get a long weekend with my mom at the lake(friend's place). That's the time period i have given myself to start teling everyone and start wearing maternity clothes when needed instead of hiding when i do. i look forward to that.

thanks for listening ;D


Les23 - August 27

I am renting the doppler it is 45 a month. It was way to expensive to buy it. I am getting it from

I have a question....
Last night Dh and I were having sex and everything was going really good and then right when we were are about done he must have hit something but I had this horrible shooting pain and I jumped up and it went away. It lasted for like half a second. I did not cramp or anything after no bleeding but has this happened to anyone. If so should I be worried?


Les23 - August 27

by the way if anyone wants to rent on let me know i have a code for you to use. thanks



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