Recent BFP!!! Success stories!!!
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lili246 - August 14

You finally found us...YAY!! I am glad that you are doing ok. So what are you doing on your ttc journey? You are always welcome here.
WE are sending you all the special baby dust your way and hope that you can get the bfp you are looking for soon. Have faith and keep on trying.

Thanks for stopping by and hope to hear from you more often :)

Love Lili


RNORST - August 14

Leslie, Hi girls, Its been a long time since I have talked to you. How have you been? How is your ttc jounrey?

Well girls I go back to the ob tommorow, I think they may do a full examine. Does any one know what they will all do, I cant remember from my son, thats been over 6 years ago.

Shan, It said that I would have a girl!! I looked back when I had my son and it said a boy.

Love Renee


Shara - August 15

Hello Ladies just dropping in to say hi. I have been dead tired lately sorry I haven't been on but it seems like everything is moving right along!!!


I go in for my full workup on tomorrow also with an ob/gyn and I am really looking forward to being treate as a patient and not like I am on an assembly line in the high risk clinic. During a workup, they will do a pap which you are familiar with and then they will review every symptom ache and pain-question or concern and go over your game plan for your pregnancy especially considering you are coming from the RE clinic.


RNORST - August 15

Shara, Thank you for the info. Good luck at your appt. Are you going to find out what you are having?

Love Renee


lili246 - August 15

Hello to all my sisters,
How is everyone doing, what about those lil ones?
Well looks like we are getting kinda lazy and most of us have not been posting alot. Are very getting lazy? ;)
Well hope to hear from all of you girls I am always thinking of all of you.

Have a great day..

Love Lili


Alexa - August 16

Hi Lili, Hi everyone

I am happy to hear your doing great, I am doing good its just been so hard to post my daughter keeps me so busy, is your son excited about the baby my daughter tells everyone its her baby in my tummy too cute, she thinks mommy is giving her a brother and a sister...
the other day while shopping she picked out two pairs of shoes one blue and one pink and I said what are those for she said for my new brother and sister..LOL

I am not sure if I had mentioned that I was having twins but one baby did not continue to develop early on that was expected at my age but I am very greatful for this one...I have a Dr.'s appt today yayyyy they seem to be further and further apart...

Have a great day ladies



LeslieAnn - August 16

Hey everyone!

Renee, I was so excited to see that you got your bfp! Congratulations! :D Things are going okay for me. I have switched doctors since moving. DH thinks we have a much better chance now that I am done with school and sitting for the bar exam. He thinks the stress made it more difficult. I guess we'll see if he's right. I hope you have a happy 9 months! It's so exciting. I haven't gotten my bfp yet but I will probably check back here to see how you're doing.

Lili~ How are things going for you?

I hope everyone else is doing well.

Take care,



lili246 - August 16

Hey that is very cute about you daughter. yeah my son knows that there is a baby in my tummy and he gives kisses. Yesturday it was funny because he was saying to dh and me. That he was daddy's boy and the baby inside was mine, it sounded very funny and didn't seem that he was jelous but I know he is because he gets very cranky and OMG we have a hard time settling him. I think he is feeling the new arrival of the baby and he is getting jelous because he will not be getting all the attention but that is not true he will always be my lil baby :)
I am feeling good. I am having some breakfast right now a cup o noodle The baby is asking for some food not me

Let us know how it goes at the doctor I always look forward for that it is nice hearing the baby's heartbeat. So was it in this pregnancy that you loss your baby? At how many weeks? I am sorry to hear that it is always sad but happy that everything else is going great.

My appointment seems for ever aswell. Mine is in September 4 at 3:30p.m. This time it was for 4 weeks they were usually given them to me every 3 weeks and this one seems for ever.

I am sure your dh is right. Stressing is just not good. try doing some fertlity yoga and that will help you with stress. I hope that you can get that BFP very soon. What are you doing right now on your ttc journey, are you taking your temps, using opk's?
Good luck and lots of baby dust your way!

How is everyone else doing? hope that you are doing great?

Jess, How are you doing girl? We are praying for your baby :)

Love Lili


Desperate 2 B Mom - August 16

Hey there gals. How are you all? I am good. I went to doctor today and got another ultrasound of my little peanut. It was AMAZING. He/She was moving around like crazy throwin its little arms up and doing flips...hahaha...I couldnt stop laughing. Quite the little showster. Anyway here are a couple pics for ya girls as I promised awhile ago! Take care.........



lili246 - August 16

Gonna B A Momma,
Hey thanks for sharing those nice pictures with us they are cute :)
is that you? wow you are very skinny ;)
I am glad that everything is going well with you and the baby.
Take care


shan1234 - August 16

Hello Ladies,

Just wanted to let you ladies know that I'm doing okay. I'm back to my normal self and loving it. I have my next doctor's appt on Tuesday (Aug. 21)...can't wait to hear my baby's heartbeat again. ;D

Gonna B A Momma -- Wow!!! I can't believe you're 10 weeks and don't look bloated...that's good. I'm still wearing my regular clothes, but I feel bloated all day long.

Ladies take care of yourself and your baby's too.



Shara - August 17

Hello Ladies,

Glad to see everyone is doing well. I have been in and out of the doctor's office for the past few days and is due to go back on Monday. I had to have an ultrasound yesterday because my doctor was a little uneasy of some symptoms I was having but everything was fine. I just need to get more rest and hang up any extracurricualr activities for the remainder of this pregnancy which is fine with me LOLOL! I saw a pic on here of one our bfp's and thought I haven't seen that size since birth so I am not missing any extracurricular activities or feeling sad about it. I go back Monday again to the high risk clinic. I was a little irritated with the constant appointments but I had to suck it up- wither too much monitoring or too little - I choose too much!!! Hope you all are doing fine and I am glad the m/s has eased for some of you!!

Talk to you all later!


RNORST - August 17

Leslie, Stress can be a big part of not getting preg. I think it helped me this last IUI. The first IUI I was all stress out, but the last one, I kind of forgot about it, I kept busy and time flew by. I think that helped alot. So the doc you are going to are they a re? Do you have any plans with the doc? Please come talk to us any time.

Alexa, Sorry to hear about your other baby, but you are going to be bless with the other little one. What week are you on?

Jess, how are you doing? I haven't hear from you in a while.

Gonna be Mom, When I got my u/s on wed, the baby was moving like crazy, that was so fun to see. I cant wait till we can start feeling it move.

Shan, when did your m/s stop, did it stop all at once or get better over time?

Shara, I'm glad things are fine with your baby. Relax and take it easy for your baby.

Love Renee


Jess - August 17

Hey girls!! Looks like everyone is doing great:) I'm doing good. The baby was moving a lot a few nights ago and then nothing... But today while eating breakfast, I definately felt a kick!:) It was so cool!:) What a relief!! I keep praying that I will feel him more and more each day just to keep me worry free... My back and hips are still killing me. And I've been getting headaches every evening. But I know it's all normal, just as long as the baby is ok and growing I'll be ok. I had a dream the other night that I delivered a healthy baby boy and they put him on my chest and dh and I were crying our eyes out. I woke up around that time and was still crying!!! My face and pillow was soaked with tears!!! I've never woke up crying before. LOL!!! It was the craziest thing. It was so real to me:) I can't wait to finally meet my baby and hold him. Only 4mos to go!!!

Glad to see we're all hanging in there!!! Glad to see everything is ok with your baby Shara:)



Shara - August 17

Wow Jess you are right around the corner I am so happy for you and yes I am glad that everything is ok. I pray to stay positive but sometimes I just become a nervous wreck, it is not intentional but I am glad that I have you guys through this journey!!!


lili246 - August 17

I know when we are pregnant we are more sensitive to anything. hey that dream that you had is very cute :) I know it is a great experience when you give birth and see your baby for the first time. My mom, dh and I were crying when the baby was born. You can't avoid crying it is a great experience. I bet you will have a healthy baby boy so don't worry.
Hey when did you say it was your due date?
I am also waiting for those I would say 3-1/2 months? so that I can see my baby boy aswell. I know time is going fast for now but once we get closer it seems for ever. But we will get there eventually and I can't wait.
Isn't it a great when you feel your baby moce or kick. I love that I am always looking forward for that.

Have a great weekend girls..
Take care of those lil ones ;)

Love Lili



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