Recent BFP!!! Success stories!!!
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Jess - August 10

Hey girls!! Thank you so much for all the support and prayers:) It really means a lot. I went for my ob appt. yesterday and the doc told me not to worry, that everything else looked great. He said, if they had seen something else wrong with the baby, like heart or kidney problems, they would be worried. But everything looked normal except the cord. He told me I could take that to the bank. It's just weird that the one specialist said I would just need more u/s, and my doc didn't think it would be necessary. But he said, if it would make me feel better, he would schedule another u/s in about a month. I told him it really would. At least one other to make sure my little boy is doing good inside:) I will definately keep my head up and try and relax. I've been praying so much lately that I'm affraid God will get annoyed with me:) LOL.

As for baby names, his name will either be Owen Keith or Issahia Keith. My dh and I decided we will wait to see him and decide then:) I can't wait to see and hold my baby boy:) I'm leaving it all in Gods hands to bless me with a healthy baby. He's given me so much already....

Aamanee-so sorry to hear about your loss:( At least you know you can GET pregnant:) Keep your head up and God will bless you with a baby you so desire:)

Glad to see everyone else is doing so good:) Looks like some of your m/s is leaving which is always a plus:)

Keeping the faith,


lili246 - August 10

Hello Girls,

I am so sorry about your loss girl. We are all here for you and I know your pain because I had a m/s last year. It is a very sad thing but like the other girls have said. it is all in god's hands and he knows whats best for you. I am sure that you can get pregnant fast and you will be bless with a healthy pregnancy next time.
God bless you and your lil angel in heaven.

Nice to hear that everything looks good with the baby. I am sure that you will be more relax having another u/s soon that is good. You just need to have faith and trust in god. I am sur ehe is watching over your baby and will protect him.
About the names I think you are right. My mom keeps saying don't start thinking of the name yet until the baby is born. I guess she has gone through alot of pain and she doesn't want to get all excited before hand.
But we trust in god and know that everything will be ok.

Have a great weekend and take good care of those lil ones inside ;)

Love Lili


RNORST - August 10

Aamanee, I'm so sorry for your lost. Your in my prayers.



Alexa - August 11

Aamanee, I would like to also say how sorry Iam for your loss, you have great support on this thread from all the ladies that do understand what you feel and what you are going through, we have all been through our ups and downs and we have all pulled through and you will will see that god will bless you with a child in time, I am very greatful to be part of this thread with such support from such wonderful ladies...:)

Lili, gosh September 1st we will be 6mths along can you believe it..

Jess, I am glad to hear everything is going great now you can sit back and enjoy your pregnancy like you deseve too!

Everyone enjoy your weekend!



mickey - August 11

[quote author=Aamanee link=board=4;threadid=4202;start=315#39433 date=1186732326]
Hi Girls,
Good to see u r ok, and that thinks are goin good, I cant say the same for me,
im havin an ectopic pregnancy...i was havin some brown discharge and went to check it out wednesday, they couldnt say until they got a scan so oi want for us yesterday morning and couldnt find nothing in my womb, but my hcg are i have to go back for a next bloodtest today.
it hurts u know, want some thing so much, get it, and then get taken away....but at least now i know we can...Just gotta keep my faith.

later girls

I feel your pain and I wish that no one ever had to experience it.
When I went to my high risk the first time he said to me... "You've gotten pg, so that's not the problem so I'm not gonna worry about that. Go homw and get pg, when you are come in and see me right away." The way he was so positive and uplifting made me feel reasured that everything would be alright.
Good luck to you and your family.


Aamanee - August 11

hi girls, thank u so much for u support it means a lot...i just got back from the hospital, the hcg still havnt start to go down, and they nearly admitted me....but since i live kind of close they let me go home, to come back tomorrow, for more bloodtest. they said i have to come straight in if the pain is gettin worst or i have pain in my we sill see how it goes....i hope everything is goin well for you and that u`all are healthy...i really wish u all the best,, and im sorry for like coming on the board with these news...and beeing abit down since this board is a bout happiness...but i am stayin strong thanx to God....and thanx a lot again...

later and goodnite everybody!!!



meemee - August 12

I am so sorry sweetie that you have to go though this .I also went through a misc last year .God bless you and give you strength .Please dont ever feel sorry for coming here and expressing yourself and how you feel .Thats why we are all here .I know being part of these forums and meeting all these wonderful ladies has given me so much more patience and strength to keep going .I guess everything happens for a reason . Even ttc is so stressful, and having to go through this too . I am praying for you, please take care of yourself.In gods will ,you will get through this .Never give up .May god heal your body and heart and grant you and eveywoman ttc a full term healthy preg with and healthy baby Amen.

Baby Dust to all
God Bless


shan1234 - August 13

Aamanee -- I'm sorry for your loss. I had a missed m/c last year, so I know how you feel right about now. It's good that you have a positive attitude. Keep your head up and keep praying. God will bless you with a baby in due time. I'll be praying for you and your DH.



lili246 - August 13

Yeah time is going by fast and I am very happy that it is getting close to our due dates. I can't wait to meet my second lil boy. I am so excited everytime I feel him move it makes me feel happy and know that he is doing ok.
What a blessing :)
So how are you feeling?

How are my other girls doing. I hope that everything is going well.

Have a great week

Love Lili


Alexa - August 14

Hi Lili my due date buddy I am doing good I feel my son move all the time and it helps keep my mind off of the aches and pains and sometimes nausea that I can still have if I don't eat on time....

My hubby and I went out and bought a new carriage this weekend we have tax free day like 2 days a year and it was this weekend so we took advantage of it I just went through my daughters old clothes and found alot of white and yellow pj's and her white T shirts too that my son can wear, it was so exciting to see tiny clothes again..

How are you feeling?

I hope everyone is doing great!



lili246 - August 14

Hi Alexa,
It is nice to hear that you are doing good. I know how you feel feeling your baby move more and more each day. I am always looking forward for that. It is such a blessing.
Hey so there you go you can use that clothes for you son. I know I have some baby clothes from my son so I will have to go and search at the garage and get them and give them a good wash so that they can smell goo. You know they get an odor when you just have them storage for quite a bit.
Right now I am in the process of remodeling my room. I have been trying to do that since months ago but I barely had the energy of doing it. I feel much better and hopefully by the end of the weekend I am all finish. I can't wait to see my room all nice and clean so that I can rest again.

So you still have some nauseas at times? I have been feeling great, I am so thankful for this baby that I can't wait to meet my lil one.
Well girl take care and god bless :)

How is everyone else doing? I am always thinking of you all and babies :)

Have a great day!

Love Lili


shan1234 - August 14

Hello Ladies, :)

Check out this link, it's a chinese calendar that predicts the gender of your baby. It's says, I'm going to have a girl. I don't know how true this is, but we'll see next month. For those of you that already know the sex of your baby let me know if this calendar predicted correctly.


a great day!!



lili246 - August 14

I did checked out that calendar and yes on mine I was 24 years old when I concieved in march and yes it says that I am having a boy. So it might be right.

But there are other calendars that for some reason it says a girl so who knows. But this one does predicts a boy so well see.

Lets have some feedback from the other girls.

Love Lili


Jess - August 14

Shan-No. It is wrong for me and my sister... For both of us it said we were going to have a girl and we're going to have little boys:) I heard these charts are a 50/50chance of being right.

How's everyone doing? I've been getting these bad headaches every evening for the last week. Not cool. Boy, did I sleep like crap last night:( My hips and back are killing me!!!:( I feel real tired today...


LeslieAnn - August 14

Hey ladies!

Most of you probably don't know or remember who I am but my name is Leslie and I used to be on the Ovulex thread. I was able to track you guys back down with Lili's help (thanks!). How is everyone doing? I'm glad to be back. We moved awhile back and ended up having to get a new computer (long story) so it's been awhile since I've been able to log on to this site. It's encouraging to see that so many girls have gotten their bfp's since I've been gone though! I wish you all the best of luck.



lili246 - August 14

You finally found us...YAY!! I am glad that you are doing ok. So what are you doing on your ttc journey? You are always welcome here.
WE are sending you all the special baby dust your way and hope that you can get the bfp you are looking for soon. Have faith and keep on trying.

Thanks for stopping by and hope to hear from you more often :)

Love Lili



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