Recent BFP!!! Success stories!!!
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lili246 - August 8

Sister you need to have faith and be strong. I don't know much about that but I will pray for the baby everyday and you'll see that everything will be ok. Be positive and be faithful everything will be just fine.
Please keep us posted on how it goes tomorrow.

Congratulations on the new baby boy!!! That makes us more girls having boys I guess we are winning..YAY!! ;)
It is nice that you found out what you are having. I know I was so anxious to find out I couldn't wait any longer.
Have you felt the baby kicking yet? You will enjoy that it is so exciting. I always look forward for that :)

Good luck and I will pray for that baby boy. Everything will be fine.

Love ya Lili


shan1234 - August 8

Jess – I don’t know anything about that, but I have to agree with Lili. You have to be positive and have faith in God. I’ll be praying for you and your little one, or should I say your baby boy. :) Congrats on your new baby boy!!! ;D Do you have a name for him? Keep your head up and keep us posted on your appt. tomorrow.

Lili – Glad to know your appt. went well. Have you started to shop for baby stuff, yet?

As for me, Today is the first day I have not been feeling sick. ;D I’m still eating soup, cereal, and PB&J, but I think I’m going to risk it and eat a chicken fried chicken plate from Popeye’s for dinner. Wish me luck!!! I’m so ready to start eating food again…real food (meat).

Take care ladies and your babies too. ;)



lili246 - August 8

I am glad that you are feeling better today. Good Luck on eating that chicken ;)
No I haven't bought any baby stuff yet. I am so anxious to clean my room and make more room. I need to do a good clean but I have not had much energy yet. I was told that the extra iron I will be taking will give me extra energy so hope I get it because I can't wait to start cleaning my room because it is a mess and I hardly and then I will focus on buying some clothes, I can't wait on doing that I love buying baby clothes.

Yeah do you have any names in mind??

Take care



RNORST - August 8

Jess, congrats on the boy, girl you are in my prayers. When you say a 2 vessel cord, what are you taking about? Try not to worry and trust in God and your doc. Worring will not help you or your baby. Good luck, keep us posted. I'm praying!!

Shan, I'm glad you are feeling better. When I was preg with my son, once I hit 12 weeks I felt soooo much better. I Have about 3 weeks to go. I have felt pretty good today. Thank God. I hope tommorows not bad since today was good. But its all well worth it.

Lili, make sure you get alot of fiber in your diet, iron can make you consipated.

Love ya Renee


Sbernardrnc - August 9

I am an OB nurse, they will probably just do u/s after u/s and monitor, be glad for all the extra pics before delivery. There have been plenty of times when we do a delivery and find out there was a 2 vessel cord after the fact. Keep your chin up, pray to God and be thankful everyday. Take it easy and no heavy lifting or cleaning.
Enjoy being pregnant, had my iui today so I am just waiting for my beta, and I am praying for a BFP in 14 days.
Seriously, don't freak out, all that extra epinepherine is not good for the peanut. LOL


Alexa - August 9

Hi Jess,

I just read your post your baby will be fine, I had a subchorionic bleed around 8 weeks and they mentioned the mixed outcomes with a bleed like that and now I am 5mths and no further complications...(thank god)..

Your baby will be fine they have to tell you this and that but really everything will work out great congrats on your baby boy! seems like we are all having boys...:)

Lili, my belly has gotten soo much bigger over the last weeks its almost scary my stomach feels like its getting so much heavier I am only 5.1 I have gained 15 lbs so far I think I gained a total of 38lbs with my daughter I am hoping to gain less this time around....

Take care of your bellies everyone!



lili246 - August 9

You know that we are all her for you girl. You are our sister and you are not along. All the girls are right keep your chin up and have faith that everything will be alright. I know that god is going to bless you with that lil baby boy. Try to relax and be faithful all that stress is not good for the baby. So thin positive girl. That is good that you will have u/s done very often you will be able to see your baby alot and make sure that he is doing ok.
We will pray for that lil one :)

Yeah my belly seems to be growing more also each day little by little. It is nice seeing your belly grow. I enjoy feeling my baby kick ;)
I think I have gain about 7 to 8 pounds so far so that is not much. I know I gain about the same as you with my first pregnancy. I never went back to my normal weight so this means that I will have to do alot of exercising )if I spelled that after given birth.

How is everyone else doing? Please keep in touch girls we all miss you!!
Have a great day :)

Love Lili


mickey - August 9

Hey Girls,
I went to the OB today and had my PNV. All she did was ask how I was took my bloodpressure, weight, and did the doppler and found the heartbeat.
My bloodpressure was 110/70 4 weeks ago and today it was 120/80. All she said is that it fluctuates and that they don't worry unless it goes over 140/90. But what would cause the jump? Anyone?
The baby sounded good and my OB was happy. She reviewed the findings from the high risk dr and was pleased with all of those findings.
I don't go back for another 4weeks. 9/5. On that day I will see both my high risk and OB drs. That will be a fun day!

I heard that the heartburn early in pg is hormones and growth etc. Later 8 - 9 mns it means your gonna have a hairy baby.


shan1234 - August 9

Hello Ladies, ;D

Guess what??? Today, I’m 13 weeks pregnant…hello 2nd trimester. I can’t believe it. I have made it. Thank you God!!!! ;D

Also, it’s been two days now and I’m feeling so much better….no m/s. I can’t believe how one minute I was sick as a dog, now I’m feeling like I can eat a horse. I’m not eating soup or PB&J anymore. I don’t want to look at another PB&J sandwich or soup for a long time. My appetite is back….BRING ON THE FOOD!!!! ;D

Take care ladies and your babies too.



RNORST - August 9

Shan, I'm so happy for you!! I cant wait until then, I will be 9 weeks tommorow. I know thats so funny, how one day you are sick and then the next you are perfect, I was like that with my son, sick 11weeks 6 days, week 12 no more m/s!! I have 3-4 more weeks left.

Love Renee


Desperate 2 B Mom - August 9

OK, well hello ladies. Hope you all still remember me. :( So sorry I have been MIA. I have been moving. I got a bigger house so that the baby will have its own room and such. They just did the install for internet. Packing and moving is very hard to do when all you can barely do is lift your head anyway. So I got VERY sick for awhile. I finally got put on Metoclopram because the doctor was worried since I couldnt even keep water down. It helped so much and for the last days I have been better and better. I fell almost normal today! Yeah me...hahaha! I got to see my baby again the other day, boy oh boy how quickly the little peanuts grow. He/she is soooo cute (a little alien like) but soooo cute. I am so happy for all of you! So many boys being born soon :o. I missed you girls! Take care and talk to you all soon!

X's and O's ;D


Aamanee - August 10

Hi Girls,
Good to see u r ok, and that thinks are goin good, I cant say the same for me,
im havin an ectopic pregnancy...i was havin some brown discharge and went to check it out wednesday, they couldnt say until they got a scan so oi want for us yesterday morning and couldnt find nothing in my womb, but my hcg are i have to go back for a next bloodtest today.
it hurts u know, want some thing so much, get it, and then get taken away....but at least now i know we can...Just gotta keep my faith.

later girls


Shara - August 10


I am so sorry for your loss but I am so glad that you are continuing to be optimistic. It is very hard - I have suffered four losses and it does not seem to get any easier or any less scary of things happening. I am praying for you- for whatever reason it is not the time (knowing that helped me through) You know that it is not that you can't have children - it is just that God knows what is best. Just know that you have an angel watching over you and waiting for you to hold. We love you and we are here for you to help you through.


Aamanee - August 10

Thank you so much....



Les23 - August 10

I am so sorry to hear about this. I have no words that I sure would help you in this time.

My sister in law had this happen 2 years ago. They had been trying to have a baby for 7 years they finally get pregnant and it was in the tube.

I am so very sorry for your loss.


Jess - August 10

Hey girls!! Thank you so much for all the support and prayers:) It really means a lot. I went for my ob appt. yesterday and the doc told me not to worry, that everything else looked great. He said, if they had seen something else wrong with the baby, like heart or kidney problems, they would be worried. But everything looked normal except the cord. He told me I could take that to the bank. It's just weird that the one specialist said I would just need more u/s, and my doc didn't think it would be necessary. But he said, if it would make me feel better, he would schedule another u/s in about a month. I told him it really would. At least one other to make sure my little boy is doing good inside:) I will definately keep my head up and try and relax. I've been praying so much lately that I'm affraid God will get annoyed with me:) LOL.

As for baby names, his name will either be Owen Keith or Issahia Keith. My dh and I decided we will wait to see him and decide then:) I can't wait to see and hold my baby boy:) I'm leaving it all in Gods hands to bless me with a healthy baby. He's given me so much already....

Aamanee-so sorry to hear about your loss:( At least you know you can GET pregnant:) Keep your head up and God will bless you with a baby you so desire:)

Glad to see everyone else is doing so good:) Looks like some of your m/s is leaving which is always a plus:)

Keeping the faith,



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